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Video Transcript
Hey, what's up? It's Sarah here and today is November 25th, aka also known as our pet's birthday. He's turning 18 years old because he's turning eighteen. We're gonna go over eighteen things and moments that have defined his career up until now, let's go. Our birthday boy made his professional debut on August 18th of 2019 back at the time when he was playing for Las, it was a match against West. He was only 16 years old at that time the first game of many to come. Had to be scored his first official goal just 2 months after he made his professional debut. It was a match against Nick and he that goal made him become the youngest goal score in Los Angeles history with 16 years, 9 months and 23 days. Despite only a 1 year at Las was one of the standout players of the team, completing the most amount of minutes with 2833 minutes completed, creating the most shots creating the most shots assisted and completing the most dribbles iconic for the youngster. Our youngster has been since the day he was born. actually, his grandfather was the founder of the pen to be exact in his hometown, and if you go to his house, all of his dinner plates, the versa definitely one of a kind of. When was just 4 years old, his brother's coach asked permission to recruit the youngster. He saw him in a match and he instantly fell in love with his style and asked to recruit the player. September 2nd of 2019, will always be a very special day for because it was when Etsy Barcelona reached an agreement, which last for the transfer of the youngster as a player agreed to a five-year deal. On August 20th was presented for the first time as a player and his touches on the camp did not go unnoticed as he showed off some impressive skills. juggling the ball make sure you guys check it out and leave in the comments below how many touches you think he got on the ball without a touching the ground. It was pretty impressive. September 27th You'll always see a very special day for pesto because it was the day he got his first debut. He came out in the seventieth minute, replacing in that emphatic four win against at home. Just a couple weeks later on October 17th was given his first start. Unfortunately, it was a narrow one defeat against it was in a way match against, but the player played 62 minutes on the field with a 91% passing accuracy. October 20th of twenty will be a day always marks the Big X on Pepe's calendar because it's when he made his Champions League debut in the 63rd minute in that five one impressive win against in the Champions League group today. But things got even more special on that night against because he found the back of the eighty-second minute and that meant another record was broken because he scored in the 42nd minute. and of course he scored late in the second half, so that made two under 18 year olds scoring in the same match iconic. Just a couple weeks later was handed his first ever start in the game that paralyzed the world for 90 minutes. He played for 81 minutes and he had a great performance because everyone was praising him after the match and we're hoping that continues to impress in the future, but it didn't stop there because just a couple days later faces in the Champions League and was another MP of that match playing the full 90 minutes, completing four dribbles and had a 95% passing accuracy. Amazing. After that magical night against Juventus, many storms to Twitter to praise the youngster praise our and there was one special tweet from Juventus legend Claudio, who wrote what a nice player cleaning the game. never go compliments with the emoji you just love to see it. Participated in the under seventeen World Cup in 2019, where he guided the Spanish team to the quarter finals. Since that under seventeen World Cup made the lead to the under eighteen squad where he featured twice and he scored one goal before making the lead to the under nineteen team and then eventually joining the under Twenty-one Spanish team. He's biggest role model is none other than the myth himself, Andres Iniesta and you can tell that his style is very similar to the varsity legend, but he also is a big fan of Michael as his father was showing videos of the player when he's just a child. During his time at Las had the number twenty-eight on his back in honor of the number eight was not available during his time at opted for the twenty-eight, such a big fan of ours. as you can tell eighteen candles, they are kind of demented looking now cuz they're they're kinda burning, but it's president's birthday. so we put eighteen candles on this mini cake. So now let's blow out the candles. Alright, so that was the end of this video. If you enjoyed it make sure to give it a like a thumbs up and comment below and wish our a very happy eighteenth birthday and of course, do not forget to hit that Subscribe button. If you guys haven't subscribed already because we will be bringing lots of incredible and amazing and exclusive bars contest to see you adios. Shut up.