How can I match donations to my Facebook nonprofit fundraiser?

When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization on Facebook, you can also pledge to match donations to that fundraiser. To create a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, click here or follow these steps.
Details about matching donations
When matching donations to your fundraiser, please keep in mind the following:
  • You can pledge to match any amount between $5 and $2500.
  • The maximum amount you're responsible for paying is the amount you pledge to match. For example, if you pledge to match $100 but your fundraiser raises $200, you only pay the lower ($100) amount.
  • Once a fundraiser has received a donation, the pledge to match donations can't be changed or deleted.
  • Donations can only be matched for nonprofit fundraisers.
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Who can match donations
Fundraiser creators, verified profiles and verified Pages can set up matching donations for their fundraisers. Matching donations are currently limited to eligible fundraisers in the United States.
Any Page admin can create a match on their Page fundraiser. Only one match can be added to a fundraiser, and the administrator who set it up is responsible for making any changes and confirming the match.
How matching donations are charged
To set up a match, add your credit card information when you enter the amount you'd like to match. After you add your payment method:
  • You may notice a $1 authorization charge on your statement. This is meant to verify your card and will be refunded immediately.
  • Once your fundraiser reaches the pledge amount, you can pay the matching donation directly on the fundraiser Page. If you haven't already paid, your credit card is charged automatically within 24 hours of the fundraiser ending.
  • If your fundraiser receives fewer donations than the amount you've pledged to match, you're only responsible for paying the lower amount. You're asked to confirm this new lower payment before your payment method is charged.
  • Page admins can pay with a corporate credit card as long as their name is on the card.
Donating to a fundraiser with a matching pledge
After you donate to a fundraiser that has pledge to match donations, your receipt will show how much of your donation counted towards the matching amount. Once the matching donation is fulfilled, you can see the donation on the fundraiser page.
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