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Video Transcript
The race against gun violence really is about that space where people come to work together to solve a problem. We can't all have the same shared lived experience, but what we can do is focus on what we share in common and we want people to stop shooting each other. We can agree on that. My name is Mary Stoner Saunders and I'm the executive director of Strides for Peace. Race against gun violence is a signature event for strides for peace. Normally at a race. We ask people to write on a banner who they're running for what drives them in this fight against gun violence. so this year when we realized we had to go virtual, we didn't wanna lose the opportunity at this window of empathy that we saw with communities, contending with with gun violence and racial injustice. and so we created the why I run series so people can hear the voices and learn about the experiences of people across the spectrum of gun violence and understand what drives and inspires them. You. Why do I run is a major part of policing I run because I need to maintain a high energy level in order to do my job, which is to take care of patients who are victims of gun violence. I run because I know what it's like to have your life shattered into a billion pieces by gun violence. I run for peace because I lost so many friends and family to the streets and I wanna see better. On April 4th, 2006, at the age of eighteen, my oldest son, Terrell was shot and killed on the grounds of the church. I want to support other parents like me I run so we no longer have to learn those lessons so get up get involved. show your strengths. Let's come together Let's race against gun violence so this year because we can't gather together in beautiful grand park and run along the lake, you know together um we decided to. Race Day into a race week so starting September 19th to the 26th, you can visit strive for to sign up and get involved and I got to tell you there's no excuses because we have a race for every age and every level of fitness. let's start there and let's build from there for Chicago. we all can thrive free from the fear of gun violence.