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Amsterdam Mamas group

Building a group means always having somewhere to turn to with people who understand what you're going through.

Emmy McCarthy

The YesTribe group

This group has made me believe in myself and helped me find the family I didn't even know I needed.

Dave Cornthwaite

Girl Gone International group

Groups give me a sense of belonging no matter where I am in the world.

Anne Scott

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I feel personally attacked by this relatable map
a group for Geography Memes and other Relatable Geospatial Content an overview of group guidelines: 1. NO EDGELORD BULLSHIT!!! We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transmisogyny, or any other -isms. Be good to each other. Also, don't post content with any sort of racial or defamatory slurs in it, even if said slurs are used ironically. Doing any of this will result in a swift delete+permaban. 2. In a similar vein, don't post maps relating to ""edgy"" topics with the intention of baiting people (such as maps of average IQ scores by country). They always end badly. 3. Keep it GEOSPATIAL. This means content related to maps, geography, cartography, and GIS, but can also extend to allied fields like urban planning, transportation, earth science, etc. Any completely unrelated content will be promptly deleted. 4. "Stereotype maps" of particular regions will be promptly deleted. They're usually offensive and almost always lazy. 5. Most map-related content doesn't require trigger warnings or content warnings, but if your post features a common trigger (i.e. sex, violence, suicide, etc.) please add a tw/cw to your post, and if any group member (esp an admin) asks you to put one on your post, please do so without making a fuss. Any tw/cw jokes will be deleted. 6. In the spirit of fostering good map literacy, if your post contains a map based on actual data (ie it's not a joke or a shitpost), please include a link to the source where you found it! 7. Don't advertise your own facebook page or group unless you clear it with us first. any spam posts or random advertisements will be deleted. 8. To avoid reposts, scroll down the group for a few posts before sharing a link. we may delete your post if someone else has posted it recently. 9. If someone mentions the word 'Israel' or 'Palestine' in passing, and you start an argument, we will ban you. Do not ask "Do you mean _________?" 10. Any posts that explicitly violate the guidelines above will be deleted without warning. 11. If you see a questionable post, please smash that mf "Report to Admin" button. For problematic comments sections, tag any of us in said comment thread. Also, if you've been banned from the group for whatever reason, for the love of god, don't send abusive messages to any of the admins (this has actually happened before and it is extremely Not Cool). 12. Above all, please just be good to each other. We want this group to be a fun and enjoyable space for everyone, and reserve the right to remove any people or content which detracts from this goal. full post here:
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i feel personally attacked by this relatable content
~~SAD PUPPERS 420 PRESENTS~~ ~a nice place 2 find humor in ur sadness~ - -this is a space for compassionate humor, relatable memes, and sharing experiences. while it largely revolves around our experiences with depression and mental illness, the mods believe that its main purpose is to lighten the load. posts that are too heavy or lacking required content warnings may not be approved --please add CWs (content warnings) as requested. please treat subjects like suicide, rape, trauma, etc. with special care and TW or CW accordingly. Do not mock content warnings or else you will be banned. --we want to avoid this group being an echo chamber of negative feelings about ourselves and our relationships, so it is important that there is an aspect of humor in the post if it is a personal account / OC. please respect collective emotional boundaries. --while we encourage people to relate about difficult experiences here, this is not and cannot be a support group. it is too large for vulnerable discussions on traumatic subjects. posts/comments like these may be deleted. the mods cannot guarantee the safety of the space, but work to make it as safe as we can. SOME POSTING STANDARDS --if you think your post would need a trigger warning, reconsider if this is the right place to post it. --triggered jokes or joke content warnings are bannable --do not attempt spicy discourse or concern trolling on trigger warnings and their effectiveness --we consider the phrase "crippling depression" to be ableist and discourage its use in original content & shared memes BAD / DISCOURAGED POSTS --journal-type oversharing of trauma or mundane events --related to the DSM, diagnosis or self-diagnosis --posts seeking help / in crisis --humorless self hatred --“guess i’ll die now” memes (often) --tag yourself and starter pack memes --tinder screenshots (with few exceptions) --anything featuring blood / gore --cutting references and imagery --overt suicide references --edgy posts or discourse about medication --general spicy discourse and hot takes (in posts & comments) --political memes and academic discourse --anything shared from Buzzfeed and affiliates (Adam Ellis, etc) - IF YOU ARE IN AN UNSAFE OR EMERGENCY SITUATION (IN THE UNITED STATES), PLEASE CALL THE NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINE AT 1-800-273-8255!!! IF YOU CANNOT CALL A PREVENTION LIFELINE OR ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY AND FEEL THAT YOU MAY BE A THREAT TO YOURSELF, HERE ARE INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES: - - - - - - - <3 for the love of puppers <3 sad pupper non-militarized funtime facilitation crew
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Science and Tech
Wild Plant & Mushroom Identification & Discussion
This group is a place where anything related to plants trees and mushrooms can be discussed with the exception of medicinal and active/hallucinogenic mushrooms and plants. It is not limited to just identification and edibility. Read the post pinned at the top of the group for more detail description. - Group Guidelines - -Please read previous comments before helping ID and avoid guessing. -Please include your location when making ID requests, as we have group members from all over the world. -Avoid posting images of dead animals without content warnings. -No advertising or selling. -Personal insults, belittling, excessive shaming, or making fun of people will not be tolerated, members who feel the need to personally insult other members will be removed without notice. -Posts that are obviously spam, contain unsubstantiated health claims, graphic photos not hidden in comments, or that are completely off topic will be removed as well. -DO NOT JOKE about eating something especially if something is poisonous or suggest that people take potentially fatal risks. -This is not a group for the general or specific discussion of the production or consumption of hallucinogens. There are many other forums for this. - DO NOT BLOCK GROUP MODS OR ADMINS! Doing so will result in being removed from the group If you see something that does not belong please "report to admin" this works for both posts and individual comments. It requires a group effort to keep this community friendly, helpful and supportive. Thanks and enjoy
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Black Travel Movement
Black Travel Movement is a community of friends and family who share an interest in cultivating new friendships and epic experiences through international worldwide travel. As a member of the BTM family you have a connection to a wide range of new and seasoned travelers who are anxious to join and share travel experiences. Although we are a new online community many of our members have decades of experience as world-class travelers. We also have experienced travel professional who are committed to helping create and organize the best values on the market for our travel and vacation experiences. We welcome members to share their photos, videos, and stories as they travel the globe and create new friendships and memories. Please invite your crew, your friends, and your family to join our group. ** Rules for Posting to the BTM Group Page. (These rules are also listed in the group files) Here are the rules and suggestions for posting to the group: 1. Please post your travel photos and share interesting stories and experiences. 2. Feel free to ask questions or start a discussion related to travel and travel experiences. Please use hashtags to help with searches. 3. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING NOT RELATED TO TRAVEL. 4. Please do not post anything that promotes a business or non BTM trips or events 5. Please do not post anything related to MLM and network marketing opportunities. You will be removed and blocked. 6. Please do not post anything related to travel clubs or discount cards. 7. Please do not post any offers or free giveaways 8. Please do a search in the group before asking for advice or recommendations. Chances are your question has already been asked and answered. 9. Please do not post anything that request members to email or call you. 10. Please do not post links to other Facebook pages or groups, Instagram pages, or Twitter pages. 11. Please do not post pictures with "You Should Be Here" signs. 12. Please do not post introductions resembling dating page bios 13. If your pictures are more about you than the destination, location, or experience please post them to your personal page. 14. Please do not post sexually suggestive bikini and bathing suit pictures (backshots) 15. Please be respectful of others and refrain from posting inappropriate language or images. 16. BTM reserves the right to use any picture posted to the group page for display, marketing and/or promotion on the group page, our Instagram page, Twitter page, or website. 17. Please do not make uninvited advances toward other members of the group. 18. Please do not make comments or post that could be construed as "Travel Shaming". 19. Travel agents may reply to request for "travel agents" 20. Each of these rules apply to comment threads and inboxes ** Violating any of the posting rules is grounds for removal from the group** Thank you and welcome to the BTM Family Reggie Cummings Founder Black Travel Movement
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Travel Community
This travel community is a place for like-minded people to engage with others that love to discuss travel. GUIDELINES: ____________ 1. NO advertising or selling anything on this page: ► NO external links to groups/FB pages/websites/businesses with an aim of advertising ► NO spamming ► DO NOT privately DM anyone unsolicited to promote ANYTHING whatsoever. ► 1st OFFENSE: you will be removed from the group 2. DO NOT go live via video in the group without asking an admin first. 3. Please DO: ► Share uploaded pictures & videos, experiences, tips, & questions for all members to learn from. This is your community. Jump in and engage often! ► Report harassment and spamming. Click the “report to admin” and admins will assist ASAP. ► Use the search bar before asking a question – it’s located at the top of the group page. This avoids multiple posts about the same topic & is also often a quicker way to get an answer to your question. ► Be as specific as possible with your questions. No “I’m going to Hawaii. Where should I eat?” or “I’m visiting Amsterdam, where should I stay?” That’s what Google is for. Include your preferences, age group(s) of travelers, budget, etc. 4. Photos/videos: ► Post your own photos or give credit ► Include the location(s) ► NO photos of children unless part of your travel group ► If posting with wildlife, include specific location (zoo, sanctuary, reserve, etc.) ► Admins have final say on approval for any photo/video 4. Etiquette: Be courteous & respectful. This isn’t a place to share your political views or bully someone with a different opinion. If you disagree, act like an adult and either don’t respond or kindly disagree and move on. We MUST value each other’s input in this community! 5. Travel agents and marketers: ► DO NOT post/comment to promote your travel agency and/or company. ► DO NOT privately DM group members unsolicited. ► DO NOT leave your contact info or promotional campaign info in any comments. You may provide such information ONLY when specifically asked for your direct contact info. 6. Bloggers/Media/Influencers: ► You may share uploaded photos & videos from your travels. ► NO linking to your website/blog or social media channels. ► If someone comments asking for more info, you can THEN reply with a link in the comments. 7. DO NOT ask for or share medical advice. Medical professionals should be consulted outside of this group. 8. NO posts asking for travel companions. 9. Any content or a member disrupting the community can be removed without any communication on the personal discretion of the admin of the group. 10. DO NOT post questions about your Scott’s Cheap Flights account. Please email 11. See something negative report it. 12. Admins observe the right to decline topics and turn off comments or delete posts.
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Women Who Travel
Welcome to Conde Nast Traveler's Women Who Travel group, a place where all self-identifying female travel lovers can join in conversation about what it means to travel as a woman today. Community Guidelines: DO engage with the community, share and comment on posts, and tag your friends! DO ask questions and give answers to other group members—but please be respectful of our differing opinions on the world. DO stay on topic: This is a group about travel, so let's talk all things travel! DO use the ‘search’ bar on the left before asking for travel tips: duplicate threads may be deleted! DO lift other women up––we encourage positivity! NO spam. NO advertisements: all posts advertising items for sale, personal businesses, and travel agencies will be deleted and posters will be removed.* NO soliciting. NO hate speech: Bullying other group members will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the group. Harassment of a group moderator or member, even outside of the group, will lead to being blocked. If you experience bullying, please contact Facebook directly. *The ONLY two exceptions to no advertisements: 1. As Condé Nast Traveler, the admin account for this group, we will sometimes post about Women Who Travel meetups, trips, and podcast episodes. We have developed these for this group, and will share them here. 2.) There are three dedicated threads in this group that will act as our community bulletin boards. One is for sharing volunteer opportunities, one is for sharing your social media handles (personal only), and one is for sharing your travel blogs (travel only, please!). These are the only places you may promote these items in the group. Use the search bar to locate them. Please help us keep this space safe: report any posts that violate these community guidelines using the 'report' feature alongside comments and posts. Direct messages to moderators will not be responded to. If you start a thread, you will always have the power to turn off comments, hide responses, and delete the post if need be. If something violates Facebook's community guidelines, you should report posts directly to Facebook. (Please keep in mind that the moderators are only online during normal business hours from 10am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday. Please use self-moderating tips above during on and off hours.) Continue the conversation with us every week on our Women Who Travel Podcast, hosted by moderators Meredith and Lale: Read more stories about female travelers on our site: By joining this group, you agree to these community guidelines.
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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mastermind
Cryptocurrency Mastermind Facebook Group. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Follow these simple rules, and we will all benefit from the knowledge and experience that this amazing group of people has to offer. #1: Do not advertise affiliate links or get rich scams in this group. Such posts will be denied and you risk getting blocked. #2: All opinions will be treated with mutual respect unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Treat your fellow Facebook group members with that same respect. #3: If a single individual starts a discussion that other members disagree with, it may, at the discretion of the group admin and moderators, be considered trolling. Trolls will be booted out of the group. #4: If a member personally attacks another member with words that are harmful, swearing, threatening or not in-line with our mutual respect guidelines, that member will receive a warning, and then booted and blocked from the group. #5: Not all posts will be approved, so make sure you review past posts by using the "search" feature located on the left side of this page on PC or at the top bar on Mobile Apps. #6: Reporting bad post and comments is crucial to maintaining a healthy group ecosystem. Please report any post or comment that you believe violates our group guidelines. And please post anything of value or a sincere question you have about cryptos. We appreciate community participation. #7: Enjoy the group, learn from one and other. Some here have been working with Cryptocurrency for years, while others this may be the first step. Let's all work together to build the future. Thank you ;-)
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Aidan Jack Seeger
235 children will be born with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) every year in this country alone. With Newborn Screening these children can be monitored and saved from the affects of this devastating disease. Our son, Aidan jack, was diagnosed with ALD on June 2, 2011; he was just 6 years old. ALD is a horrific metabolic disease, which affects the myelin sheath in the brain and affects all neurological functioning, eventually leading to death. Aidan was in 1st grade, above grade level and running and playing as any child his age. He started having vision problems around April and we just assumed he needed glasses. After many doctors and finally an MRI and a VLCFA blood test, Aidan was diagnosed with ALD. The only option to possibly stop the progression of the disease is a bone marrow transplant. Aidan received his unrelated cord blood transplant at Duke University in North Carolina on July 21, 2011, also his 7th birthday. The months that followed were grueling, the bone marrow transplant was a success, but unfortunately, since Aidan was already symptomatic and with the effects of chemotherapy and the disease progressing, all took its toll. Aidan lost his vision, hearing, ability to eat and walk and communicate. After 10 months in the hospital, our baby lost his life on April 29, 2012. If New York and the rest of the nation had ALD added to Newborn Screening, Aidan and so many others could have been saved. On March 29, 2013 New York became the 1st state to add ALD to the newborns screening panel. Starting January 1, 2014 every baby born in New York State will be tested for ALD giving them the best possible chance for a normal healthy life. Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation was started in 2012 to help advocate for EVERY state to screen newborns for ALD To help families affected by ALD To raise awareness and support research for a cure Together we can fight for the nation to screen for ALD and save these boys from this horrific disease. Thank you for your support!!!
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(Guidelines the members have voted on) Welcome this is your group. * Closed group (addicts only) * Members must ask to join themselves (no adding members) because of spammers. * 2 Picture max (please dress appropriately) this includes collages. * No advertising, fundraising, self promotion of any kind. * No name calling, bashing or calling addicts Nazi's will be tolerated. * No blocking administrators. * No drug replacement treatments will be discussed (outside issue) NA isn't about taking a drug to get off another drug. * No posting videos, hashtags, or any outside links. * If someone shares your post and you feel your anonymity is at risk block the person who shared your post and it will automatically disappear from their possession. We are not affiliated with NA. We are members of Narcotics Anonymous, we plus you equals the fellowship. Here we follow the program of NA. Any disputes will be settled with "our" literature, we are here to recover not argue opinions. Here we follow the NA language "clean n serene" we ask that you attach that to your clean time so that it doesn't give the impression there are two disease's. Please refrain from using drug specific language because, NA is about addiction not substances and that's what makes us different from other 12 step programs. * if you feel like hurting yourself call (1-800-273-8255) suicide prevention or contact Sean Hardin. *MEETINGS; daily meetings (7 A.M. Pacific standard--11 A.M. Eastern) & (6 P.M. Pacific standard--9 P.M. Eastern) group purpose meeting is once a month , first Saturday of the month (12 noon Pacific standard time)
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Keto Recipes for Beginners
Keto Recipes for Beginners is a group for those interested in learning to cook for the Ketogenic Diet. We call it a diet but it is a WOE - way of eating for life. Together, we will become experts in Cooking and living KETO. You can get daily recipes at or via Facebook messenger at https:/ WE WANT YOUR RECIPES, HOWEVER, please check your recipe ingredients. If all ingredients are not Keto friendly, recipe will be DELETED. If you post a product and an admin or moderator tells you it's not Keto do not argue with them. It will lead to an immediate ban. Similarly the answer of "but it works for me" is not acceptable. This is a zero spam or selling zone for members. Please do not post links to your own blogs or other Facebook groups. We DO NOT use or support Exogenous Ketone products. PLEASE DO NOT post or try to sell or encourage these products. You will be banned IMMEDIATELY from the site. We just don't think they are healthy. THESE ARE THE RULES FOR OUR GROUP. 1. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION to the left of the posts. Common questions and concerns may already have been discussed at length. We won't accept posts that you can find the answer with a simple search. 2. Please do not post ANY articles or links. There is so much mis-information out there we just delete them. 3. Please do not post links other websites. We delete them because we do not have the time to check each link. 4. Please be kind. Rudeness won't be tolerated. Foul language, bullying or bashing of others will get you banned. 5. Cheat posts of any kind will be deleted and you will be banned. Take responsibility for what you eat. If you cheat, move forward without posting about it.. 6. Please DO post recipes. Make sure they are 100% Keto friendly before posting. Do NOT post Non-keto recipes with suggested substitutions. Non-keto recipes will be deleted. We do not accept video recipes or Facebook live videos. 7. IF YOU ARE BEING PRIVATELY MESSAGED, offering to sell you something, block them and LET US KNOW. 8. To follow a post please go up to the right side of the post and click the three dots and select get notifications. Do not type F, following a . or anything similar. You will be muted and unable to comment for 24 hours. 9. Our admins and moderators are here to help you. Arguing with them, disrespecting them, referring to them as "Keto police" or "Keto Nazis" will result in an immediate removal from the group. 10. From time to time, Admin, may post links to products we think are of value. You may assume that some of these links are affiliate links. We only recommend products we believe in. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Learn, share, and grow, and lets SHARE RECIPES.
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Horse related /Tack . MD,PA,DE,NJ,VA,WV,NY,NC,SC,
You MUST!!!!!!!! answer ALL questions to be accepted into this group. Question number two has two questions within it and you must answer both or you will not be approved to join.Questions must be answered within 24 hours . If you only answer part of the questions you will not Be approved. Welcome to Horses/Tack in MD, PA, DE, NJ, VA, WV, NY, NC.SC.. This page is the go to horse tack page for the 9 states listed in the group name. I have strict rules to keep the page running smoothly and to keep the page clean. All posts must be submitted for review before they are able to be posted, PLEASE HAVE SOME PATIENCE ONCE SUBMITTING YOUR POST AS THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME RUNNING A GROUP OF 25K MEMBERS(No I am not asking for more help at the time being), I HAVE A LIFE, SO YOUR POST MAY NOT BE APPROVED for 24 hours. Items allowed on this page are equine, Tack, Horse Trailers, Horse related clothing, Boots, Fencing , Spurs, equine supplies, Horse Boarding, and Horse shows, Stable supplies such as brushes, buckets, hay, supplements, and helmets. Items not allowed on this page are , No other animals o at all. . NO live auctions,. ABSOLUTELY no Horse Properties (Real Estate), Farm Equipment, Items not horse related, , .NO equine transports as there are groups for that. NO trucks or cars. No yard/garage sales. IF YOU POST ANYTHING ON THE PAGE THAT IS NOT ALLOWED OR BREAK ANY RULES YOU WILL BE BANNED AND BLOCKED FROM THE PAGE IMMEDIATELY NO WARNING. THE RULES OF THE PAGE ARE AS FOLLOWS: *LOCATION and full description MUST BE INCLUDED IN ALL POST . *ONLY EQUINES . FROM PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, WV, NC,SC, NY ARE ALLOWED* *IF YOU POST AN ISO AD PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST AS SOON AS YOU FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR* *IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ITEMS TO POST, CREATE AN ALBUM AND POST ALL OF THE ITEMS AND THE INFORMATION AND PRICES FOR THEM IN SAID ALBUM* *NO SPAM POSTS* *ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA WHATSOEVER AS I HAVE YOUNGER MEMBERS OF THE GROUP AND THIS IS A DRAMA FREE GROUP* *, LIST ALL OF THE NECESSARY INFORMATION AND PHOTOS TO LIMIT REPETITIVENESS AND PEOPLE NEEDING TO PM YOU. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON THIS INFORMATION SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST* *PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR SALES POST ONCE PER WEEK. On all EQUINE post you can only put description of said equine and location. You can not put a price or say for sale. As FB will not allow the sale of animals. You can only ask for interested members to send you a PM for further info.If you are not sure of anything , send me a PM *THE SECRET WORD IS LEGEND .... I want this page to be a friendly environment for all of my members. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to send Dorothy Gordner a private message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Sports and Fitness
Gym Workout Chart ☑️
Gym workout charts are a great way for beginners to learn a wide range of different gym and bodybuilding techniques that will help to build the body that you've always wanted. While pro bodybuilders have had years to hone their techniques and put together the perfect workouts, many new weight lifters don't have the same experience, and many may not know more than the absolute most basic of workout methods. This is a group where you can share pics of gym workout, charts, training tips, your lifting records, training routine, what inspires you, pics and anything concerning weight training workout, gym. Post which are not helpful, motivational,inspiring to others wont be approved! Not related post wont be approved. PICS WITH NO DESCRIPTION WONT BE APPROVED!!!!!! 90% are deleted due to no info about pic. Don't post if you can't response to questions in comments or at least like comment in your post. Post with kids or anyone under 18 on the pic won't be approved! If the pic or video is not yours and doesn't contain any 'educational ' or motivation value...please don't post it won't be approved. If you post progress pic saying 'after one month' please make sure there is before pic or post won't be approved. Post like 'I need help to cut', ' what to eat to gain muscles', 'what do you think about me' + pic, 'In gym' + pic, 'How do i look' + pic wont be approved. Selfies in bed 'flexing biceps' are not counted as gym Pic have to be clear, high resolution with face shown (so we know it you) and not blurred, covered with all possible Instagram filters and snapchat 'whiskers'. In focus GROUP RULES: Advertising is not allowed and post will be deleted without notification. YouTube videos and any links to other web sites or FB pages are not allowed. No full nudity allowed ...... No racist remarks or bullying in any shape or form on this site. Sexual remarks found to be over the line will result in getting you removed. If you see anything within post comment specified within rules above - PLEASE REPORT TO ADMIN and we will deal with it! Most importantly please respect each member as then you gain that respect back to ..... Simple rules nothing mad or over the top .... Novice to the sport or experienced in the sport show each other respect and motivate. Laughter and banter is of course allowed through posts as makes people normal not boring and allows the group to be comfortable with each other / but sexual innuendos not to be used as this puts the serous posters from using the page If you don't like comment on the post for any reason please report to a admin and comment will be removed / issues can all ways be resolved !
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Sports and Fitness
Peloton Buy Sell Trade (BST)
Unofficial Buy Sell Trade of Peloton Cycling Accessories Closed Facebook Group Moderators for this BST page are Austin Kish #ChickenNWaffles and Kristin Marie #KristinBee. DESCRIPTION Use this page to list new and used Peloton accessories, apparel, and Peloton bikes, tread, and other Peloton-branded workout gear. Compatible accessories and apparel may also be listed. Boutique credits are not permitted to be listed. WHAT TO LIST All listings should include a photo of the item, condition, any known issues, and price. Don't forget to include size and shipping charge when posting apparel and accessories. We support listing Peloton bikes for sale but we recommend only local pickup, as shipping costs would be very high. Do not use PayPal for local pickups, as there isn't seller protection. Please mark posts as sold once your item has been paid for. BUY, SELL, AND TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We recommend using PayPal for seller and buyer protection and always shipping with a tracking number. Do not send or request funds as "Friends and Family" as this method lacks buyer protection. PayPal is not recommend for local pickups. IN SEARCH OF PELOTON POSTS If you are looking for a Peloton bike, please don't post to the wall. Instead, go to Photos and choose the Album tab. Post that you're looking for a bike under the state(s) that you are looking in, and we'll try to tag you if a bike in your location is posted for sale. PRICING COMMENTS No snarky pricing comments. If you're interested in purchasing but want to offer a lower price, then send the person a private message and tag them on their post to let them know you sent a private message. But keep in mind bikes tend to go fast! Negative pricing comments will be deleted. PELOTON WARRANTY Peloton warranty only applies to the original owner of the bike and is nontransferable. TRANSFERRING AN EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION Subscriptions are easy to transfer with the previous owner's email address, just contact Peloton directly via phone, email, or chat. Get the seller's email address when purchasing a used bike, as Peloton uses the original email when transferring bike ownership.
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Sports and Fitness
Official Peloton Member Page
Welcome to the Official Peloton Member Page! In this group, you can connect with fellow Peloton Bike, Tread, and Digital Members and stay up to date on Peloton announcements and features. For support info and FAQs please go to Please carefully read our guidelines below, so that we all can continue to foster a supportive, positive and safe community. Know that by joining this group you are expected to follow these guidelines and help us maintain a respectful environment. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from the Group. This group's content restrictions and code of conduct are governed by our terms of service found here: Peloton is not responsible for the content of any post to the Group not made on its own account. When interacting with other Group members, you should exercise caution and common sense to protect your privacy, just as you would when interacting with other people you don’t know. Your participation, correspondence or dealings with any third party in or through the Group are solely between you and such third party. You agree that Peloton is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, injury, or other matters of any sort incurred as the result of such dealings. SUPPORT: For any support related questions or issues that require our attention and immediate response, please contact our Support team at RESPECT: Please be respectful and courteous to the Members of this group. Spam posts and harassment toward other Members or any other person will not be tolerated and will be removed. SOLICITATION: Offering products and services for sale is prohibited. You are not permitted to share your Peloton referral code within the Group. Other than with respect to sales or fundraisers posted directly by an administrator of this page, Peloton does not sponsor or endorse any charitable or other fundraising efforts on this page, and participation in any such efforts is at each Member's discretion/risk. Peloton reserves the right to remove any post that violates this rule or is otherwise inappropriate or objectionable in Peloton's sole discretion. AGE REQUIREMENT: Due to the age requirements detailed in the Peloton Terms of Service, posts of children who appear to be under the age of 16 using or playing on the Peloton Bike or Tread will be removed. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: As a friendly reminder, Peloton and the “P” logo are registered trademarks and photos, videos and other images posted by Peloton are copyrighted assets of Peloton or its third party licensors. These marks and assets cannot be used by anyone except for Peloton. REPORT POST: If you notice any content that you believe to be in violation of the above guidelines, please report it to the administrators by using the “Report post” drop down menu at the top right corner of the post or email
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F1 Visa, OPT, STEM OPT, H1B Visa & H4 Visa
Welcome to the Largest F1 Visa Group on Facebook! This group is part of (you may see some promotional products and offers in the group from Happy Schools). If you are a veteran member of the group, you know that most of our conversation is related to Career, Education and Lifestyle of International Students in the USA and Visa Holders (F1 Visa, OPT, STEM OPT, H1B Visa, Green Card, H4 Visa, etc) and even occasional jokes might be included :) We encourage all of our members to participate; start conversations, add to conversations, and even lurk-- you might be able to help someone out or learn something yourself. Please read the Group Guidelines below.... 1. Read the details guidelines here - 2. We may collect your email as while asking to Join the Group and added to Newsletter from Happy Schools (that you can unsubscribe anytime). 3. No blatant advertising or marketing allowed. Anyone who drops in out of nowhere and posts an advertisement to the community may be removed at the discretion of the Community Admins. If you want to promote, reach out to Admin's. 4. At all times be authentic, honest, act in good faith, and post-high-value high content and solutions. Do your best to build a strong reputation, provide actionable insight, and keep it inside the group. 5. We hate fake profiles! If we find one (from comments, posts, new members request), we may Block the Account from this group (and other related groups of Happy Schools). 6. Search for solutions before posting your questions. And Read the Comments for Valuable Insights and Answers. 7. You retain the rights to your work, except that your contributions may be re-purposed and redistributed. You grant Happy Schools a perpetual license to republish the material at its sole discretion. 8. Before you publish a post, take the time to proof and edit. Remember, you are being published and your participation paints a picture of your character to other members of the group. 9. Please don't use special characters to follow the post (like F, Follow, #, Following). Instead, Turn on Post Notifications. 10. Please don't TAG the Admins, Moderators, Attorney's to get answers to your questions. 11. We often get "Sorry, I didn't know the polices", will not get you back into the group once an account is removed. So, please, please read the guidelines and get yourself familiar with our guidelines. 12. In short - Be Good. Be Helpful or Be Gone! Blog: Attorney:
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PLEASE NOTE: Post should be SHOW INFO or AUDITIONS. SPAMMERS WILL BE REPORTED AND BANNED! Theatre Chat “live Facebook chats” are only allowed by admin. These are new Rooms offered by Facebook. With over 30 city/state Theatre Chat groups our 300,000 members are sharing arts news that keep artists employed and patrons informed. All Theatre Chat groups can be used in emergencies. Theatre Chat groups have been used in Earth Quakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Fires and even Pandemics to help inform fellow members. PLEASE NOTE: There are a few of our groups that may fit your specific needs, by sharing arts to TARGET AUDIENCES, by CITY or STATE, NATIONALLY and GLOBALLY. BROADWAYGLOBAL.ORG group is for global arts news. INTERNATIONAL THEATRE CHAT is also for global arts news. WEST END THEATRE CHAT is for that specific area. USA THEATRE CHAT is for national tours or national arts news. With over 30 city/state Theatre Chat groups each group allows members to focus on target audiences by specific locations. Our Theatre Chat groups are core of the arts movement! Please share arts links/info that keep artists employed and patrons informed. USA THEATRE CHAT, NYC THEATRE CHAT, WAS DC AREA, FLORIDA THEATRE CHAT, CHICAGO THEATRE CHAT, OHIO THEATRE CHAT, LOS ANGELES THEATRE CHAT, SAN FRANCISCO/ BAY AREA THEATRE CHAT... This are just a few of our groups. We remind all members to be transparent, offering a phone and website with a business address is best for the safety of all members. All members should go to original sources to verify creditability. Cameron's Theatre Chat and past examiner (.com) articles have featured conversations with Tony Award winning Broadway Producer Stewart Lane, Emmy Award winning Casting Director Jeff Greenberg, multiple Broadway and TV stars and creative teams bringing arts lovers together around the world for the largest social media arts movement. Tag You're it! Please Subscribe and share with your arts community. Post your press releases, auditions, show promo pictures/video via Theatre Chat and reach thousands of local, national and international Theatre Chat members. Show info and auditions should come from the original source. We do not allow sign up sites, email news letter links, You Tube self promotion videos, blogs, or casting sites without the original source. Phone and website with a business address is safest for all Theatre Chat members. Feel free to contact Admin Richard Cameron by email or phone should you have questions. Email breaking arts news to For more information contact: Richard Cameron 954-383-5366 Email: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational...
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The New York Times Podcast Club
The NYT Podcast Club is a community of podcast lovers who discuss one episode of one podcast every week — basically, a book club for podcasts. It's a forum for conversation, analysis and spreading the love of podcasts. (It's also an online extension of a club started among NYT employees.) Every Monday, we’ll post this week's episode for discussion, and we'll keep it up throughout the week with daily discussion posts. A few rules: 1. Keep your criticism constructive and your disagreements respectful. We encourage lively debate and discussion! But be nice. 2. We've designated Self-Promotion Saturdays as a chance for your to share your work underneath our Saturday post. But otherwise, this isn't the place for that. (And no PR pitches meant for NYT reporters, please. They'll be deleted immediately.) 3. No personal attacks. Comments that stray from a tone that fosters productive dialogue will be removed. Rude behavior and insults (including calling someone who disagrees with you a "troll") won't be tolerated. 4. We're here to discuss podcasts. Off-topic posts and comments won't be allowed here. 5. If there's an episode or show you want to share with the group, please wait until we ask for your recommendations on Suggestion Sunday. This is a crowd-sourced idea to keep the group's timeline more focused on discussions. Just joining us? Want to see how we chatted about a past episode? This album is a round-up of all past episode discussions. Jump in if you've still got something to add: To learn about our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy at:
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Faith and Spirituality
MusCare Group
Assalaamu 'alaikum warrahmatullaahi wabarakatuh, UPDATES. PLEASE READ: 1) Due to the difficulty monitoring all the content in a LIVE OR LONG VIDEOS, we will not approve such posts. We can consider approving some if they are by reputable organizations. 2) Along with videos, if you share a post, make sure to ADD A DESCRIPTION of your own as to why you are sharing it. Also, make sure they are public. 3) Any posts promoting a business that is not official (ex: not registered, doesn't have a website, etc) will also not be approved. Statements like "Want to make easy money? Want to work from home? Message me for details" is a flag for SPAM & we want to keep our members safe. 4) If you post something for SALE whether it's an item/apartment, you must include the price & pictures, even if negotiable. ---------- MusCare Group is the OFFICIAL group of MusCare, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. One thing we do is donate to local Muslims in need every month with our Donate a Dollar Project. People who can be your neighbors, friends, or family members. We request every member to donate at least $1 a month at We have over 18,000 members - if everyone can just give a few dollars, there will not be a single Muslim in need in NY! This is your state & collective responsibility. Wouldn't you wish that if your family was in need that they were taken care of? If you have any questions about the donations, message our page or email us at Like our official page -! ---------- Anyone in this group is considered to have READ & AGREED to this description & “Group Rules”. This group's simple purpose is to have a platform where Muslims can connect with one another & help one another. Posts can be made to spread charities, find volunteers, find missing persons, housing, buy/sell products, & promote businesses. We want this to help as many as possible, so take 2-5 minutes & add your Muslim friends in or near New York. ---------- INFORMATION REGARDING SOME FUNCTIONS: Business Promotions: - Any posts on businesses that are involved in something clearly haram (ex: interest, selling of alcohol, hookah, showing revealing pics with one's awrah showing, etc.) will be deleted. Buying/Selling: - No selling of firearms or weapons of ANY SORT. No selling of illegal or haram items. - If chatting, mention where you are meeting. Meeting People Outside of This Group: - We recommend that if you ever meet a person just based on talks you had from our groups, whether it's to buy/sell a product or just to meet for fun, that you EXERCISE CAUTION! MusCare is NOT LIABLE for anything that occurs in such meetings. - Meet in a busy location (ex: Dunkin' Donuts) & avoid being alone. Try to go with a friend. - If you feel like a buyer/seller is acting suspiciously, do not meet him/her & message our page. JazakAllaah khairan for reading!
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Faith and Spirituality
LIGHTWORKERS POSTING GUIDELINES The purpose of Lightworkers of the World is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by raising vibration of self and others. We are a group where members can read educational and uplifting material, participate in discussions, and give/receive support, love, advice and healing. We reserve the right to delete any posts that we feel are inappropriate for this group. PLAY NICE: We will not tolerate abusive or harassing comments. If you cannot present your ideas politely you may be removed from the group. Name-calling is NOT acceptable. LIVE FEEDS: Members may NOT post active live feeds in this group. PERSONAL POSTS: Lightworkers of the World is a community. You are welcome to post questions, ask for healing, support or advice, or simply introduce yourself to the group. Please note that posting of another person’s picture requires their permission. SELFIES: We believe that providing positive feedback can help boost the spirit of those who are struggling or seeking motivation. We also believe the best growth comes when the poster interacts with those giving feedback. Posts with a picture that only says ‘What do you see’ will be deleted’. If you truly want feedback, tell us a bit about yourself, your desires and your challenges first. From there we will be happy to respond. ADVERTISING: We are not here to be a target market. If a post asks for money or donations it will be deleted. We do not allow advertising of products or services. We will allow promotion of groups and pages related to Lightwork along with sharing of educational material. We anticipate that members who promote are also active participants in the community. SOLICITATION: We do not allow solicitation of clients. We will delete posts that offer healing or readings that require members to send private messages to proceed. PICKING POSTS: Posts that encourage people to ‘pick for a reading’, such as pick a tarot card, pick a crystal, etc. are limited to MONDAY ONLY. On Tuesday we will turn off comments for these posts so they gracefully fade away. OBVIOUS DELETIONS: Pornography, graphic violence, animal abuse and messages invoking hatred or anger do not belong on this page. POLITICAL POSTS: We will delete any posts that state a position either for or against a political candidate. We are non-political and take a neutral position. RELIGIOUS POSTS: Lightwork transcends. We do not accept posts that sell a religious viewpoint or imply others are deficient for following a different path. TIMEWASTERS: We will delete posts that provide no value while attracting comments, such as math puzzles, games, or posts that ask for ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’ or other repetitive answers. CLICKBAIT POSTS: Even if the information is valid, we are not here to train people about health issues, proper diet, exercise routines or celebrity news. EVALUATION OF VALIDITY: We cannot attest to the value of any services of any members. Let the buyer beware.
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Relationships and Identity
Queer Housing New York City
>>CHECK THE ANNOUNCEMENTS<< GROUP GUIDELINES. Please read before messaging the QHNYC Admin Page. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE INDIVIDUAL ADMINS OR MODERATORS. Send any messages to the group page, QHNYC Admin. This group prioritizes affordable, peer-to-peer, long term housing in NYC. All posts are read and approved by volunteer mods and may take up to 1 week. Unfortunately there is no alert notification for rejected posts. Please read the rules before posting, either to the main group or to designated threads (see #5 and 6 below). Volunteers who want to help approve members/posts are welcome to DM us. Format for Posts: Seeking: X rooms, $$$-$$$ in _____ area, near ____ trains. XX Commute to Manhattan (etc) You can put info about you and your needs below. It helps people know right away if you’re the right fit and can increase the chances of finding a place! Offering: 1 room, $$$ (under 1k), _____ neighborhood, Near ____ Trains, Yes/No pets, Yes/No couples, Accessibility info, Any security deposit/fees Include more info below! GUIDELINES: 1. NYC/NYC metro area ONLY. 2. NO BROKERS. And no 'Room Matching Services' ie Roomies: This is for peer-to-peer sublets, home sharing, and building queer spaces. 3. Post HOUSING ONLY. No furniture, moving services, personals, non-housing queer events, etc. 4. All posts MUST INCLUDE PRICE. If it's flexible, give a range. 5. Post all SHORT TERM housing sought or offered (5 months and under) as a COMMENT in the bi-monthly links 6. Post all HIGHER PRICED housing sought or offered as a comment in the bi-monthly threads. Higher priced housing is $1,000/mo and up; and studios/1 bedroom apartments = $1,500/mo and up. Be aware that what is "affordable" to you is not, by definition, affordable for all. Please post by rental price and not your perceived value of the space. IF YOU SUBMIT A HIGHER PRICE OR SHORT TERM HOUSING POST, YOU WILL BE MUTED FOR 24 HOURS IN ORDER TO GIVE YOU TIME TO READ THE RULES 7. NO RE-POSTS. Comment on your existing post to bring it up to the top of the group. 8. It’s helpful to state if you’re “SEEKING HOUSING” or “OFFERING HOUSING” in the beginning of your post. 9. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION There you can find neighborhoods, price points, older posts, etc. Search box is on the left side menu of the group. 10. If in doubt, use the REPORT POST/COMMENT FUNCTION. 11. RESPECT THE COMMUNITY. 12. If you were involved in a bad housing situation, you can message the admin team with receipts. We do not offer any form of mediation 13. NO TOLERANCE FOR HOUSING EXPLOITATION. 14. THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR DATING. 15. NO POSTING ON BEHALF OF CIS STRAIGHT PEOPLE. We do not allow posts on behalf of your straight best friend/sibling/coworker (no matter how much of an "ally" you claim they are) unless there are other queer people living in the home. -Admins
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Aidan Jack Seeger
235 children will be born with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) every year in this country alone. With Newborn Screening these children can be monitored and saved from the affects of this devastating disease. Our son, Aidan jack, was diagnosed with ALD on June 2, 2011; he was just 6 years old. ALD is a horrific metabolic disease, which affects the myelin sheath in the brain and affects all neurological functioning, eventually leading to death. Aidan was in 1st grade, above grade level and running and playing as any child his age. He started having vision problems around April and we just assumed he needed glasses. After many doctors and finally an MRI and a VLCFA blood test, Aidan was diagnosed with ALD. The only option to possibly stop the progression of the disease is a bone marrow transplant. Aidan received his unrelated cord blood transplant at Duke University in North Carolina on July 21, 2011, also his 7th birthday. The months that followed were grueling, the bone marrow transplant was a success, but unfortunately, since Aidan was already symptomatic and with the effects of chemotherapy and the disease progressing, all took its toll. Aidan lost his vision, hearing, ability to eat and walk and communicate. After 10 months in the hospital, our baby lost his life on April 29, 2012. If New York and the rest of the nation had ALD added to Newborn Screening, Aidan and so many others could have been saved. On March 29, 2013 New York became the 1st state to add ALD to the newborns screening panel. Starting January 1, 2014 every baby born in New York State will be tested for ALD giving them the best possible chance for a normal healthy life. Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation was started in 2012 to help advocate for EVERY state to screen newborns for ALD To help families affected by ALD To raise awareness and support research for a cure Together we can fight for the nation to screen for ALD and save these boys from this horrific disease. Thank you for your support!!!
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Hobbies and Interests
Fisherman's Garage Sale
READ ALL OF THIS PLEASE: Welcome to Fisherman's Garage Sale. Fisherman's Garage Sale is a NATIONWIDE Facebook group that has been set up for the sales, purchases and trades of anything and everything fishing. Everything from tackle and custom works to large commercial equipment. Discussions regarding the purchase of equipment, tackle and boats are also permitted. Please limit to posts to Buying, Selling, and Discussions regarding the purchase of equipment, tackle and boats. All sales are between 2 parties and everything is at your own risk. FISHERMAN'S GARAGE SALE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BAD DEALS. EVERYONE MUST READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES. THEY ARE ALL HERE TO MAKE EVERYTHING OPERATE SMOOTHLY. IF YOU ALREADY READ THEM, READ THEM AGAIN. RULES: 1) ALL ITEMS BEING SOLD MUST CLEARLY BE FISHING RELATED. 2) All items being sold MUST HAVE A PRICE. No "make me an offer." List what you want to get for the item. No bidding wars. 3) All items being sold must be listed with a location (please specify STATE) and if you would like it picked up or if you are willing to ship it. 4) Do the right thing: If you owe money to someone pay it. If you owe a shipment by a date just ship it. 5) The words "I'll take it" trumps "I’m interested". 6) If it's not your item and you have no intentions on purchasing said item do not comment. Period. Just move on. Price bickering is NOT allowed 7)If no response from a buyer within 24hrs, the item can be relisted. 8)One BUMP per day; No more than 3 total BUMPS throughout life of the post. 9) Share this page to your friends and family. 10) No hijacking posts. If you have an item you would like to sell please post a new thread. 11) Keep the conversations on the thread. PM just for payment and shipping information. All bids, pricing and questions are to be out in the open. 12) A detailed description of the item and pictures will help you sell your item 13) Use the "Sell Something" posting option for selling Items, Mark the Item sold, once they are sold. 15) FGS is not a democracy 16) If there is a problem on a post please tag an Administrator: Chris Joyce, Brandon Collins,Chris Staab, or John Peters
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Hobbies and Interests
Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared
This group was created as a place for the founders to share the wacky things they find with friends and family, so we’d have a place to archive them, like some sort of strange museum. We expected to have a grand total of about a dozen members, but we welcome all you party crashers too! Share the odd, unusual, and wonderful pieces that you come across whilst thrifting, visiting yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc. We even accept items you inherited or found while renovating! But, this group is not for posting good deals. In fact you do not have to have purchased the items you post at all, they just need to be weird secondhand things you feel others in the group would enjoy seeing. If we feel your item is a good fit to the content we’re curating, we’ll approve it. If your post isn’t approved, just keep hunting for something new to post in the future. We review a thousand post submissions every day and simply not everything can or will be approved. Don’t get discouraged! This is a place for lighthearted fun and shenanigans. We expect you to err on the side of kindness in all of your interactions within the group. If you can’t play nice with the other kids, then you don’t get to play in our sandbox. That being said, the group is actually geared towards adults and as such you will see things like swearing, items made from animal parts, items with death themes, etc. If you find these things upsetting then this group may not be a good fit for you. Guidelines for posting: All posts must be approved by an admin. As of January 2019 admin will no longer be answering questions about why posts were not approved. The posting guidelines can be found pinned in the announcements section and following them will help to get your post approved, but there is never a guarantee. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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Vehicles and Commutes
New York's Railroads, Subways & Trolleys Past & Present
Welcome to New York's Railroads, Subways & Trolleys Past & Present.This group is for anyone that has ever been fascinated by Railroads, Subways or Trolleys and is interested in their local history and enjoy seeing, sharing photos and reading stories about them. We ask that you stay on topic and limit your post to "New York State" based Railroads, Subways & Trolleys to keep the group focused. Please provide location of photo or video in caption and photographer's name when available. Feel free to invite your friends to become members all are welcome. 1) "Exception To The Rule Thursday's" Any member that's has personally taken or comes across interesting photos or video's of Railroads, Subways or Trolleys regardless of state or country that they want to share with group can post it with desription on Thursday's but must add "Exception Thursday" to caption or it will be deleted. 2) "No political posts"- This group is meant to be a place where we can all enjoy a hobby we share together. The post will be deleted and offenders will be removed or banned from group. 3) "No Personal Attacks"- If you guys & girls want to argue fine it's healthy but I'm not your Dad. If it gets personal and ugly and becomes a distraction to the group and your the aggressor or instigator you will face possible removal or ban from the group. 4) "Selfie Sunday"- Every Sunday members can post "Selfie" photos of themselves or family members taken anywhere in the world as long as it has a Trolley, Train or Transit Facilities in it with description. Be sure to include "Selfie Sunday" in caption or it will be deleted. 5) Double posts in the same day will be removed with original post kept. So please take the time to scroll thru group to check before posting a link to prevent this from happening. 6) We don't want to lose some of the train related funny or goofball posts we see in the group, I've gotten many a laugh from some of them but what's funny to some can be upsetting to others. So to keep this group on track we will use our discretion if a post is found to be demeaning or vulgar by admins/moderators or receives numerous complaints by our members it will be removed, no harm no foul. 7) No posting "Public Complaints" in group about why a post has been removed or about another member or you will be "Immediatly Banned" from group. If you have an issue or complaint first read thru above rules again and if that doesn't answer your question message one of our Admins /Moderators who will try to answer whatever question or issue you have. 8) No blocking Admins or Moderators or you will be immediately removed & blocked from group. I hope you all enjoy the group. Tommy
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Vehicles and Commutes
Flight Attendant Career Connection
This is a community of dreamers and flyers. Here you will find tips, insider tricks, new job postings and general encouragement to help you down the path to earning your flight attendant wings. Because airlines hire in groups, we aren't competing against each other, but we are competing with each other. Ask a question, vent or offer advice. Your dream to become a flight attendant is attainable! This group is a free resource provided by the company, Flight Attendant Career Connection. For a full list of services visit: Disclosure: Some of the products suggested in the group are affiliate links, which means FACC receives a commission from the sale of these items. Coaching sessions with Abbie Unger, are live and face to face using skype or facetime. Coaching is an incredibly valuable tool. Answering interview questions for the first time while sitting in the hot seat in front of a recruiter is a bad idea and could cost. Let’s work together to craft your stories using the STAR format to achieve the clarity you need to successfully present your skills, experience, and personality. “I can attest to that as well. I hadn't had ANY job interview in 13 years, much less an FA interview, and I landed the CJO on the first try! Abbie's coaching is definitely advantageous and so worth the minimal fee - you won't regret it!”~Laura, ExpressJet FACC Interview Workbook: $30.00 for the PDF download (you can print the workbook out from your home printer) This workbook is treasure maps designed to guide and direct you to your dreams come true. I explain interview strategies and the STAR interview method in clear and easy to understand terms. This workbook includes over 50 real airline interview questions and space for you to write out and perfect your answers. The book is divided into four sections: personality questions, STAR format questions, onboard situation questions, and “tell me what you think” questions. I’ve also included a mock announcement for you to practice reading aloud. This book does not contain any answers, but will assist you as you discover what you want to say during your interview. Abbie Unger’s first eBook, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Career Dreams Into Reality, is an in-depth guide to becoming a flight attendant. The book is available on If you are interested in posting about a crashpad or room for rent, please click here: The admin has the right to remove any posts or comments she considers inappropriate. Any posts requesting buddy passes will be deleted. Pictures posted in the group may be used by the admin in marketing materials. Please do not post ads for products, services, or non-airlines jobs without first contacting Abbie Unger. Thanks!
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Civics and Community
SOS Global Indians (Official Page)
USA TO INDIA EVACUATION FLIGHTS (Official Page) IS PART OF SOS GLOBAL INDIANS (Official Page). PLEASE READ FULL GROUP DESCRIPTION BELOW TO UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT RULES BEFORE JOINING. ONLY AUTHORIZED TEAM VOLUNTEERS ARE APPROVED TO OFFER POLLS, EXPERT GUIDANCE, ADVICE & SERVICES. "NO" EXTERNAL PETITIONS, PARALLEL CAMPAIGNS & AGENDAS, WHATSAPP OR TELEGRAM LINKS, PROMOTIONAL LINKS, SELF OR CO. PROMOTIONS. SPAMMING, UNRELATED FORWARDS, OBSCENITIES, RACIAL OR ABUSIVE REMARKS ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED. SEARCH & TAG FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS FOR HELP: Medical Advice - Dr. Richa Jain Bansal / Dr. Amit Dorkar / Dr. Sugandha Tijoriwala Mental Health Advice - Ankita Guchait Immigration & Legal USA - Annesha Ray / Bhakti Shah Rupani Visitors Insurance USA - Mounika Patlola Reddy Taxation & Investments USA - Dipti Aggarwal "Emergency Only" Flight Queries - Chandna Shroti Crisis & Distress Queries - Archana Krishnamurthy / Bhargavi Sashidhar Updates & Trending News - Om Visagha Ravindran Non-USA Updates - Arathi Rajkumar Media Inquiries & Tie Ups - Michael Khanna This private group was founded to assist on important issues faced by Indians living across the world, and to petition the govt. of the country they reside in or the govt. of India towards providing solutions on such matters. The group helps its members on issues like the current repatriation flights from overseas to India, immigration status, visas & passports, medicare, customs, traveler's insurance, medication counseling, taxation, mental health, proclamations & policy updates, education & job opportunities etc. through a team of experts & volunteers. This group is for Indians permanently or temporarily residing overseas, visiting India & its territories or residing in India temporarily or otherwise. SOS Global Indians is focused primarily on helping Indians on the scope, grievances & issues highlighted above with a focus on assisting overseas Indians. Please take note of these facts prior to joining this group 🙏. Also note, the task force of this group is not responsible for any data or info. sharing scams that come about due to hacking, phishing emails, spammers, malicious content or one to one info. exchange between group members or miscreants within this group or outside of it. We will try our best to filter fraudulent activity/ transactions/conversations/posts etc., and members can report such issues to the group task force at anytime. It is the personal responsibility of every individual member on this group to choose & verify to talk/connect/engage with people/posts/links mentioned in/outside the group before hand. The group task force is not responsible for the same or any potential issues arising out of such personal choices of group members. Let's come together & work with each other to solve problems. Thanks, Michael Khanna (Founder & Group Admin)
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Civics and Community
Royal Arch Masons of England & Wales
This group is for Royal Arch Masons only - if you have not been exalted, then this group is not for you at the moment. This is NOT the correct group if you want to know about becoming a Freemason. This group concentrates on Royal Arch Masonry as governed by the Supreme Grand Chapter of England (which also covers the provinces of Wales, the Channel Islands and the Districts overseas). It is an information exchange for news, views and points of interest. It is CLOSED group which means that anyone can find the group and see who’s in it. But only members can read posts. If this level of privacy is insufficient for any individual it is NOT the group for you. All are welcome but make sure you are happy with the Group's status. It is hoped the Groups existence will encourage masonic debate across a varied and wide range of topics. It is important that debate and discussion is cordial and friendly and cannot be construed as aggressive or confrontational in any way. Posts in this group will range from discussions on the esoteric aspects of Royal Arch Masonry to members announcing they are being appointed to a particular role, or have received promotion. All posts are equally valid, and if you cannot accept the breadth of posts and discussions within the group, then you should probably leave. Members are asked to bear in mind that: 1) Not every member of this group has passed through the Principals chairs, so be mindful when discussing topics related to the R.A. exaltation/installation ceremonies 2) If seeking clarification/discussion on a point of ritual, please do not spell out any of the passwords found in any degree ceremony. The simple alternative is to use the abbreviated form found in ritual books. (For example, the Aldersgate ritual book contains the following when describing the passwords of the Degree: A..i R…..h) It is a prerequisite of membership of the Group that members conduct themselves in a masonic manner at all times. Should it be decided a member’s behaviour is inappropriate it may result in post deletion and ultimately membership removal if such behaviour proves consistent. Any questions, please contact the Admins of this group.
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