Как стать счастливее и уверенно идти к своим целям? Все ответы — в книге «Сам себе государство. Как совершить революцию в жизни». Подпишитесь на рассылку, чтобы не пропустить предзаказ Products and Policies Available to Qualified Registered News Pages
LATEST AUG 5, 2020

Products and Policies Available to Qualified Registered News Pages

Registered news Pages may be eligible for products and policies specifically designed for news publishers. By registering your news Page, you may get access to*:
  • An Exemption from Our Policy About Social Issues, Elections and Political Ads Exempted news publishers running ads on these topics do not need to undergo the ad authorization process, label these ads with a disclaimer, or have these ads appear in the Issue, Electoral or Political section of the Ad Library for 7 years. For non-exempted publishers, authorization is required in 50+ countries.
  • Facebook News Facebook News, a dedicated space for news on platform, is rolling out to people in the United States.
  • COVID-19 Information Center Registered news publishers can be considered for inclusion in bespoke places for news on Facebook like the COVID-19 Information Center. Available in more than 100 countries, the center reaches people with news stories and health information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • WhatsApp Business API Medium and large businesses use WhatsApp Business API to connect with customers around the world in a simple, secure, and reliable way.
  • Send News Messages in Messenger Registered Pages are permitted to send regular news updates to their subscribers in Messenger.
  • Journalist Account ProtectionsJournalists working for a registered news Page in an editorial capacity can register as a journalist on Facebook. By registering, journalists will get access to stronger account protections that can help defend against harassment and hacking threats.
  • Context Button The Context Button gives people more background information about the publishers and articles they see on Facebook, like editorial and fact-checking policies.
*Registration does not guarantee eligibility. Publishers may need to satisfy additional criteria.
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