What is the Facebook Innovation 360 Tour?
The Facebook Innovation 360 Tour is a filmed-for-VR experience that takes viewers on a journey through some of the most exciting projects happening at Facebook. Get a unique, behind-the-scenes look inside our most advanced data centers, experience how Artificial Intelligence can improve digital interactions for sight-impaired users, soar above the clouds with Aquila, and immerse yourself in the power of Virtual Reality.
Filmed with cutting-edge Facebook Surround 360 camera technology and mastered using Facebook 360's Spatial Workstation, the Facebook Innovation 360 Tour uses some of Facebook’s most recent 360 video technology.
We invite you to view our Innovation right in your browser window or on your mobile phone! If you happen to have access to a Gear VR and/or Oculus Rift, this content is also available on the Video app from Oculus.