Everything you wanted to know from Putin, but were afraid to ask! The TASS agency was not afraid, and Putin responded. Who separates Russia and Ukraine? Is it possible to negotiate with Zelensky? What is it like to be the President? Does Putin have a twin? Will everyone go to jail for reposting in the Internet ? And is he with us forever? Putin will cover everything mentioned on all online media platforms on February 20! Все, что вы хотели узнать у Путина, но боялись спросить! А в агентстве ТАСС не боялись, и Путин ответил. Кто разделяет Россию и Украину? Можно ли договориться с Зеленским? Каково быть президентом? Есть ли у Путина двойник? Всех ли посадят за репосты в сети? И навсегда ли он с нами? Обо всем этом Путин расскажет на всех информационных площадках в интернете 20 февраля!
Поздравление от Владимира Путина с 8 Марта! Greetings from Vladimir Putin on International Women’s Day! Translation: President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Dear women of Russia, Please accept my heartfelt greetings on International Women’s Day. This holiday is always full of joy, flowers, gifts, and warm and sincere feelings. We hurry to congratulate our mothers, wives, daughters, girl friends and colleagues, and express our admiration, love, respect and gratitude to them. Our dear ladies, you are the best in the world. In some mysterious way, you manage to do so many things: to keep home comfort, be highly successful at work and in your studies, and stay adorable, beautiful and feminine. Your ability to feel deep love and empathy and take care of those close to you with joy and patience is truly amazing. It is very important that these values are passed on from generation to generation, with daughters learning this attitude to life, family and their future children from their mothers. Of course, special words of appreciation go to women who are committed to motherhood and bring new, unique lives into the world. They raise children and give their love to them every day, which is hard and responsible work – but it is noble and rewarding. Dear women, I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart. I understand that much here depends on us, men – and we will make every effort to be worthy of you and take more responsibility. We will always do so, not just on this holiday. Once again, my greetings to all women of Russia on this holiday. I wish you good health, love and happiness.
Brazilian padre.

"Schoolgirl, we're in another school, we have a different headteacher!" - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu put in place his German counterpart, who urged to speak with Russia from the position of power. Shoigu noted that this is similar to a statement of an offended junior student addressed against students of another school.
We can only add that the last time Germany tried to speak with Moscow from the position of power, it ended with a red flag over the Reichstag. Ce...rtainly it’s not up to Germany to say such a thing.
Girl from Germany, you better don't start! Make love, not war!😘

«Школьница, мы в другой школе, у нас другой директор!» Министр обороны России Сергей Шойгу поставил на место свою коллегу из Германии, которая призывала говорить с Россией с позиции силы. Шойгу заметил, что это похоже на заявление обиженной школьницы младших классов, направленное против учеников другой школы.
Добавим только, что когда в последний раз Германия пыталась говорить с Москвой с позиции силы, это закончилось красным флагом над Рейхстагом. Уж точно не Германии говорить такое)
Девушка из Германии, лучше не начинайте! Make love, not war!😘

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