Топ-20 мест, где в Петербурге учат бесплатно

Подборка мест в Санкт-Петербурге, где обучают бесплатно. Если у вас есть желание получать новые знания, но тратить лишние средства на их приобретение вы не желаете, то эта подборка будет вам очень полезна.

1. Молодежный центр Эрмитажа ...

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Top 20 places where they teach free of charge in St. Petersburg A selection of places in St. Petersburg, where they teach for free. If you want to acquire new knowledge, but you do not want to spend extra money on acquiring it, then this collection will be very useful for you. 1. Hermitage Youth Center This is a museum space where experimental educational and cultural programs are created and carried out for students of St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia and countries abroad. These programs include lectures on history and theories of art, round tables, international conferences, meetings with famous artists, artist s' master classes, student s' shows. - The main headquarters, entrance from the waterfront of the Moika, 47 Phone: 7 (812) 495-71-00, 7 (812) 495-71-29 2. Gogol Library The N. V. Gogol Library is a multimedia space for learning, working and recreation. The library often hosts meetings with interesting people, master classes, courses, exhibitions and other events of a learning nature. - Srednekhtinsky Ave 8. Phone: 7 (812) 224-29-06 3. Club Computer Science at the POMI of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg Department of the Mathematical Institute named after. Glass Computer Science Club is open lectures and courses. In the club, anyone can get acquainted with classic results, current state of affairs and open tasks in various areas of Computer Science. Admission to lectures is free, registration is not required, you can start attending courses at any time. - nab. Fountains, 27. 4. Center for Independent Sociological Studies One of the few non-state institutions in Russia, which primarily deals with academic research in the field of sociology, while at the same time is a training center for young researchers. - Ligovsky Ave. 87, of. 301. Phone number: 7 (812) 718-37-96 5. Data Analysis School The Yandex School, founded in September 2007, teaches machine learning, computer vision, natural language analysis and other areas of modern computer sciences. Shad gives a systematic education, combining theoretical lessons with practice. Students listen to lectures and attend seminars, together work on educational projects, which often lead to scientific publications. Some students of ShAD are in the internship in Yandex, where they can apply the knowledge that has just been acquired. Everyone can study here, but you need to pass the entrance test. - Nab. R. Fontanka 27 - st. Kirochnaya, d. 8 6. Language Free Project Volunteers of the international educational project help make linguistic education accessible. Since July 2013 in St. Petersburg, volunteers have been organizing free language courses and spoken clubs to expand intercultural and interlanguage communication, preserve linguistic heritage and carry out international cultural exchange. Phone: 7 (911) 970 64 88 7. Guild of Designers At design guild events every two weeks, you can meet with famous designers who share their priceless experience with listeners. These meetings will be useful both for beginner designers and already held masters. - University of Technology and Design, Big Sea, 18. Phone: 7 (812) 315-75-25 8. ′′ Open Workshops ′′ in the library ′′ Ligovskaya ′′ At the library (fully funded state) site, which was able to adapt to the needs of artists, regularly take photography, design, drawing, etc. Each participant in the project receives a free place to work, and in return teaches his direction once a week. - Ligovsky Ave. 99 Phone: 7 (812) 764-31-71 9. ′′ Dacha in the city ′′ With the help of the project ′′ Dacha in the city ′′ everyone will be able to pass a small preparatory program on the basics of gardening and landscape design of the city environment, participate in planting, departures, excursions to plant nursery and creative meetings for free. - ChangeLab, 7th line V. O. 16/18. Phone: 7 (951) 675-00-69 10. ′′ Suspension University ′′ Suspension University is a knowledge sharing system. Everyone can be both a teacher and a student. How does this happen? Information about who wants to learn is gathered, information about who wants to teach what is organized. Suspended University rules: not a single penny from anyone, no agitation, sobriety during classes. Read more here: podvesnoy _ universitet 11. Neva space The perfect place for creative people who want to learn something new. For example, vocal choral singing, handmade, hatha yoga, choreography, etc. All our courses can be attended for free, as the Neva space is a state institution. - st. Smolenskaya, d. 1 Phone: 7 (812) 387-38-55 12. Philosophical cafe in St. Petersburg The oldest of the current strongholds of alternative public philosophy, marked its indirect and not very impact on the formation of numerous discussion philosophical and cultural sites in the city. Meetings at the philosophical cafe are organized on Saturdays at 15.30 pm at the Experimental Sound Gallery (GEZ21). Experts in different fields are speakers at these events. - Ligovsky Ave. 53 13. Generation Yoga It will be great news for healthy lifestyle lovers that Generation Yoga club regularly holds donation-based classes. Donation - the amount of payment at the discretion of the participant. Phone: 7 (950) 031-37-46 14. St. Petersburg Hitchhiking League (PLAS) St. Petersburg tourists, who grew up from dranogo priozer trains, accompanied milk trucks and dump trucks. It has become clear that the world is not limited to Small Rocks, 69 kilometer and Losevski threshold, that a tent in Canadian forests or on the slopes of Kilimanjaro is treated the same as in Petyarvi, and the Peruvian or Sudanese truck will also pick up a companion with a backpack . PLAS - will help any St. Petersburg to master the tricks and wisdom of such a difficult lesson as a hitchhiking. 15. Youth Studio ′′ COME ' In ′′ In the studio on a free basis you can learn photography, journalism, graphic design, makeup. Students recruit at the beginning of the school year, open lessons are held in September. The institution also has a play area where you can watch movies and play tables. - nab. Fountains, 136. Phone: 7 (911) 788-27-43, 7 (929) 105-47-99 16. Nonprofit Development Center The center helps projects in the non-profit sector on issues: rights, finance, education, partnerships. Entrance to all events is possible only after obligatory registration. - Ligovsky Ave., 87, office 300 Phone: 7 (812) 718-37-94 17. Falcon Delt Planner Club The club has many people who love to fly, and experienced masters are happy to share their invaluable experience with beginners. Club ′′ Falcon ′′ is the only club in St. Petersburg that train pilots of motor-free deltaplans. All training is provided free of charge. Club meetings, reception of beginners, flight appointments are held at the club every Friday. - 1th Krasnoarmeyskaya, d. 9, entrance from the State Lane 18. Hebrew study courses The Israeli Cultural Center holds free courses on learning Hebrew. Classes are held at a convenient time. Training and methodological materials are provided free of charge by the Israeli cultural center. - Israeli cultural center, Kherson, 12-14, BC ′′ Renaissance Pravda ", city center ′′ Alexander Nevsky Square ′′ Phone: 7 (812) 406-05-30 19. ′′ Japanese Center in St. Petersburg ′′ The centers organize Japanese language courses with the support of local authorities and educational institutions, they plan and conduct various seminars and other events. Each Center has a library with a reading room open for publicity in Russian, Japanese and English, various educational texts, video materials, etc. - St. Petersburg, st. Marata, d. 69-71., building V., 3th floor, office 34-N Phone: 7 (812) 326-25-54, 326-25-50 20. Central city public library named after V.V. Mayakovsky The library regularly hosts master classes, educational events, film screenings, lectures and seminars. Admission to all events is free. You can get more information in the library or on the website. - Fontanka embankment, 44 ATTENTION! Be sure to check the information on these phones or on the websites of organizations! _______________________________________________________ Do you want to learn about places and events in St. Petersburg that you can visit for free? Then sign up for our community
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Эрмитаж можно будет посетить бесплатно

Традиционный бесплатный вход в музей по случаю Дней Эрмитажа сохранили, несмотря на неблагоприятную обстановку.

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The hermitage will be available for free Traditional free entrance to the Museum on the occasion of Hermitage Days was preserved despite the unfavorable situation. Read more in our Telegram channel:
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