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Increase Awareness
Tools to increase awareness online

Get the word out about your business

Facebook Page
Facebook Pages

Set up your presence with a Facebook Page.

With a Page, you can build lasting connections with customers on Facebook. Access key tools, share business info, photos and videos, and invite customers to contact you directly.

Instagram Business Account

Build your Instagram community with an Instagram business account.

Connect with a vibrant community and meet people where they go to discover things they care about. Tell your business story visually and inspire customers to take action through posts and Stories.


Share content and start conversations with posts.

Posts are a great way to give updates and stay top of mind, since they show up on your Page or Instagram profile and can show up on your fans' News Feed. Include images or videos so your posts will stand out and catch attention.

Facebook and Instagram Live
Facebook and Instagram Live

Let customers see your product or service in Live videos

You can go live using just your phone or on your desktop computer if it has a camera. Host events and conversations, showcase products, or take people behind the scenes of your business.

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Express yourself with fun, engaging Stories.

Keep customers tuned in to your Page with a steady stream of exciting Stories. You can share what's going on day-to-day at your business, spotlight employees or highlight special promotions.

Connect With Customers
Tools to connect with customers

Connect your business to customers and build community.

Facebook and Instagram Messaging

Have one-to-one conversations using private messaging.

Answer questions and build real connections by keeping up conversations. Visit your Page Inbox to respond to messages you receive privately through Messenger or Instagram Direct.

Facebook Groups

Join a group as your Page to connect with your community.

Joining a relevant group is a great way to add to discussions and contribute your business’s unique value.

Invite Friends
Invite Friends

Help friends and family like your Page with the Invite Friends tool.

When you send an invite to your Facebook friend, they’ll receive a notification prompting them to like your Page. When more friends like your Page, more people are able to discover your business.

Facebook Fundraisers

Get support for your business with a fundraiser.

Fundraisers are a great way to ask your community for support. You can set up your own fundraiser, or have someone else launch one for your business. Set the amount you want to raise and add a description to inspire people to contribute.

Get More Business Online
Tools to get more business online

Manage your business and get results.


Sell your products on Facebook and Instagram with Shops.

Create an easy-to-use, customizable online store that anyone can visit from your Page or Instagram Business Account. Showcase your products and curate collections to make certain products stand out.

Appointments on Facebook

Manage bookings right from your Facebook Page with Appointments.

Set up a 'Book Now' button to start booking more appointments. See all of your bookings on your Page and sync them with your personal calendar. Then send customers confirmations, reminders and follow-ups.

Page Button
Facebook Page Button

Make it easy for people to take action on your Page with a button.

Page buttons are an easy way to encourage an action, like Shop Now, Send Message, or Book Appointment. Buttons show up at the top of your Facebook Page, so they're one of the first things customers see when they visit.

Events on Facebook

Get more people at your next event.

If you’re hosting an online or in-person event, you can get more RSVPs or sell more tickets by creating an event on Facebook. Include details like date, time and location, and connect your ticketing platform to streamline the process.

Jobs on Facebook

Make your next great hire on Facebook.

Post a job right from your Page and it'll post automatically to Facebook's jobs marketplace. Find tools to track and review applications, contact applicants and schedule interviews through Messenger, all in one place.

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