Social Resolution

If you see something on Facebook that you don't like, but it doesn't go against Facebook's Community Standards, you can use the report links to send a message to the person who posted it asking them to take it down. For example, if someone posts a photo of you that you find embarrassing, you can use the report link on that photo to send this person a message and let them know how it makes you feel. In most cases, people will take things off Facebook if a friend asks them to.

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To build these social resolution tools, we partnered with experts from The University of California, Berkeley and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Working with these experts, we learned:

  • By giving people the right language to have those conversations, we found that about 60% of people on Facebook used these tools to reach out to their friends. In comparison, only 20% of people sent a message when we provided a blank text box.
  • People want to hear when their posts make their friends uncomfortable. In fact, the majority of the people who were asked to remove a photo felt positive about the person who sent the request.