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Perfect strangers - Priyanka Chopra's column in HT today

If you think about it, everyone who is currently in your life, was at some point,a stranger to you! Interesting thought, isn’t it? I kicked off the promotional campaign forAnjaana Anjaan ithis week and while discussing the film over and over, this thought struck me.It’s actually quite funny to remember the way that these ‘Anjaana’s’ entered your life and now have become such an important part of your world !


For me, what I find really cool is the angle of mystery and romance that an ‘Anjaana’ can add to your life! It’s the perfect setting to script an irresistibly mushy love story.Some of my most favourite moments in cinema and books are those when the ‘soon-to-bein-love-but-currently strangers’ pair meet... just thatsingle moment makes such abig difference.


I’ve alwaysbeen a hopeless romantic and I remember creating this list along time ago of the perfect ‘Anjaana’moment...where the journey of love begins! It was quite corny but I dug out my diary and decided to share it with you because there is one thing I’m certain of... at some point in our lives, most of us have had the romantic fantasy of meeting that elusive stranger and, without knowing,it was happening... falling head long into love! Pure mush! So,here it is, my perfect ‘Anjaana’ romantic moments... created by my very mushy teenage heart (which at that time didn’t give my brain any attention)! There were quite a few,but In arrowed it down to the few classics!


You walked in... I’m floored: The ultimate classic. A stranger walks into a room, your eyes meet and your lives are never the same again. Sigh !


The sensory attack: This one’s even better...before your eyes meet, your other senses are brought into play. A slight touch that sends a frisson of sensation down your spine... a hint of masculine perfume that assaults your senses...you look up... eyes connect and viola! Double sigh!


A crowded room and the connection: You’re in a party, surrounded by so manypeople... something small happens, and you laugh... you think it’s your own private joke until you realise that some one else saw it and found the same humour in it... avery drool worthy stranger across the room...


Is this seat taken?: Unplanned and unexpected. Circumstances introduceyou to each other and then... the chemistry takes over. You don’t know why, but you feel compelled to talk to this stranger.The rest, as they say,is history.As I walk in to the airport, headed to Delhi, I wonder... are these moments waiting to happen to me?Have they already happened, have I missed them?Life is short and there are many moments waiting to happen.So next time round, don’t ignore the stranger sitting next to you... you never know what might happen.

Priyanka Chopra's Column in Hindustan Times- 17 September 2010Priyanka Chopra's Column in Hindustan Times- 17 September 2010