👉 You can choose from seven cryptocurrency pairs when you trade with Exness. But which one do you think is the most popular?

Unsurprisingly, the popular BTCUSD was our most traded!

What crypto are you looking to invest in during Q4 2020?


Tell us your strategy in the comments.

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🙂 Drumroll, please!..... The top traders for September are from:

China 🇨🇳 and Morocco 🇲🇦 Congratulations!

It's not easy to make the top with more than 140,000 active clients for competition. Big thanks to all our traders for trading with Exness. Tell us what winning trades you're looking out for in October 🙌

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It's been another busy month at Exness 🚀 But what were people trading in September?

Here are our top 3:

It's not just currency and metals that you can trade with Exness. We offer the world's leading Stocks and Indices - watch them during the upcoming US election. Take a look on our website: http://bit.ly/Exness_Contract_Specifications

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Today is Global Handwashing Day 🧼

The world is rapidly changing, so we must increase our awareness and understand the importance of handwashing with soap. Here are some useful tips for traders:

1. Always wash your hands....
2. Clean your laptop, computer and even your mobile phone before and after trading.
3. As well as your laptop or computer, make sure your desk is always clean as well.

Happy trading and stay healthy! 👐

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Did you know that elections can move markets? Data taken from the last 90 years shows patterns in how elections impact the financial markets.

Markets like certainty. A new president, a contested vote or a rough transition of presidents cause wild swings in stocks, pairs that include the USD and safe haven assets like gold 🌟

You can trade pre-and post-election here at Exness. Don't miss out 🗽...
Deposit today and be ready to trade the elections!

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Nearly 7 months into the coronavirus pandemic, economic recovery is sluggish and activity across many sectors is well below 2020 levels. With the number of virus cases surging, further government stimulus still unknown and President Trump catching Covid-19, the economic outlook is bumpier than ever.

👉 Here's what we do know:

1️⃣ In 2020 the economy will contract by a 4.3% annual rate.


2️⃣ GDP growth for 2021 was lowered to a 3.6% annual rate, compared with a 4.8% rate forecast in the last survey in June.

3️⃣ Slower growth means unemployed workers will find it harder to get work.

4️⃣ More than half of the economists surveyed say 10% - 20% of jobs lost during the pandemic won't come back.

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What causes a currency's value to fluctuate?

Good question! Let's go through this example to explain 🧑‍🏫

Imagine if you opened the only phone store in town. And everyone wanted a phone. With no competitors, you can charge what you want causing the value of the phone to go up 📈


But if a competing store opens next door, then your days of high prices are over. The supply of phones goes up, so the price goes down 📉

Forex is affected by the same rules, causing with the price of currencies to fluctuate based on the supply and demand in the foreign exchange market.

This demand is tied to many interlinking factors, such as political and economic events, inflation, individual monetary policy.

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What are the advantages of Exness?

24/7 multilingual customer support
Spread starting from 0.0
High leverage...
Free VPS
Open and transparent audit reports - reviewed by Deloitte

Do you think there are other Exness advantages? Let us know in the Comments below 😉

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🇺🇸 The US labor market has slowed as hopes of an effective stimulus package begin to fade.

The number of Americans on unemployment benefits unexpectedly increased last week, with figures from the Labor Department showing 26 million people were claiming in early September 📈

Pressure is on Congress and the White House to introduce a new fiscal rescue package to shore up the economy

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In the aftermath of a record quarterly decline in American quarterly GDP, more than 30%, and various other negative factors, the dollar's losses continued this week. Exness Education's TA today looks at AUDUSD and CADUSD.

Well done and thank you to EdiSon Miranda Monzón and Peter Gakuo for requesting these symbols!

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US500 has continued upward on the whole this week and moved past the 50% Fibonacci retracement area as 'risk-on' mood returns to markets. This TA looks at the four-hour chart (H4) of US500.

Tune in again tomorrow for a special request to cover AUDUSD and USDCAD!

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What platform do you love trading on the most? We want to hear from you 🤔

1. Exness Trader app
2. MT4 mobile
3. MT5 mobile...
4. MT4 desktop
5. MT5 desktop
6. WebTerminal

At Exness, we want you to be able to trade comfortably whenever, wherever you are.

That's why we offer 6 platforms for you to use 👍

Which one do you love trading on the most and why?

Leave a comment with your answer below 👇

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Today's TA from Exness Education considers the four-hour chart of gold-dollar (XAUUSD). It considers some of the key areas of support and resistance and compares the spot CFD to the chart of futures and annual futures.

If you want to read about a particular symbol in insights, please comment on this post with your request. We'll then write about it as soon as possible.

Image may contain: text that says 'XAUUSDM H4 1957.40 1949.485 933.655 1917.825 toch(15,5,5) 77.6 69.07 Volumes 4846 1870.335 Trading 1854.505 risky. Offered by exness.com Se04:00 100.00 80.00 2208:00 20.00 25Se00:00 53556 12:00 2Oct04:00 ZXexness'

Bruce Kovner, a highly successful trader and hedge fund manager says, "A greedy trader always blows out".

🧐 Did you realize that Greed plays a major role in trading?

As soon as you see the price moving in your favor, suddenly you're inclined to open more lots. At this point, instead of acting rashly, you must stop and think before making a decision 💡


Do you have any trading experience that resonates with this? We want to hear your story, share it with us in the comments!

If you don't have an Exness account yet, open an account now:

Standard Accounts: http://bit.ly/Exness_StandardAccounts

Professional Accounts: http://bit.ly/Exness_ProAccounts

And remember, use this trading psychology when you trade. Like and share this post if you agree!

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🆕 New financial figures released on our website!

👉 In August 2020, the monthly trading volume of Exness clients reached 599 billion USD, and active traders around the world surpassed 142,500. That's the second highest monthly trading volume since the company was founded in 2008.

We pride ourselves on transparency so we make our financial data available to the public. Find a summary of monthly figures on our website: http://bit.ly/Exness_Financial_Reports

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💰 Financial education is important as it affects your life greatly. It isn't a golden ticket to make you rich, but you can:

Make better financial decisions
Financial planning helps you manage your money efficiently. Say goodbye to overspending and see a healthy balance in your bank account (even at the end of the month).


Be a better entrepreneur
With a financial mindset, you can control your business cash flow effectively and leverage your money to earn more profits.

Be a powerful forex trader
Financial education gives you a clear vision of how to allocate your capital and manage the risks when trading. You'll be more careful when placing orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Expand your financial knowledge to gain an edge!

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Can you guess who am I
I can be traded on Exness 24/7 with maximum leverage up to 1:100. I'm a low-profile digital asset that offers anonymity.

👉 Find a hint here: https://bit.ly/31SaFmg

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🇳🇴 Norway's Oil Fund - the world's largest sovereign wealth fund - indirectly holds nearly 600 Bitcoin due to its investment in business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy.

The Fund attempted to diversify in recent years, divesting its oil stocks in a bid to protect against a highly volatile market.

Will MicroStrategy's belief in Bitcoin pay off for the Oil Fund? Is Bitcoin's notorious volatility starting to subside?


Tell us in the comments if you think Bitcoin is a good way to diversify your portfolio 💼

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Can you guess what our new stock is? 🤩

The company makes green cars, clean energy and is named after a famous scientist

It also has a soaring stock price, so open an Exness account and get ready to invest: http://bit.ly/Exness_SignUp

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