Как стать счастливее и уверенно идти к своим целям? Все ответы — в книге «Сам себе государство. Как совершить революцию в жизни». Купить Instagram Local News Fellowship Program - Facebook Journalism Project

Eligible newsrooms in Latin America can now apply to join the Audience Analytics Accelerator program. Deadline: March 10, 2021.

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Instagram Local News Fellowship

Journalism Students Work as Instagram Editors in US Local Newsrooms

Offered in collaboration with the Reynolds Journalism Institute, the Instagram Local News Fellowship is a ten-week summer program for journalism students to work as Instagram editors in US local newsrooms. Fellows develop Instagram strategies to support each publisher’s business goals. Newsroom leaders mentor the fellows and share their journalistic expertise. The program includes a stipend funded by the Facebook Journalism Project.
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Fellows Spotlight COVID-19 Impact on Local Communities

Tasked with using their newsrooms’ platforms to connect, serve and engage their communities with information about the spread of COVID-19, the Fellows partnered with BuzzFeed News and USA TODAY to shine a light on how people in cities across the US are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

22 Ideas to Try on Instagram

The 2020 Playbook

This year's fellows generated more than 111,000 new followers for their newsrooms’ accounts, more than doubled the posting frequency, and increased total interaction by 120% and video views by 360%, compared to the same time period last year.

About the Fellowship

Meet the Summer 2020 Fellows

The class of 2020 share what they’re excited to learn from their newsroom mentors, who offered advice to young journalists and what they hope to teach the fellows.

The Inaugural Class of 2019

Started as a pilot program in 2019, the inaugural IG Fellowship class placed three journalism students in three newsrooms, with exceptional results.


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