⚠️PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS!⚠️ Research has found we rarely take the time to imagine what a better future could look like so here’s a video to help this important conversation begin! This video asks anyone, from world leaders school children, to visualize what needs to change and then to simply talk about it. Help us get the word out by sharing this post with your followers and tagging people, celebrities, influencers and news media who need to see it as we must ALL think about the future we want and then work together to make it happen. Let this be the catalyst to start making URGENT changes required to make this a better planet for humans and animals alike! Amazing video by @tommustill @alex_kiehl @tommustill @evaniakeziaoofs @kevinmcgloughlin_gram @paraicmcgloughlin @fergusdingle @cocozinha @maxcoopermax @the_wild_seeds #imaginefor1minute #teamwork #saveourplanet #karmagawa
⚠️AMAZING ANIMAL RESCUE⚠️ Mexican navy workers in the state of Tabasco, Mexico saved this dog who was trapped due to flooding…flooding that’s been the worst Tabasco has seen in 50+ years, affecting more than 300,000 people and countless animals like this poor dog. Even better news is that the navy has since announced they have adopted this dog that was launched to fame after this video went viral over the weekend! Please share this with your followers and tag people who need to see this to brighten their day as there are still good people out there and we must all try to help others in need! #animalrescue #savethedogs #flooding #karmagawa
Protestors in ‪Nigeria‬ discovered today a warehouse in Lagos full of Covid19 food aid packages, countless bags of rice and noodles, that were supposed to go to the people, since millions of locals are starving, but was locked up by the Government. Worsening economic conditions, police brutality and bad governance are the main reasons behind ‪#EndSars ‬movement and this exemplifies why the protestors, and the international community, MUST speak up to get justice and help for this country badly in need of both! Please share this important video with your followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers and news media who need to see it and share it too, let’s make everyone aware of how important it is to get help for the Nigerian people RIGHT NOW! Video from Joyce Karam #endsarsnow #helpnigeria #prayfornigeria #nigeria #karmagawa