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Video Transcript
You know what. Quick reminder of what happens in the champion we got drawn into Georgina and by the way there's this place around here with names. I swear to you. There's one with mine in my family and it's gonna be around here cuz that's the zone. 1 day. I'm gonna try and find out but what I was saying is that the Champions League we got drawn against against and against the team that we're facing tonight and although this will be our first official class with them, it's definitely it's not the first time we play them. We have played them in and we also have like a long history with them, for example, was one of the huge players before he came to bars and that's the reason what is going to be a flower offering before the game starts like an hour before that, I'll try to make it, but I'm not sure I will be able to do so come on. And it's a beautiful night. Why don't take the bus? Hello. Es mucha presión. Players behind me and what they are doing at the moment, something very common when the different teams can play and that's the players always tend to take pictures, FaceTime their friends and families and they are they are on the pitch who would you FaceTime if you were to step on the pitch of playing a match? Ready Yes. Okay. This wasn't there in the previous games. It was not there in like this one that to change, so there won't be any kids making it fly during the anthem, but it's nice to see it and was found in the same year. You will see that because it's in the dark. Cuz this was my first time doing this kind of interviews, it's really hard. it doesn't. it was the first time. Thank you. Yeah like it so as the interviews with Alfred and and they both agreed it is important to win, but it is more important to play football and today we'll be facing a team. We don't know that much about, especially because we have never faced them, but they are here for a reason. They've been huge teams in the road to the season's Champions League, and we know that they like to play football that they are very busy. So it's definitely gonna be a good game tonight at 1045 minutes to kick off. Al Second corner pick in 6 minutes. That means that we are talking that we're creating chances. That's good very good play from front to back. It's pretty good. they were outside, but we need to be careful about that. come on first, they get close to our box that one let's close. A little but it's going to be messy. As one that from the penalty spot. That was a very very good combination. let's see if we can end it. That was a very good combination over there ended up on the side of the small box for didn't hesitate shots and straight to the goal. That's. You got your prediction right again. You don't wanna feel you so you have to work on that. What were your first thoughts When you were told that you would start you guys in front of us. I was very happy with. of course, I always wanted to start the game and yeah in the beginning of again. But you know that's my heart so everything from if you enjoy this video don't forget to give it a like a thumbs up. You can subscribe to YouTube channel. Don't forget to follow on social media and we'll see you soon with more champions and content. Bye.
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