10 малоизвестных фактов о Джонни Кэше.

🎸 Джонни Кэш лично противодействовал советской разведке.
Перед тем, как стать музыкантом, Кэш служил в ВВС США. В его обязанности входили перехват и расшифровка советских сообщений, составленных с помощью азбуки Морзе. Именно на своё военное жалование Кэш купил себе первую гитару.

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10 little-known facts about Johnny Cash. 🎸 Johnny Cash personally opposed Soviet intelligence. Before becoming a musician, Cash served in the US Air Force. His responsibilities included interception and transcript of Soviet messages compiled with the help of Morse alphabet. It was on his military salary that Cash bought himself the first guitar. 🎸 The musician was the first American to learn about the death of Stalin. He knew about her even before President Eisenhower! In March 1953, Johnny worked as a military radist and was the first person to receive a message. 🎸 Johnny Cash's most successful song is a cover. Few fans know that Ring of Fire is a cover. Original authors of the composition - Merle Kilgor and wife Cash, June. The song was recorded and performed by sister June, Anita Carter, and released as ′′ Love's Ring of Fire ". Johnny Cash presented to the public and released this song later, in his performance it became number 1 on the charts for seven weeks. 🎸 Cash allowed himself to be hypnotized to remember the lyrics of the song he had haunted in his dream. One night Cash had a dream in which popular country performer Webb Pierce performs a song written by Johnny. When Cash woke up, the lyrics of the song flew out of memory. Without being confused, the musician called on singer Johnny Horton to himself and allowed him to hypnotize himself to return the words to the composition. That's how the hit ′′ I'd Still Be There ′′ was born. 🎸 Long journey of treatment. Johnny Cash suffered from alcohol and drugs problems in the late 1950 s, tearing up concerts, hooligan and breaking the law. The artist was able to heal only in 1994-on the fourth attempt and after undergoing the third year of treatment. He himself described his stormy youth like this: ′′ I tried all kinds of drugs that I could get back then ". 🎸 Unsuccessful attempt to get lost in a cave. One day, the singer decided to score with life, in a rather exotic way: Johnny Cash tried to deliberately get lost in Nickjack cave, and almost succeeded. After climbing into the depth of the cave, the musician turned off, but miraculously came to himself - exhausted, but with a feeling of the thirst of life and a purified mind. Johnny Cash even managed to get out on his own, oriented towards the barely caught light and drawstring. 🎸 Johnny Cash should indirectly destroy the condors population. In 1965, Cash's truck caught fire due to overheating the wheel bearing. This was caused by a fire covering Los Padres National Forest in California. The fire turned out to be covered by the territory of 508 acres. Moreover, the park was home to 53 condors, of which 49 were killed. Cash was summoned to court where Johnny told the judge ′′ I didn't do it, my truck is to blame, but it died, how can I be responsible for it?" The accusers demanded a $ 125,172 worth of the musician but ended up stopping at $ 82,001 🎸 Johnny Cash deliberately released a bad song called Chicken in Black. Having worked with Columbia Records for more than 30 years, Cash felt that the label wasn't so actively promoting his creativity. Johnny planned to record and release a bad track to break up with Columbia. He consciously made the song ′′ Chicken in Black ′′ not serious and humorous, the text tells about a person whose brain was transferred to the head of a chicken. Cash's dream turned against him - the composition turned out to be successful. However, soon after that journey, Johnny and Columbia Records still separated. 🎸 One day Cash had to use wipers to wash his car from his friend's ashes. In December 1996, singer and close friend Johnny, Faron Young, committed suicide. Cash's family held a farewell ceremony in their own estate, and they wanted to dispel the ashes around the garden. But due to the sharp gust of wind, the dust of the donkey on the windshield of the musician's car. 🎸 Johnny Cash was married twice, and the second wife, June Carter, came from the Carter family, perhaps the most influential family country music ensemble in the 1920-1960 s. The second marriage turned out to be the happiest - the spouses were together until the very end, and Johnny survived only for a while.
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Какие проблемы могли бы быть The Beatles в наше время!

What problems the Beatles could be these days!
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