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Video Transcript
The US US US stocks stocks stocks stocks they. they they they searched searched searched this this this Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday morning. morning. morning. morning. I I I mean mean optimism growing about reopening the the the US US US US economy economy. economy economy and and and and also also also. also amid amid amid a potential Corona Corona virus virus vaccine. vaccine vaccine data data data out out out this this this Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Tuesday morning morning morning also reinforce the the belief belief that that the the US US US economy economy economy has has has has hit hit. hit hit its its its bottom bottom amid the pandemic pandemic a a a measure measure measure of of of consumer. consumer consumer consumer confidence. confidence confidence confidence already released and and jumping jumping to to 86 86 86 point point point six six six this this this this month month. month month from from from 85. 85 85 85 point point point seven in April. April. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, new new new home home home sales sales sales figures figures figures figures in in in in April. April April April also also also also a a a a beating beating beating beating. expectations expectations sales of new US US US single-family single-family single-family single-family homes, homes, homes. homes, increasing increasing increasing increasing by 623000 last month, beating estimates of. Hundred 90000 Now US stocks surged as optimism grew about the reopening of the US economy and the potential Corona virus vaccine, Meanwhile, in the euro dollar pair, we continue to see further advance The British pound US dollar Paris further advance as well, but that's in focus the Paris stands above its strong support at 120 - 250 and should post for their advance long positions above 120 - 250 are favored with targets at 100 2340 and 100 2380 in extension the dollar in that sees the upside prevail. The Bitcoin dollar, as long as 8716, is the support look for 9320 - two The pivot point, 80, -, 716 and gold in today's support around 1720 - five go to breaking above the upper boundary of a triangle and stands above. It's moving averages long positions above 1725 are favored with targets at 1740 and 1740 - five in extension this while silver seasons bullish bias above.
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