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Stocks dip ahead of POTUS' US-China conference
Did you know that elections can move markets? Data taken from the last 90 years shows patterns in how elections impact the financial markets. Markets like certainty. A new president, a contested vote or a rough transition of presidents cause wild swings in stocks, pairs that include the USD and safe haven assets like gold 🌟 You can trade pre-and post-election here at Exness. Don't miss out 🗽 Deposit today and be ready to trade the elections! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Do you protect your computer? 🛡️
At Exness, we believe in the highest possible security. That's why we've implemented processes to ensure our clients are protected and our platform is safe. These include full account verification, trading and investor passwords, one-time verification codes, among others.
Read our tips to stay safe when trading:

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When you are working and trading hard, you are bound to have some expectations.

There are times when you may have high expectations and think that you deserve to make big gains. However, setting unrealistic trading expectations can lead to disappointment that may push you to give up trading altogether 😞

You can avoid this situation by having more realistic expectations to begin with, and also accepting when your strategy may not be working out as expected. Knowing when to cut... your losses is an essential trading skill

Let us know how you deal with expectations and losses in the comments below 👇

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