How do social plugins work on Facebook?

Social plugins, like the Like button, the Share button and comments, are tools that let you share your experiences on other websites with your friends on Facebook.
Social plugins include:
  • Like button; Click Like to share and connect with things from websites that you find interesting.
  • Share button; Click Share to write something about a link and then post it to your timeline.
  • Embedded posts; Add any public post from Facebook to your blog or website.
  • Comments box; Comment publicly on a website using your Facebook account.
The websites that you visit don’t receive the information that appears in the plugin, but they may be notified about actions you take within the plugin. Example: if you use the Comments plugin to make a comment, the website may be able to connect your comment to your profile.
You only see a personalized experience with your friends if you're logged into your Facebook account. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to log into Facebook before you can use a plugin on another site.
If you're a developer, learn more about implementing social plugins within a single line of HTML.
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