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  • Class of 2012English languageBlountville, Tennessee
    Finished College in December 2012, and walked across the stage in May 2012 with my Associates Degree in Enlish.
  • Class of 2009Kingsport, Tennessee
    Graduated from Sullivan South High School with an Honors Degree in 2009.
Current City and Hometown
About Kylie
  • Some days...
    I can be strong, I can be weak
    I can be proud, I can be meek
    I can be gentle, or I can be tough
    I can explode when I've had enough
    Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry
    Sometimes I loose, but I always will try
    I always get up when I get knocked down
    And make a smile out of any frown
    I hope that God likes me
    The day that we meet
    If only for a chance to sit by his feet
    And be by his side year after year
    While all the bad things just disappear
    So when life gets tough
    And it's hard to be strong
    I'll never forget

    Someone I love was never born.
Favorite Quotes
  • Keep moving forward. ✨

    A persons a person no matter how small.

    Someone I love was never born!