If you take away one message from this year’s Goalkeepers report, I’d like it to be this: The world can end the COVID-19 pandemic and start to undo its damage if we commit to working together.

The Goalkeepers report is our annual assessment of the world’s progress toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals—a set of goals that countries, gathered at the United Nations, agreed to achieve by 2030. Reaching these goals will help us realize a world where every person has an opportunity to lead a healthy, productive life.

I won’t sugarcoat it: The 2020 report is not a comforting read. The pandemic is worsening inequalities everywhere and slowing down, and sometimes reversing, progress the world has made toward the goals.

But I hope the urgency and possibilities of our shared global mission will make this report inspiring, too.

Global cooperation can still fix this global crisis. Through innovation and an equitable distribution of solutions, we can still make up lost ground. So let’s get to work.

You can read this year’s full Goalkeepers report here.

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I’m feeling thankful for these three and the silver lining of extra time with them this year. Wishing you and yours a hopeful and healthy holiday. #tbt

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