Менять надо засидевшегося царя, а не Конституцию.

Чтобы защитить себя и своих сказочно разбогатевших друзей, Путин решил править вечно. Для этого он переписывает Конституцию.

По действующей Конституции наш несменяемый «гарант» был обязан уйти в 2024 году, а вот новая, переписанная Конституция, просто обнулит его предыдущие президентские сроки — и Путин сможет спокойно остаться у власти как минимум до 2036 года (то есть ещё два срока после 2024 года).

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It is necessary to change the sitting king, not the Constitution. In order to protect himself and his fabulously rich friends, Putin decided to rule forever. To do this, he rewrites the Constitution. According to the current Constitution, our unchanged ′′ guarantor ′′ was obliged to leave in 2024, but a new, rewritten Constitution, will simply resume his previous presidential terms - and Putin will be able to calmly remain in power until at least 2036 (that is, two more) term after 2024 year). Why is this a disaster for our country? • Because in 20 years of Putin's rule, we have received a country with one of the world's highest social inequality: 10 % of the richest Russians own 83 % of the country's personal welfare (Global Wealth Report, 2019). • Over the years of super-high oil prices, the number of dollar billionaires in Russia has increased almost 14 times (from eight in 2000). up to 110 in 2019 ). At the same time, a large part of the Forbes list ′′ completely accidentally ′′ was taken by loyal friends and associates of the president. • Despite the colossal natural wealth, tens of millions of citizens of our country continue to live below the poverty line, receiving poor salaries, pensions and social benefits. More than 65 % of Russians have no savings at all (′′ Levada ′′). • Under Putin, Russia became a country with monstrous corruption, being in the 137th place in the world out of 180, between Papua New Guinea and Lebanon (Corruption Index, 2019). • The number of hospitals during Putin's rule has decreased twice (from 10,7 thousand). in 2000 up to 5,3 thousand. by 2019, Rosstat), ′′ but ′′ doubled the number of temples (from 19 in 2000 up to 38 649 in 2019 ). • In spite of peace, Russia has died at a terrible pace: over 20 years, the natural loss of the population amounted to more than 8 million people (Rosstat). • According to the quality of the roads, our country is only in the 99th place in the world out of 141 (report VEF, 2019). • 21 % of citizens of our ′′ great power ′′ in the XXI century still do not have access to sewage, 16 % live without water supply, 13 % have no heating (Rosstat, 2019). • Russia under Putin fell 154th place (! ) out of 163 in the global ranking of peace, being between the Sudan and the CAR (report IEP, 2020). • According to the level of observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens, our country is in the 88th place in the world out of 126, between Ecuador and Lebanon (Rule of Law Index, 2019). • In the rating of freedom of speech, Russia is in the 149th place out of 180 (′′ Reporters Without Borders ", 2020). • According to the effectiveness of public administration, our country is in the 99th place in the world out of 143 (Legatum Prosperity Index, 2019). • In Putin's Russia, trillions go to the army of officials and security forces, the salaries of top managers of state companies, yachts, business jets and palaces of civil servants abroad, television propagandists and pointless military adventures, while poor Russians are forced to drop smash on surgeries for seriously ill children. With all the colossal opportunities Putin has had during these 20 years of high energy prices, Russia has remained a backward country with a poor, unlawless population - and super rich officials stamping repressive laws to protect their own interests. Putin's amendments will not only fix all previous lawlessness - they will add new. In addition to the zeroing itself, there are other extremely dangerous and harmful amendments approaching our country to completely dreary totalitarianism. What can we do? We can say ′′ NO ′′ in any accessible and convenient way. Inform everyone who still does not understand why Putin (who swore not to touch the Constitution) changes the main law of the country. Write a post on social networks, put ′′ No amendments!" on the avatar, write ′′ No!" on the mask, if you decide to come to the polling station on July 1 and personally express your protest (but please don't forget about the precautions, The epidemic didn't go anywhere), take a picture of your newsletter and post it on social networks. Or share this post - let's check how many of us? They will accept amendments anyway, but it is important for us to show that there are many of us who do not recognize this farce and lawlessness. More than they think. And we will have to be considered. #НетОбнулению #СкажиНет #НетПоправкам #Нет2020 #НетВечномуПутину #НетПутину
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«Прекратите врать. Вы же уже опозорились. Сначала Стамбул, потом Венесуэла. Не подбрасывайте здесь ядерное оружие»: Лукашенко прокомментировал задержание 33 россиян под Минском

′′ Stop lying. You're already embarrassed. First Istanbul, then Venezuela. Do not throw nuclear weapons here ": Lukashenko commented on the detention of 33 Russians near Minsk
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