How do I get authorized to publish on my Page?

In an effort to increase accountability of Pages, Facebook is requiring people who manage high potential reach Pages to get authorized to publish as their Page. You'll know if you need to get authorized if you receive a notification from Facebook.
If you receive a notification from Facebook, you must get authorized by the deadline posted in the notification to continue to be able to publish posts as your Page. If you don't complete the authorizations process before the deadline, your Page's default setting for “Posting as” and “Liking and commenting as” will change from your Page to your personal profile.
To get authorized:
  1. Turn on two-factor authentication for your Facebook account.
  2. Confirm your location by turning on Location Services on your mobile device. Updating the current city listed on your profile and opening Facebook from your current location may also help Facebook determine which country you're based in. It may take some time for Facebook to confirm your location.
Note: If your Page has a System User, you will need to verify all Business Manager accounts in order to let your System User publish on your Page.
You can revisit your authorization status at any point by going to Identity Confirmation in General Account Settings. When you complete this process, it applies to all the Pages you manage and your status will show as “Identity Confirmed.”
Keep in mind that if you turn off two-factor authentication or Location Services, you may be asked to complete the authorization process again.
For more information, please see the Page Publishing Authorizations Guide in the Facebook Business Center.
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