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LATESTAUG 17, 2020

Indexing News Pages on Facebook

Mollie Vandor

News Product Manager
Publishers can apply to have their Pages included in the news Page index. Publishers that are successfully included may be eligible for products, policies and programs that benefit news publishers. To be included, they must abide by guidelines we developed with news organizations, academics, and industry groups. For example, Pages must focus primarily on current events and information, cite sources, and include dates. Pages that primarily publish ads or promotional content are not eligible. Pages cannot have a record of publishing articles that have been rated false by our third-party fact-checking partners.
Pages included won’t look any different on Facebook, and inclusion won’t impact Page verification (blue checkmark) status.
Additionally, we are using optional information that publications can select to submit as part of their application to the news Page index in the context button in News Feed. Links to publishers’ fact checking policies, ethics policies, corrections policies, ownership & funding information, and editorial team information are eligible to appear in the context button.
We’ll continue working with news organizations, academics, and industry groups to explore other ways we can use the index, including identifying Pages eligible for news products and programs.
To learn more, visit fb.me/NewsRegistration.
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