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When the coronavirus pandemic hit and small businesses began shuttering doors, Diana D.'s Facebook team jumped in fast.

“They needed immediate relief," Diana says. "Within every level of Facebook, we felt an immense responsibility to help support the small business community with this transition.”

Hear more about how Diana's team is getting small businesses back on their feet.

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Atish Banerjea, Chief Information Officer at the Facebook company, leads the global Enterprise Engineering (EE) organization. Enterprise Engineers at Facebook view technology from a creative perspective, and build platforms, products and services to bring the internal Facebook community together. “We are solution-seekers and bold builders who see problems as opportunities,” Atish says.

Atish recently spoke with to share more about his leadership approach and the i...mpactful work the EE team is focused on at Facebook. Here’s what he shared.

Building for Facebook first
The EE team builds people-centric enterprise solutions that transform and accelerate Facebook's business. “We operate important IT systems efficiently and securely, while providing reliable products, services and meaningful insights to our team members,” Atish says. Because of this, Atish challenges himself to think differently than other CIOs. He draws on his past experience as a chief technology officer (CTO), where he worked closely with engineers, product managers, and designers.

Atish shares that Safety Check, which provides an easy way to let your friends and family know you’re safe during a crisis, was built for Facebook team members before it became available to the Facebook community. “The first time we used it was when there was an earthquake in Mexico in 2017,” he says. Atish explains the tool shortened the amount of time it took to make sure team members were safe from days to less than 12 hours.

The benefit of building internally first? “Products become better as a result,” Atish explains, adding that they’re able to incorporate feedback before the product scales to the Facebook community.

A commitment to career growth
At Facebook, we believe that all of our team members should be passionate about the work they’re doing. From designers to software engineers, Atish reminds us that there are opportunities for everyone, and career paths at Facebook come in all shapes and sizes. He encourages his team to explore new avenues and work on the problems they want to solve.

“In the design, product management, and software engineering space, we have people going back and forth fairly regularly,” he shares. Atish adds that this flexibility to carve out your own career path gives people the opportunity to grow at Facebook, and also makes the EE org stronger.

Interested in learning more about Atish? Check out this article in Forbes.

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