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Video Transcript
What's up what's up at eight O 'clock chris' fourth of What's up gang? How are you doing what's up? Yo William Thank you for the 25 stars for Salsa. I'm how are you? On our death, Hey folks that need it. Sorry everyone. I actually considered not going so fast. Send me consider that baby howlin you buddy. Thank you for the Stars Pro appreciate that man Kevin Thank you hundred stars as well. What's up bro? Thank you. Good morning Rosie Was' chris' I'm sorry I didn't know life today for a minute. Well, Yeah one. As soon as you. Yeah, so it's been adjust the first I got today. I'm What I'm trying to lift the today. I really thank you mate. Pretty sure with him. Yo bro. What's up? Joe? Yo I had a. Know what I say you'll see Bradley. Let's have a killer fourth of July streamy so-called. I'll be honest I I need I need in life today. Honestly, I've been Miserables morning but. I put the the string me up. That's. Yeah, that's what I'm. Brothers Brothers. Paris' done. I saved so far away. My boy Dave Here you go. Thank you mate Appreciate baby boy. to man up Man. Nice Alex. It's my baby. Iman one race to do I haven't high. I got 15 bro one race. I started the day didn't finish cuz I had to go the end of my style so I'm gonna finish it today. Sign up today. And then I got some easy ones I get out and. And if you saw us on top, thank you. Yeah. great one. Wait a minute my run today. I'm really good one of course every day Strange mood I'm in today I'm in the stream. That's good folks. It's about I I just finished off now. It's a fucking pork ribs stuck in my teeth. Now wait on, I was the fourth of July is like a day for the US guys start today and actually a bit different from the UK guys as well So today everything is like opened up again for the March like pubs, you know adresses blah blah so it's a way you can play. It's a- one. I personally feel I wanna get involved in it. I like I wanna go on the path. I wanted to do that. but then I feel like it's it's stupid for me to go in the city for me to go but then when you see when I was there and you're like. And she's trying to maybe I'm maybe I don't know. Yeah. wait. Are you shown for the show on the stream? bro? So, Instead of like instead of me going out and and if you like. To drink $2 and instead. It's to be the right decision I wanna say. to me. Yeah, sure, I'm good man. How are you? Both me maybe. Bosley Pittsburgh Place Yeah. E-j was a Santa Fe. didn't open up and then reach out and start what's up What's up bro? now right? Pittsburgh. They opened up a shop. Good morning morning, Vicky What up Austin. I definitely not alexe Me-I Valle. Alright, boys and girls Stream's gonna be the first new support of today's stream I seem to be losing support like they're going out of fashion in a minute. Whatever reason. I think our best few people recently. I'll show but I will. So now, I've got to try and get some more. Good morning. Good morning What's up? in Florida again. Yeah. I'm worried the UK with the same thing so. Oh, you know the UK ratt new-york. first time in New York. in No-I soso. Yes. Stop by thank you. famous Tatum. Buh bye. to the back. Morning afternoon and even a 25 stars, but how you doing James is open in Chicago with. but I'm guessing bars. That's. Pops Wein it. come down a little bit and it kinda keep chugging in a minute. A little bit. we have the. You're ready to go camping. Nice man. You to me and these are the and he's already gone. You got the pub the system I believe. there's down the side, which I think so. And And support us online for the first race. It's gonna be fun, You know. and and thank you so much for the bross Andre. Hi Andrei I always wondered if I move to UK if I would get the ax. I still American accent. so I'm actually I do think about the Bailey. Thank you to the stars. baby. I appreciate you. thank you. very much so I mean I moved to America now. when I let the day for 20 years, I took out my British accent. I pick up like Americans in American words Americans like. Like so, sometimes I probably sound a bit Americans, but then I step into my British like. be the same when I. About Merced? Hey Liam Cooke with a one -year four mom's Frankie Linn. I'm keeping some of the well Thank you for for you know she Could be. byer Mercedes Jacob Gass They're not our friends here I would end up knowing a hundred percent non stop. I'll put a new song. Get out fucking album guys whenever we feel like more than Lisas. Rockland. Now know I got my, I got you man. I'm watching. my boy. Dave Whatsup Brogan Thank you. say How are you doing this morning? Baby boy. Are you goode needs. for the. To La more time I've been to Elyse. Yeah, I think it was good. Thank you bro. Yo Jack Hughes whatsup Keyes. If I just go to alitia was. But for 50 stars bro, how you doing. Hey, we'll get it loaded up buddy The stars and let me know when you're on here. what up bro. I'll be before July but anything for the 25 stars. We go Oh it's strong and William with the stars of the first time. Thank you Liam at Dimitri with a 10 stars for the first time. Thank you so much to Meri show for you welcome to the stream. Thank you for tuning in. You're interested join the support crew. Let me know just click the Green button a single once you do that doing good. I'm gonna as soon as I send out a gift to all of you that we're gonna support today and I have a little fourth of July package in it was priced. You'll never know I'm gonna get one in a minute. it's free for 90 - $9 Yo Chadd In the day. Dakota with the full wish me not gonna propose to my goal today. fucking how you shouldn't be posting that on Facebook. bross. Hi guys and good luck man. I don't know if you should post it on Facebook. Canada's back in the game Big up. Can I turn this stars' to save big up Canada What plays for the country? What am I? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Can't one of my top 10 Chas last month, I actually I think you are the top four. Don't give up. Should be Facebook There's gonna post this today. feel like for me but I've seen. so far. I love that Kenneth. I love that bro. One of us can happen this month on the. So I have no idea what's going on. I was like, I know one person said. I'm trying to get top 10. The rest is a mystery. I mean I just personally. I know I'm like a crazy. hey Jordan Whiteman with 50 stars Jordan Thank you so much. that's all. I'm thinking you know, let's be honest. I don't blame him right. Now because Mises could watch my streams and I wouldn't blame her. What up Mei? Save your life is ready. Can I start? I think so Jake Cooke last month, I don't remember seeing your name. I'm good Jordan Hanke. If I don't even know the top 10 so far this month and at the top two, I think that's why it's like Brian and Hey now. who's in that. all day? Oh Kevin Cooke My Khaled. Gay Thomas Ryan Ortiz, David Goffin For we go Nice there he is talking about DJ. and Buddy E-j Pittsburgh I've been like shot back on in terms of bars restaurants and I'm pretty sure I've read. Yesterday, I was that day-I the Stars for 1500 for my boy Demetri with the 50 as well. Thank you to meet Dreed e-j for the $1500 bro. I don't mind the noise. I say this often I don't say this is about people right but like. From what I've like developed and what I built from my life in time here on Facebook. There's a lot of people in there. I love to meet one day. I love to meet people. I've helped me so much that I would love to meet Obama bear wherever I look cool things right, that would be. That's why I love to do. and then they let the list of people and the top tier Paris I read a lot to me to meet EJ's can ride that's Demetri Hundred 25 Bucks. State your name buddy. One day I get the opportunity to meet a lot of you that was pretty decent. Thank you buddy. Yes. so this one the thing when I was not on YouTube, then my YouTube stuff like I'm met problems. The view is probably in my time. I should never too many years on Facebook, you know. so I like to do I like to 100 percent. No, I don't want a minute. Bryans 44. Yha. What up What up what up? There you go all of that. that that is by to honest. I actually flown by. today, is your birthday for a Ronald Wow The stars. Enjoy your day and play with they are that I will run on time and give Ronald and happy birthdays in the. New supporter Gims happy birthdays in the shop today I love that shit. Thank you Billy. Today That's crazy trying to stop. For you today that's crazy. I mean me one day out. Don't understand I really want to. buy everybody's gonna be big. come and I mean all day long. too soon. I did. it's hard guys. It's me. Okay. put that on. if it's too hard to do two hours today, so I'll play with it. you guys deserve this to me-I. Ando Inna. Streaming wise, but I don't wanna be in the next fight. Would you do? alright? I can't. I can't have a five -year in my industry because it can only end tomorrow. You can't buy the gold if you if you like if you wanna have a five year ago, my father would be just to do it. You can call me the mistake but trust me. It's an amazing industry in and out I've I'm telling you. Margaret understand Pace on this. I mean, I know I've been the start of this and I'm finished it but. Did I finish this or not? I think I've done this one. Let me talk to him. Annoying Come on PC you fucking shit fucking waste of time. Yeah Man. I'm going in there. Number 13 on the 12. you know Iraq guys back out. everyone is in my game back out, so you can get a quick as well. and I don't know like you're stuck in the cloud. I'll stay until the back out. just be realistic. No and I'm claiming my faith. Thank you. And today. a friendship. when you're all out, I'm doing it so you can definitely next song and then I'll get in the bro. I'm doing me a favor. Thank you. Dave Thank you. Dave Thank you differentiate. I'll let you guys got the couch. Spaceship Sams Ain't for rocking the world of that. Thank you. Dave. Yeah. let me know I was just playing back in the let me out the cloud. Vt in French. We're late eighties and I'm still singing from the streets. It's like fucking shit. me-I. and now I got Yost, Texas Stars Buddy. I'm striving to you know I could stay for yourself. Come and drive today. Jess of the. As another nice okay. I'm about. 90 minutes. with the dead I might walk inside of blas my inside the mozes. ain'. Right-I like your car, it's pretty nice. I put it on. I got. you have luber me-I Mclaren 720 is my I'm sorry I didn't hear you. I'm right. let's see what this is do. I mean he just got his. I'm. Don't I'm not now. something different. I got you something. I don't wanna just keep it and you see all bitches talking about Day-I. I'm bringing my father. for open House and it's like is better than we do. I want this and we don't need to. you just shut that. What you just had your shoes come over here. We got you number three I got Lamborghini. I have Mclaren what the heck what the heck bro. rapa from. on the back and. more how did you get out of this man? Dustin, a buddy how you doing Destin? Hey what the heck? what the heck bross Rabb? we see that fucking in. my teeth though. I'm I want John if I think by the way is that you know that stereotypical likes that Americans have people regarding where people. it's that thing. It's that thing. They've oh, we haven't said what the fucking day. This is hard. one guys. I think it's. semi doable. you know I think maybe they thank you, buddy Josh and social clubs. the perception that the Americans to have a great people that all that bad is that still a thing. it is stereotype. Yeah, but it's it does exist morning. Casey Thank you for the 25 stars'. That is a thing. Thank you. Dave. What was the thing you know? But the I guess I didn't fit the bill on that one right. I guess I didn't quite hit the Bell one I mean they're pretty fucking horrible, too. I'll be honest we wait for you buddy. Thank you for a hundred. I mean you withno. Yeah, this is the one. Iming my wife and I it's the storm. I didn't believe it along with Y'all have been Blanding food and never seen some only rings in London's that. I never thought that one. with new to me. it's never okay so Trevor that's amazing. Travel someone else, but happy Saturday's independent for you. I made in thank you so much mate Toros. He's an independent. bobbys. Trevor Thank you so much for today's stream independence as well. I mean that is good in it. Ryan pick. 25. Thank you buddy. Hey, I've done this one. No. no-I you're right. Try to travel by the way. Independent, So I got to say Ronald tip of the 795 stars. Thank you. Ron. I call it USD Sylvester some of the best water currency of the way. Can I finish this one? No, I didn't fuck off We don't do that if you're not finished then. cuz I had to go for dinner. Number 11 or 10. guys and anyone who wants the end of the day where it was like free spirals and then the way up and then someone else there. And then I sat up I gave for dinner. I don't know that race or even a clue I'm about. to be committed to let me hit it before I get back. No, she takes her, She and she got who's Americas Love Bodie goes to McDonald's no records'. Now is what you recently if I've completed this race for or not. I didn't. I told you sent me Kenneth as well, You know what I mean Facebook with some respect in Canada, you know what I mean. Araba Iman. Oh, no one told me that. the car if I finish this race and I know there. Jeffers not bad, Not good, Yes Josh Theys they can burns'. I didn't beat this one yesterday. let's go George. So far. I hope you can see Ryans for 25 -. five stars' yo dude I I can't speak on the phone as soon as I can. I like to look at while I'm sleeping, I can't leave her alone. I can't tell you never felt like this your I can't remember Tyler I've I've really just fucking know me I've been in a game for the Canadians. I'm definitely played it. I don't know if I finished it because I didn't do it again. The Canadian I feel like this isn't a no-I. I'm doing Jeff here we go the fucking jere. Never in his dreams. Really annoying, I'm really wanted to that fucking annoying. It's actually a part of exactly. I can tell you. that fire-engine mate. Yeah. I'm on a head like illusion support or run in a minute. I'm on the biggest loser for a run I. So I really support is that you know really. What a fucking tune but I wow. I can't remember that and I feel like I've not a film. Come here right down there now. I mean I think on that but did I finish it cuz I was going for. yona. Maybe it's Ray show. we have a YouTubers now. Follow KTV great. It's a great question Great question So. I will tell you one day. they're posting what and then I don't know. but one time one day. I have a mission here on Facebook I need to try and achieve and do which is taking part in the top. number 12 hold up What you. already different colors No-I It''s one -A personal pride in the same So for yo, it's all It was for. Pretty sure it's for. I've done everything up to before. and I can't do that mate and if I'm not working out bro. And if Rick thanks so much for the buddy. Not that I thought I was loosing off the fucking After Dark dropping like fashion, I mean I think the the dark grupo in. Yeah arco Coen yeah Albuquerque for in what you think I think it's that one Alex Thank you so much to $1000 for the first time. I appreciate that man and Antonio A- 200 Rick with a 250. Thank you so much love that you're welcome. Ronald. I think it's. Heartbreakers for have a thank you In a minute's know I did I need to? it's free free? but is it is. Not entirely sure what I've done, but Freaky baby. And welcome to support Alex. first time descending stars and join the support correct. Yeah, I see how I welcome to DMs. I like to send you a product for joining a support group. I assume in a minute. Yeah right. One of 40 Hey raids in. way back. I mean something's going on behind the scenes that now she was. whatever. It's a baby I ain't party in a minute is this one? Yeah, I need to quit. I think I should come on and just go to I think I you boys and girls. Oh, yeah Yeah and are you boys and girls? Everyone is happy if I leave Nicholas Thank you to 50 stars Are you happy for leaving go for in re stop? That's fine Brom. Get the drop on the outside. I love you know. you pass me. No. so you walk in you show myself. Don't fuck me-I Lilly's you. know I ain't. No you baby baby. Open Hi, it's for. Only one I have at this point. They back out back out. I'm sorry. A little bit you go if you want Xbox type in the creator called AC. what we're doing. Now, the one I didn't finish is because I have to go for now I'd. It's it's Forman. I'm pretty sure it's not. I don't know if I don't know. 12, I can just try the other day it stars Dave appreciate it. Dave's This is how I don't know. And she might be right it looks like the coloring actually I'm trying to watch the video of someone doing the math. I know what I'm doing so I know. I didn't finish it because it comes to a different day. This one I've done I've hundreds have done this one 's going here you have to put it that way but straight up there then you have to do this up there which is the fucking your ass light to go. Let's go now. we've got it. James right. I'm pretty sure you're right-I. It's to anyone Half-done yet it's 12 'll up Top 15 or something that sorry about Yeah, you're right. Now you can use. I don't have one anyway. in the day. that my personality on my stream. is me there is no there's no way like it is if I'm really not the guy for you and let this ain't really the stream. It's a fact. Yeah, I think if I made a mistake, it's 12. I've watched the video. my bad sorry. What have we just felt before. And Gramm not be nice, but I don't like that. I'm not really Micah. 12. I mean what we're doing. the reason I think of someone like this is Carson, I disagree I think. I know I I know I can be a Dick so. so this caution Yo Henry four stars. I want some of the passport day after Styly sorry being able to play in one of the enclosed ones. We're gonna play, I don't mean to me. I had I hate people often Germans all day to all the Brits I hate people out there. Germany's that does not go down well last night. I think we should see a good day to rest. I think we should see. I see Yeah. Yeah not for me but thank you. Britons You are a deck. That's why I love the same. I'm saying is not for everyone. I swear. Jeremy for the 50 Jeremy. course today on stage. Thank you for the stars. The show on me come on. Chris I know yesterday you're free so much so GiGi's Here-I'm tell you how I was pleasantly surprised that race. yesterday before members of my fucking head's gone. you stayed up with me, I think. plus four points or something it was pretty good. I'm Maverick to that right there. You're to go on the screen for you. and it was crazy, not to go on my job. He brought a lot of people. I imagine me-I have time to be people can you imagine that as a thing grow up? Alright, Good Good Salaam alaikum That's all I do is funny knocking people off. I mean listen I play these hard races right hardware says and sometimes I just watch some fun so I like to help I'm gonna knock him off to beat them into the chat point cuz it's a skinny. I like that and it's like. As a kid, you know, we're not chasing on or you're trying to beat someone to like the water' continues on the race and use the last shot to pull it back to get pass them that little bit of light shithouse. I used to love that as a kid, I used to like doing that And Air Germany does that a little bit. I like the whole or I can I can knock him off there and have fun yeah the name that's just me. so that's part of the character again. It's not for everyone man. Apologize either by the way. You got that you're good, You're definitely like probably one of the best in terms of a races. I definitely will give you the credit for that. There's no way Germany's xbox's the most annoying of Xbox because it's annoying. It's a great series and it deserves to be on Xbox, but it's it's just not there. man don't know why I thought that my bad. I have no idea why. And it's just nothing more boring to me. personally, it's an air dominates on the same fucking skinny or waiting for turns mate like. I'm time we open the eighties at that point in time, I was like come on. I just get done that but start to just got back. It''s. I know. maybe my he is so different to people. I don't know I'm not gonna apologize for that. But he doesn't do that. I'll leave it to the pros. And hit the Hey all this money to make I need a hundred days I come I can't place. It's like I'm coming to face they come out. She ain't got nothing to say hey that's what. Oh my God, this is bullshit while we have to reverse it's fucking reverse over the thing. Remember, that's why I look that I reverse over to the other one That's a cheesy fucking Bella mate It's a reverse. I want all this one now I don't go for the streaming not to do that. 2000, I found it to have I I don't know how I think I'll be honest. I'm gonna say it was lucky. I mean I'm not gonna have the skillz. I think I got a lot. alright. I'm not play when the non contact Germany. Niggas know I'm coming Me-I don't pay too fast. for me. It's too easy. I'm not taking up for you. so I'm so ready. Is is the wearing a track suit the bricks it sound like a nice Ryan saya for the names. I'm not a lot really big fan of it. I know what if you can use it comes as a cigarette, just a great thing I've learned that I mean it really it. Alright chris' You're gonna beat me one day. close on I get in front of that if I catch him on the Box 674 No Limit game. you're gonna owe me on the chains. that no contact and. Asian Lucas, You know the stuff is different. You have to. it's it doesn't mean that you're not to you know. it's coming. Chris I was playing pretty back bro. I was there for the taking today. I'll be honest, I was really really bad for taken man I promise. Oh, my God this fucking hard to judge it so I do it in reverse. It's not a vast you don't get the same view is going forward, which is not. Erik the ship Right-I buy anymore. It's not exclusive partnership with EA and Mont that years ago. it's. Anthony. What up let's see what you're up to me. Are you sure. I love the jewelers. It's hot. A new headphones myra it up. Oh my God it's so. Shit. it's BS. Yoel gavin's I would involve I told to go, I would just wait for five or something. Yeah, I know Ben. No Aaron Chriss he's on about the guy who called me a. I don't know that I'm doing. Yo Karen. out of a show out and what I mean. Jeremy Lynn Germany whyy Tune in. Yo. So that's some advice. Why do you fit too much? No come on? Fuck you. Yo yo yo yo. My semi depressed James Yeah. I mean it was all day but you won't be Miserables fuck for I guess that's why. That's why I think it's just like I've been to no more but like I wanna get I wanna get involved in that but I can't get involved in the spot. So I guess say people going out there, you know. I've been miserable. But while people are people to invest I just thought there's been. Yeah, maybe but you can have I know I think it's the right decision, so we found a few months. Yeah. I think I think it I don't think it's gonna be this much more one more time. that's it you already know nothing nothing to tell. you. look like casinos open Broward something I could just go down to the tonight. And this fucking. Never in my life Have I gone like my four months now my fucking so don't you fucking day. When you get back, what do you think? do you think you're just mad that or do you think you're no-I? Don't you I will. and you're kinda just do it do it but just yeah I can't go back to where I was and not like I don't even get a 50 day I ain't saying. And we're doing. so you can go in there. That's weird to be fucking skin Mate. I feel like this. it's probably your skin. About Purell Yeah, I'm the man. Yeah. I just wanna even if you play football go to the casino and do something. Yeah. Yeah. look for me last night a few mates I a- one topas tomorrow but I think it's good H vs and not the fucking now it has to be on the The thing is not okay and I'm just looking at my age. Yeah, I don't know I don't think I can be 25 again. it's not on. send a weed to the fucking four year-old. It's just not really my style The harrys I get. there. It is hot, oh my oh my God I know Cannes hear me that nah? We've had a lot of people. I read this. I have a lot of people have said to me that like I've taken their mind off like this socialize and I've missed on and going out blah blah blah blah I've done it though. Yeah, I kinda just you know what I mean. I don't I don't know I've done it if I didn't have. and I believe I was to put in. on this. I'll be such a miserable. I can't even. If I was looking, it was my ass. Okay, when I don't have a date, I can do anything about it. It's so good to just be able to jump in and chat and huh. But the thing is I'm one of these guys that I do requires something to look forward to all the time. Yeah. I'm one of these four dudes like I need something that keeps me fucking stimulated. that's coming up, you know in a band That's just anything like that For me like I know I'm imed to be back to you. I've been in the House. Yeah. yeah. That's my little. September Yeah. Chris Thank you for 245 stars. I'm one of these imed all the time for work. Lambert are completely time. It's a- one hand-I day-I nine times out of 10. I was probably quite a good. I think it's look, but this one time I tell him. I'm like it's nothing in this shit. I'm miserable as Yeah, I'm not fucking miserable. I wasn't the machine today, but I actually probably make me fucking happy too. It's a good thing to do really in this life. time. I enjoy it. I generally enjoy it. I don't a lot a lot of people my streamers my I don't know if it's a choice of time to be honest, it's their job whatever they might see as a. I don't really I don't know if it's me, but he couldn't do it Catt time, but now I can see the reason I can now that I struggled with months ago where I was like. I can't do this every day, but because I've become actually really good at I don't get stressed out by Can I actually can't like? the reason why I do it for and this is if I can't actually do. Yeah and I'm past that point and if I get stuck, it's off to being an idiot. but then I can't do this. Thank you the five stars I know you know, I think that it's a job they see it as a I mean I don't I don't really see that stream is my life. Do I do all the things as well and I think that's what's. me from being a patrol. I enjoy doing it. I'm reap the benefits but like I don't have the same Ives and it's allowed me to create this period and keep going to start. Let's be honest that way I've done six hours a day for 65 months in a row like the days off. They put what they want and say that are you play video games you do this. You do that like that. but they go. let me know if you. In a strange, so I can't stay the whole. Here's my hats. huh. Real niggas I don't wanna get exhausted so I'm here I don't. have two hours. you know Philip. week. That's just on camera but the way, oh, yeah, I need a ive's on camera, though. Oh my God I'm gonna have to connect my in my bit of them' stop bro. Screaming in my Italian, I'm italiano. But know this is highly. That's what I'm saying. Call one of Cutts Kimball. Nour at the Living. and No-I believe that. Frankie Polk it's a shipper. One of my mates put the 80 - five not to get on the mcguire Me-I knew it was Home' byer Iman I was gonna put on my PC in a sack, but I don't wanna know I'm different but. I've got this. mcguire for an ice cream. I'm going there right now. Copys Sometimes it is all done in. the. be even worse. Ive's. What's that? Yeah? That's right. Oh I've done the last one. That's why you thought that I had right. Yeah. no embarrassing embarrassing. That's but I was starting from the head right I know I. ready. Football anyway it's gonna. I enjoy it more when it was fucking up. I got to do that I know. Thank you for the 50 Ruben I know I need a tonight. It's. I can't imagine how you focus on the stream so long every day I'm be Staley the a bit of a beast of it, but The day where you feel about you know. we're still human bro. Chrissy I mean, I'm Batman, but it's not fucking mad to be honest. I remember when I really couldn't do it at least now I do it, you know one and two or something. Yo what up what up buddy? it's it's. I really give a fuck. It's a hard skill on the flip man like how good you are. You know you want the easiest thing to do. It's so easy to. How's everyone doing in the checkpoints and the time. What is that I can't see the camera. Yo the 15 I used to hate Pauls and I bought two just now. I think that was in this race so. You know. One point one. One already. My God. Good job on that. That's it. Oh, my God you have to what was it about to do? this is a weird you have to stick your head down and back flip it onto some sometimes. Shit mate I don't get a different flavor. you always go to the left or right you can actually keep it straight. Niggas My mom that no. alright. fucking 18 minutes like my last. I think I mean it's it already. yeah. we'll be come up and let you. Yeah. Yeah. but both never cross and then yeah. David Enzo let's go David with the two K stars'. How are you buddy? No. Oh, yeah. Okay. David Thank the stars. Jake. when you move you catch the guy. it's like and like once we get it's hard for right-I. What's happened? You don't cry Right-I it''s. Alright, You know me. I'm trying to check on my right. That's why I wanna be ready. It's. the time that I'm. I don't remember all the. I couldn't say it Henry Thank you very much for the stars. You give me a turn up. Thank you and I appreciate that. I can't Kaitlyn you know Yeah, I do I can. Can I? I think the people of the friendships outside of the team that's come from this is most of the time. from the drama they you don't. Yeah, you're on. how was it? you're throwing it up? They just don't. So these guys are. of my back and stuff like that I gave up. I'm kinda thing back in a match of colors with like the same fonts but numbers and letters that they have back in the day. You know what I mean. Yeah. so I was just looking they do a football ones and f- one in basketball and baseball. I didn't know I wanted to make like a big three print in in an A- one. And I wanted to get my free like play one from each sport like across and just stick on the bed. So I've got something I'm gonna go for a Red. Jordan. Yeah. and then I have blue and White cab. Cait. now I'm gonna go. I'm thinking I'm 20 - three Jordan on the left and then slap in the Middle the over here right the Red shirt the Red Bulls slap bang in Number 11 Brazil. or no. Yes, No, I was looking at the fucking oranges I was looking at Orange, I was coming up. Yeah not 2280 and then on the left, I want a Red Gerry rice. number from NFL Jerry Rice. Yeah. Russ from 40. The Yankton No one, I don't know. how to be honest. Yeah. does he go. He's go go. Well I Rodgers go on. I'm just get it fucking shot. No who's armes. He's a good dog is it is it bring it back but I'm thinking Aaron Hernandez mate. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Yeah. I have to find you as long as I'm trying to think of her not rush. Allman Did you get there? got all there? I'm gonna say that time wherever we fromm. I play for 40 - nine. What's that that that San Francisco? It's a big butt and obviously got well. This is he's he's he's play back in the eighties so what are you're. Are you're sitting in your fucking dad's actually buddy the fuck he was a little bit alive for 10. No. I wasn't though he was alive for one night. Yes, I We're I watched him at the Jordan one of the James for the way it is it. Oh yeah. I think what we have, you know I wasn't like he had a long long career and I mean played midday 2004 30 my God come on to midday is 2020. KR NFL Arum hundred percent. Yeah, but he's kicking the ball so I'm and that's why wide receiver He's got the most. He can't that quick me. what heman 20 years. I don't believe it was his goat what he was like he was telling me he was rapid. Yeah. Yeah. Remember when I first got my first ever NFL game and I fucking unlocked lock like an OG card like a legendary player is wide receiver and I fucking love him. What's his name? Oh shit. Yeah, the guy I don't know I packed his car now and I was like. Andes Everything Good morning we're back in March 16. yeah, you know that they're not is it Hail Mary's yeah. I just think that every time like this call to every time is probably what I don't think this guy buddy. How are you? yeah? Cheers Dustin you too man. Hey You're afraid. It's just not. It's one of them like how did he stay in the top? So you know. What if I like Ronaldo I was in. Yeah. Yeah. literally. It's like that. diet bro. It's got me what's in there like that, like what you look at really. He's just he's just crazy. He's got 23000 receiving yards in the next 517000. He's that far ahead, you know, I don't know what that means. so like when receiving yards, you know you know when you start running. Yeah. Yeah it's okay. and then they catch it. That's like the added up. Yeah, it's it's everything so if you catch it and then keep running. that's who's counting the way. Well, I guess he gets that even in the in the dark, you know whether it's the you know where the ball is. It's a lot of the 60 Yard Line and it gets thrown in pulls down like a five yard. I know how many yards you've made in that. Yeah. really the guy in second still playing right there He's Larry Fitz. Fitzgerald he's not he's at the end of his career. Yeah I like he's still 5000 yards right. That's right. there's so he's gonna do five K and the rest of his career or not. no chance. No. no. no. It's like where M and NBA overtake fucking points ever well. That was the thing I was looking this morning at the point chart. I didn't realize that his car Malone just that he's like he's definitely not. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Who is playing now currently the closest has. no problem. Yeah. What's he on? what was the difference? Lebron needs another 4000 points. Neil was thank you for the trophy 4000 points mate you get. It's like it has going and going back three times in the fourth time in trying to do that. most points ever in an NBA season is just over 2000, so he's gonna have to play. Man that's achievable. You know that yeah, so he's got to play at level two or three really. Yeah. Yeah. I'm. where I drop by a couple of people that call me today. on the left for the Rockets at the Park. Hello tonight, Charlie Thank you for 50. Charlie. Oh no, I have not. but it will change the four K. That's the way it was back when he was four and one season. Yeah the most recent one was like. it seems like legit is be the mj's Asics seventies for three eight. A- two Kobi in 506 the two point eight as well Yeah, but you can definitely do some Lebron just have a look here and see where Hess Uss if you know, I knew I thought I knew I'd fuck that up Lebron 2300 L A Oh, wait 09. What was that was 210? No? I know yeah. so that was yeah. come on. it's three seasons three seasons. He's got any no-I. Yeah. I know yeah. she does. Yeah. What is it just a way for you though I think so yeah. It's 4000 4300 points exactly so the. He is free now I think his age. It's he's three season. -season, get injured or you You're fucking legs. I've been out there. you have to go and like it's crazy. Oh, so we're gonna look at look at Johnny Knocked injury or that was worst ever Ponyo Syd. You never know. If you want a video on this video. I was like he was. God given. up in the. Or your for James and I have a I have about between like two hours ago and it was half one. Life with me, I'm not sure I know it's sort of I'm not surprised. it's open again. It's. Oh, I'm already in school. three times since I went. Yeah, you two are not copyright. please don't do this to my commitments please. this sounds like 86 times but I just knew that my we still in the chat, Please see from Canada. Let me know in the chat. Alonzo's about 500 stars David Thank you so much dich love to see it. Oh no. Jason Rodgers 1776 stars Jason Thank you mate Love it. Jay Thank you. so you kinda that in my fucking Canadian Canadian new-york Cros I'm getting worried about a lack of Canadians up and popping up in the chat. I was on my Canadians was like Cannes Stuff man. I got 500, I'm thinking. it's a nine. I was 1770 - six to A- four if I see it Oh fuck off. I know it doesn't right now the ones to watch. that's having an issue watching. or coming in what the VPN to actually get passed through now. And Where's the 1907 70 - six, you gained Wow. you know, I'm like I'm not. no Jason if someone sent me a 1770 - six stars'. Oh, I've got that. Yeah. I see what we did that and I'm like what do you do that and they were like come on bro. That was the year we got independence Come on bro. you you not say yes, that means fuck. Now they're asking, is it in and wish us. happy independence. I mean, I'm not in so are you doing but I honestly could not give up up. Yeah. That's probably the view of most of every person out there. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna buy the whole country that I think, Oh yeah I'm gonna fight no one cares. Yeah, you're not in what you want. Yeah so Mean't you the most part people don't go for it from minot if you wouldn't even know that yeah fact independents for July Fourth, I'm standing by that it would have a clue and then he told them they still don't give a. they'll be like. Oh, I'm like alright cool now affects me. Yeah. money from this. Yeah. I'm like. Can we claim a benefit for that one? I'm talking no Grammys. Oh. yeah. No you can't. Oh I don't know Oh is. That is the 170 - six if anyone had a good example of what you like, okay That's okay. Hey is your man everything Mm-hmm Mm-hmm. Can you say I don't feel that I mean it's not yeah. it's being an A player and then people in to tell him he's staying in between. You're gonna Yeah, I think you know what I mean. like you do. So Where is my Canadians in the South land than my Canadians in the shop? come on. That's no. I just want to take some cool little new today, but it's just not me. Oh fucking ridiculous type on this is. And if you wanna stop. Just do that. it sounds like it's not. I used to get dressed up though james' on it. excuse me. Yeah. that's pretty thing other than America's might disagree with that. but it sounds like an excuse to get to me. I mean, that's what we need to take. I mean that's right. Yeah, I won't knife's my name is Thanksgiving. I just asked me. They just say this is our Turkey don't. every we don't you don't make excuses. We just love it. I love it. I love the Turkey. We just flip the fucking p.m. anything we are. There's a bit weird The guy for tonight. Blow it out for you. They don't find I don't. you come over. like It's a terrorist attack. Yeah, I don't see is a celebration of that is that I don't know I I guess I think it was to celebrate in 911 with a big up. No. Why do we celebrate our first time in our country? Don't get don't know I thought I had back in 16 and we're like be bump this up. let's do it was not I was not. I didn't know of one. So what's the point it was just the time we are We celebration of the failure like great'. No. I'm serious. We are we celebrate like great intelligent about the way or what I'm not sure what he's up, but he did it. He did it. okay. Remember remember the fifth of November, but you have why we remember that November is what I'm not. you know. Yeah, that's you know, I think I mean amazing really. that good to learn in history is boring. I don't know maybe we're just too like our generation. Our generation just give a fuck up. I don't know. wait why I celebrate 911. Absolutely not george's again put the back in there bro You need to be careful there. this miscommunications could be that for that. we definitely do not absolutely not. With the Now we're talking about how November the fifth was like a terrorist attack on our country, and we kind of we were saying you know of a country to celebrate 400 years. You know, I don't sound similar stuff the back on so. just say America 400 years will change a lot of people three point 9112 reasons. I'm still searching for this is I think I think people are gonna be I disagree to celebrate. For 10 years, you know. you know and why we do celebrate some. that's why in our country and I mean I. Yo Willie Pier with the free months on the 25 Starkey William I think it is to celebrate it as much as and acknowledge acknowledge I'm wondering. and I'm wondering that was my original question. Is it a celebration That was my original question? that I was remembering. a lot of people do like. Go out. Do I do that and that's what makes you a celebration? Okay. So. on, but at the same time, it's just me but at the same time not exactly people bow in groups then it's fireworks pilots'. Oh shit. Yeah, just like New Year and shit, and definitely a set of all of us blown-up. you know like the Alta Aldo very much. Come on, I need you to text people and I said it's a moral. listeners. no most travelers. James. We're trying to give it clear I want anyways a couple of months. okay. Day-I me-I just trying to get the comments up anyway guys. don't worry. That's what the game anyway. 319. We got the talent for the bad. about. I can't you know, yeah. Listen you guys we we did it in some people are part if you know yeah. I mean I've been with us and we just got to this nah. It's a good dog sick over right. now. And then we'll go it's on how I watch my phone. I got nothing. I ain't got the budgets. I. Nathan is how much the Maddie I think No-I. Alright. Yeah. Jason Samo put I don't really know oh wow. Oh I've been saying this to go well. have you seen on heroin? Yeah I just Yeah, you fucking thing I work for a time zone. go let's go. And I. and I'm his assistant. All that spot. Hope
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