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Video Transcript
Where astronauts are continuing procedures to prepare themselves in the airlock itself for today's extra vehicular activity, This will be the 200 and thirtieth space walk in the history of station Assembly and maintenance. Today's spacewalk is scheduled to last approximately six and a half hours and scheduled to begin at 6:35 AM Central time with the crew moving smoothly through preparations to make it out of the hatch on time. Today is a Nasa astronaut Bob's night space walk you can see him at the top of your screen there with the Red stripes around the legs of his space suits. That means he is EV one or space Walker one. It's also the ninth spacewalk for Nasa astronaut Chris Cassidy, the current commander of the International Space Station. He's EV two and at the bottom of the screen he has no stripes at the bottom of his space suit. The goal of today's six and a half hour space walk is to remove five of six nickel hydrogen batteries and install three a lithium ion batteries and adapter plates on the space station The final nickel hydrant battery is scheduled to be removed on an upcoming spacewalk next Tuesday, July 20 first. You can see a couple of other people moving in the airlock there that would be Nasa astronaut and as we mentioned he is from the DW mission with SpaceX. That's Bob helping the crew get suited up today. He's joined by Cosmo Cosmo and NATO even assisting in the process today, Doug Hurley will also be serving as the lead robotic operator He'll be maneuvering the kind of arm to bring the external pallet where some of those lithium ion batteries are held into position.
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