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Video Transcript
Before Before the the opening opening Bell Bell Bell on. on on on Friday, Friday, Friday, US US US. US indices indices indices closed mixed with the S S and and P P 500 and, 500 and, 500 and. The The The Nasdaq. Nasdaq Nasdaq on on on the the the upside upside upside upside and and and and the the. the the Dow Dow Dow Jones closing down. down This This is is the the the real real real estate estate estate utilities. utilities, utilities household household household and and and personal personal. personal personal products products products sectors. They were the best best performers performers on on the the the day day day while while while banks banks. banks banks energy energy energy energy and and and and consumer consumer consumer. consumer services. those sectors sectors were were the the the worst worst worst worst performers. performers performers performers now now. now now on on on the the economic do at at the the US US US markets, markets. markets, they they they were were were were closed. closed closed closed on on on Monday Monday Monday Monday to to to. to observe observe observe the the the Memorial Day holiday. holiday. so so therefore, therefore, therefore, there there there was was was no no no no major major major. major economic economic economic economic data data. data data due due due out out out this this. this as. 55 percent of S and P 500. Constituents traded higher on Friday, meanwhile, after hours and billing three significance scientific initiatives to combat covid-, 19, the company announcing the acquisition of Fems Bioscience, a company focused on vaccines and immune modulation therapies for infectious diseases, including Cogan, 19, Also, I AVI a nonprofit science research Organization in Mark, will collaborate to develop facts seen against the Corona virus and lastly me and Ridgeback Byo will collaborate to advance the the development development of of of an an an an oral anti. oral oral oral anti anti anti viral viral viral candidate candidate candidate candidate for the Corona virus moving on regenerative pharma. A biotechnology company in the headlines, as well as it's expected to lose ground as Santa Fe plans to sell most of its 20 point six percent stake in that company, Meanwhile, in terms of expectations today, there's no major earnings expected so we go straight to the economic docket and yes with the holiday the three -day holiday weekend. it's busy before the opening Bell. We do have the Chicago Fed. We also have the SMP case. Schiller Home Price Index at the same time right after the opening Bell 10 o 'clock in the morning, we have more housing figures. A new home sales month over month. We also have US consumer confidence due out as well, Taking a look now at the markets, the S and P 500. That's where we begin that see further advance and that's in focus the Mil's strength Index bulling, calling for further advance long positions above 2990 are favored with targets at 3020, -, five and 3030 - nine in extension. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq sees the upside prevail and the Dow Jones intraday cess further advance.
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