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LATEST MAY 6, 2020

5 Benefits of Registering Your Facebook News Page

Hope Friedland

Facebook Product Marketing Lead, News Publishing
Growing on Facebook starts with registering your News Page. Want to access features that can help deepen your relationship with subscribers? Test and guide development of Facebook news products? Extend your content’s reach beyond your Facebook news Page? It all starts with registration. Here are five benefits news publishers may access after registering — and how to get started. All Facebook Pages that publish journalism (not satire or parody) are encouraged to register as a news Page on Facebook, once available in your market. If you’re ready to get started...
  • Read these guidelines first to see if you qualify to register your news Page.
  • See if we support registration in your publishing language. We will continue to expand to more languages.
  • Make sure your Page has verified its business and domain.
  • Submit your application through Business Manager. Any business administrator with access to a Page in Business Manager can submit an application.
  1. You may access policies just for news publishers, such as an exemption from Facebook’s policy about social issues, elections and political ads. This exemption, only available to registered publishers who meet additional criteria, allows you to skip the authorization process when running Facebook ads that promote non-opinion editorial content on these topics. Exempted publishers are also not required to label these ads with a “paid for by” disclaimer or have the ads appear in the Issue, Electoral or Political section of the Facebook Ad Library for 7 years.
  2. Your stories can appear in destinations for news on Facebook. If you’re a qualified registered publisher and satisfy additional criteria, you may be eligible to have your stories appear in spaces on Facebook for news, including Facebook News, a dedicated place for news that is rolling out to people in the United States, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center on Facebook, a hub of local news and health information created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. You may get access to Facebook products that engage subscribers. To help drive your subscription business forward, some Facebook company products and features focused on strengthening customer communication are now open to registered news publishers. These include Messenger’s news messaging capability, which allows publishers to send non-promotional messages to subscribers such as breaking news updates, and WhatsApp Business API, a secure way to connect with your subscribers regarding their accounts.
  4. You can guide development of Facebook news products. After registering a news Page, publishers can join beta tests of our new products or features for news organizations (additional criteria may be required to participate). For instance, registered publishers are now testing Facebook News, the Breaking News Indicator and news messages in Messenger.
  5. You’ll help Facebook better understand news publishers’ needs and better serve the news industry at large. News Page registration helps Facebook identify the full and diverse ecosystem of news Pages on the platform and distinguishes the work of news publishers from all other Pages on Facebook. This identification process helps Facebook create better tools for news publishers.
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