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The end is just the beginning

This is my final column for Hindustan Times.  I truly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to doing more with my writing.  Thanks for reading and for all the feedback.  


A friend once told me that people are like onions... every now and then you have to peel off a layer to reveal a new facet to who you are. Yes, with every onion comes  the tears but, more importantly, it adds a critical flavour to everything you do! As the dawn breaks tomorrow, for many of us, it symbolises new beginnings, much like the peeling off of another layer of your inner onion, revealing a fresh new skin, ready to take on the world! 


Even though there really is no difference between one day to the next, somehow a new year infuses everyone with a renewed energy... the hope that life will be all that you want it to be! I am a definitely a believer in new beginnings but a couple of years ago, I decided to move away from the concept of making any new year resolutions, realising that they were a bit like the latest fad diet.


Resolutions, like the diets, sound impressive, seem easy to do and promise great results but after a few weeks of trying, you eventually ended up restarting your love affair with the double burger with extra cheese! What I began to do instead was make a list of things I had never done before... things that would make me happy and ones that are a part of my larger checklist for life! I also have another, more important list... the one of things I can do for the people I love... things that would make them happy. There are no time-frames attached, no resolutions, just a sort of listing of things I should do.


My personal list was in fact one of the reasons I started writing this column. Quite coincidentally, writing was on my list that year... there were no grand plans, just the idea that I will start to pen down the various thoughts swirling in my head in an attempt to reconnect with my old writer self.


Soon after I put that into my list, the offer from HT came along and the rest as they say is a 75 week history! It has been a tremendous experience and I clearly remember my every Wednesday night or Thursday morning stress, trying to figure out how to encapsulate all that was buzzing through my head into 500 words. Sometimes, I used to have an idea in my head and create the column very quickly while at other times, in a fit of writers block, I would pen down elaborate excuses that I could make to the team at HT for skipping that particular week’s column!


One thing is clear though, I would not have survived these 75 weeks without your support. The feedback has been tremendous and I want to thank each and every one of you for sparing the time on a Friday morning to read my often random thoughts. I am going to miss this new connection that we’ve created but I know that there will be another opportunity for us to connect in 2011! I also want to thank the team at HT for creating this unique platform and for being so patient with me, week after week. 


This is not goodbye... it’s only until we meet again. Happy New Year. I hope that everyone of you joyfully embrace the new layers that you discover within yourself in the coming year.