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Music memories revisited- Priyanka Chopra's column in HT today

Tinchy Stryder... It’s not a name I’d heard before but has become one I’m not likely to forget in a hurry! It was a last minute invite to a gig of a young, upcoming British hip-hop artiste in London and since I was on holiday and in the mood for some fun, off I went! This experiment to experience something new was the spark that suddenly rekindled my love for music.


It was one of those moments, where you go in expecting nothing but come out wanting more catching the vibe of someone’s creative process and their unadulterated passion for doing what they love. It was infectious.


I followed Tinchy’s gig with yet another interesting experience at the hugely successful West End musical—Wicked. It was outstanding. Everything about it wasstupendous, from the music and the sets to the wonderful, super talented cast.


This unusual, funny, heart-warming story was a thoroughly enjoyable escape from reality. And again, the passion and commitment that I saw from each one on that stage is what I think made it extra special.  


When I got back home that evening,I was suddenly inspired! I whipped out my laptop and went through my music collection rediscovering popular old favourites and also discovering some new gems.


It was great fun turning up the volume and signing along with not a care in the world. I then went a step further, mustering up the courage to find some old poems and lyrics that I had written a long time ago.


Going through them again, I could suddenly reconnect with my past and those emotions that got me to pen down my thoughts. Some of them were sweet, some were down right bad and many filled with anaïve positivity of what the world held in store for me.


I realised at that moment that it didn’t matter how good or bad they were. All that mattered was that they were created with a pure, passionate,creative intent to just put my thoughts to paper.


I wondered when and why I stopped doing something that I loved so much... Something that gave me such joy.


I realised then that the answer didn’t matter.All that mattered was that through some extra ordinarily surprising twist of fate,I was re-introduced to that forgotten passion.


I’m not going to question why or even why now, all I know is that I’m going to enjoy this...Pursue it for the passion I have for it and nothing else.Who knows where it will take me... All I know is that I will be happy!    

Priyanka Chopra's Column in Hindustan Times- 12 Nov  2010Priyanka Chopra's Column in Hindustan Times- 12 Nov 2010