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Video Transcript
Look what just came in the limited edition Christian Louis Vuitton The Commission on this is gonna be insane. Yeah. wow. These are really nice. so anyone can sell this. It's gonna be me. Excuse me hi are those the new Christians. It's a $1500 pair of shoes might be a little bit out of your budget. Plus we have a size seven left. Oh whoa. That's actually my size. do you think I could try one on look. I'm not trying to be rude here, but I really don't feel like wasting my time We have a clearance rack. It's not a problem. you can absolutely try this on. I'll go get some nylon so thank you. Are you doing why would you let her try this on and she obviously can't afford it well appearances can be misleading. You should be so quick to judge look. I know who buys and who doesn't okay. She's just gonna try them on and take a picture for her Instagram and leave like everybody else. She's just wasting your time. Oh my God. These are so beautiful. Do you have any water on my mouth is kind of parched. I'm sorry we don't do you mind putting those back. I need to keep them clean for the next person you know you can actually afford to buy them. Do you have the new limited edition? Louis Vuitton that just came out? Hi there ma' am welcome. yes, of course, but you only have a size seven perfect. I'm a size seven. I love those would you like to try them on Oh that won't be necessary. I'll buy them. Oh wow. Okay. That's wonderful You're gonna look fantastic in this. okay got the socks. Thank you so much for waiting that won't be necessary This woman's gonna buy them Right. Ma' Am oh. Yeah. I can't wait to wear those let me at the Take my advice and don't waste your time on people who can't afford expensive things Maybe then you'll actually be able to sell a pair of shoes. I'm so sorry about that it's okay. It's not your fault. There are some new shoes. We just got in that you might like, would you like to see them? yes, That would be lovely. Thank you of course. Here is your water. These shoes are gonna look so great with your outfit. You got the top the goodie bag and you got the shoes to tie it all together. Everyone's gonna know how much money you have. you get it. That's the goal here you can use this card. Okay great that will be $1645 on the credit card. This just came in from Italy. They're handmade. Wow. They're absolutely beautiful. Yeah. I think they look stunning on you. Thank you. Yeah, you know. this store needs more nice people like you. Thank you. I just try to treat everyone the same no matter what. Saying it's declined, that's odd. Let me try it again. Sometimes these readers don't work. Is there a problem? so? saying this card isn't working? Do you wanna try another one? No? that's the only one can you try it again. I really need to post these shoes on Instagram so that people think I have money. Unfortunately, it's still not working but no worries you can just pay cash. There's a Bank right next door. if you need to go get some money cash. No, I don't have that kind of money in my Bank account. That's why I wanted to use a credit card. What do you mean you have a Gucci bag? You can clearly afford it Look don't tell anyone. it's actually empty. I just borrowed it from a friend. do you think I could still try them on for you know the gram. Oh, hey, you're back. How did it work out it didn't. her card got declined took a picture and left. Wow I'm sorry about that. I'll buy them really. that would be great. Let me get those wrapped up for you. Wait look no offense, but if my customer's car didn't go through, there's no way your credit card is gonna go through. Let's not waste each other's time here. credit card. who said anything about a credit card. I'm paying cash. Where did you get all that money? well? I own my own million dollar company and the reason that I look like this is because I just came from the salon. Oh and by the way I'll take a size seven and all of these that you've shown me that is if you don't mind well that's sounds great. Follow me to the cash register. I'll be right there. Thank you of course, excuse. Hey. next time remember. appearances can be misleading shouldn't be so quick to judge and maybe then some shoes. Hey Fam, I hope you love that message about why you should never be so quick to assume I appreciate you watching and remember we're not just telling stories we're changing lives and when you share my videos, you're helping to change lives too because of the support that you guys show me we just hit this many views. I appreciate you watching and I'll see you in the next video.
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