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Use Insights to See How Your Content Is Performing

A great way to improve your Facebook video content is to better understand what's working and what's not. The Performance Insights section in Creator Studio shows you insights on the performance of your videos, the videos you share and the videos you crosspost across all your Facebook Pages.

  1. Go to Creator Studio.

  2. Select Insights.

  3. Select Performance.

  4. Choose the Pages you want to see insights from.

Go to Creator Studio

Views and filters

Facebook audience insights in Creator Studio

In Creator Studio, performance data is displayed based on how your videos are shown. To filter insights by date, select the time range you want to see insights from. Select View By to toggle between:


Insights on videos from other Pages that you shared.


Insights on uploaded videos posted by your Pages, including shares and crossposts of your videos to other Pages.


Insights on videos from other Pages that you crossposted.

Types of performance insights

Once you select your time range and view, click the tabs to see the following performance insights:

You can also break down your metrics to understand what proportion is organic vs. paid.

1-Minute Video Views
The number of times your videos were played for at least one minute.

Minutes Viewed
The total number of minutes your videos were played, including time spent replaying the video.

3-Second Video Views
The number of times your videos were played for at least three seconds within the selected time range.

The number of people who LikeLoveLaughWowCryAnger, commented on or shared your videos.

Net Followers
The number of new followers minus the number of people who unfollowed your Pages during the defined period of time.

Top videos

The insights at the top of the Performance section in Creator Studio Facebook don't show insights into specific videos. Insights are aggregated based on the Page or Pages you select at the top of your screen. To see performance insights for specific videos that perform well, scroll down to the Top Videos tab. For each top video, you’ll see:

  • The Page that posted it
  • Minutes Viewed
  • 1 Minute Views
  • 3-Second Views
  • Engagement

Select the Pages tab for insights by Page. For each you'll see:

  • Minutes Viewed
  • Engagement
  • 3-Second Views
  • Net Followers
  • Export, which enables you to download an insights report.


For an even more detailed look at a specific video, click on the video title in the list. A Video Details window will pop up and show you additional insights. These include 10-second video views, average watch time, funnel insights, retention, estimated earnings and audience and engagement. You can also see all of the posts that the video has been used in.

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See How Your Facebook Content Is Performing in Creator Studio