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100-101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Associate level exam covering foundational advertising concepts on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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90 Minutes


The ideal candidates for this certification are entry level marketers, including students and job seekers.

This exam is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, German, and Korean.

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Certification Exam Content Outline

Before attempting to become a Facebook Blueprint certified professional, we recommend you practice the following skills.

The Value of Facebook (8%)

  • Identify the different Products that make up the Facebook family of apps and services
  • Communicate the value proposition of the Facebook family of apps and services for businesses

Establish Platform Presence (13%)

  • Identify the steps to establish a business presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Explain the process to set up an ad account
  • Identify mobile creative best practices

Advertising Fundamentals (25%)

  • Identify the difference between an ad and a page post
  • Identify the structure of a Facebook campaign
  • Explain the importance of matching business goals to Facebook campaign objectives
  • Communicate the value of the Facebook Pixel
  • Explain the way Facebook charges for ads and where the ads are shown
  • Identify how Facebook protects user data privacy and common ad policies

Create and Manage Ads (46%)

  • Explain the differences between the tools available to create and manage ads
  • Identify settings available at the campaign, ad set, and ad level
  • Determine the Facebook campaign objective to achieve business goals
  • Identify target audience capabilities
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate ad formats
  • Identify budget and scheduling options
  • Determine the relationship between budget and estimated results

Reporting (8%)

  • Identify campaign results through ads reporting
  • Explain how to measure the success of a campaign

Exam Process Overview

Before taking an exam, ensure you're 100% clear on what's needed and how the testing process works.

  • If you require special accommodations to take the exam, you'll need to apply and receive approval before scheduling an exam. Some requirements may need to be accommodated in a testing center properly equipped with the necessary resources or personnel.

To sign up for an exam, select Register, choose your preferred testing location (online or at a Pearson VUE Professional test center) and complete the payment process.

After selecting a certification, review any applicable course(s) and take the relevant practice test to help prepare for the exam.

Exams can be taken online or in-person at a Pearson VUE professional testing center. If you plan on taking the online proctored exam, take a moment to ensure your computer meets the testing system requirements.

In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, you can do so (up to 24 hours before the appointment time) to receive a full refund. Please keep in mind that cancellations after 24 hours will not be refunded.

When taking an online proctored exam, select Register, choose your exam and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • You'll then be asked to present a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID that must match the name on your CertMetrics profile for identity verification. If your name is incorrect, please contact the Facebook Blueprint Customer Support team at least 48 business hours prior to your scheduled exam with the correct spelling of your name that matches your name on your government-issued ID. Once verified, a proctor will request a webcam scan of the testing environment and may ask for certain items to be removed or placed further away from the testing area.
  • After starting the exam, the proctor will monitor your webcam and microphone activity. You aren't allowed to leave the room, talk to others or move out of the proctor’s view. If this occurs or you are interrupted, your exam will be canceled. For exam security purposes, except where restricted by law, a video recording of your exam session will be retained for up to 30 days.
  • If you need assistance at any time during the exam, click on the phone icon at the top of the page to chat with the proctor.

After completing the exam, your preliminary exam result will appear on screen. You'll then receive a follow up email from CertMetrics (our testing partner) within 24 hours. Please make sure to check your spam or junk mailbox before contacting Facebook Blueprint Support .

  • Once you have passed all the exams required for your certification, you will be issued a verifiable digital badge via our badge delivery system Acclaim (our credential partner). To request additional information or support, or to leave feedback, contact the Facebook Blueprint team at

If you don't pass an exam, you will be eligible to retake the exam after a five day waiting period. While there's no limit to the number of times an exam can be taken, you'll be charged the full fee each time.

Re-certification consists of taking the most current exam prior to the expiration of your certification. To do this, please schedule the exam of your choosing here. If your certification expires, you'll need to retake all exams, including pre-required exam(s) in order to regain certification(s). Certifications are valid for 12 months. Please log into CertMetrics to view the status of your certification(s).

Post Exam Process

Certified candidates post exam process:

After successfully completing a certification exam, you'll receive an email from CertMetrics within 24 hours letting you know.

You'll also receive an email from Acclaim (our credential partner) containing your official certified digital badge with instructions on how to accept and promote your accomplishment across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Failed certification exam next steps:

If you did not pass the certification exam, you'll receive an email from CertMetrics letting you know. If you have not received an email within 24 hours, check your spam or junk folder. If you still can't find it, it may be because your company has firewall restrictions. Please contact Facebook Blueprint support for additional support.

Use CertMetrics as your one stop shop for all post exam details; view your score report, track your certification status and access Acclaim (our credential partner) to claim your digital badge.

Exam Policies Overview

Learn more about our exam policies.

  • You may not use or access personal items while taking any exams including mobile phones, tablets, other electronic devices, bags, coats, books, note paper, writing utensils or preparation notes.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be placed on silent and stored out of reach along with any other personal items. Exceptions include the use of your mobile phone during the initial check in process for additional support from the proctor that cannot be accessed via the chat.
  • The questions and answers you see on the exam are strictly confidential. You may not share or discuss them with anyone before, during or after taking the exam. Taking pictures or notes of exam content is prohibited and may result in disqualification.
  • Prior to starting your exam, you’ll be asked to read and agree to the Candidate Non-Disclosure Agreement. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the Candidate Non-Disclosure Agreement will result in the cancellation of your exam score, the forfeiture of your exam fee and pursuit of any other legal remedies available to Facebook.
  • If Facebook has reason to believe that you’re involved in exam misconduct or any other testing irregularity that could compromise the integrity of the exam, you may be barred from taking Facebook Blueprint Certification exam(s) for up to three years from the date of the incident.
  • If you disagree with an action taken against you for actual or suspected exam policy violations, you may direct an appeal to the Facebook Blueprint Certification Team, who will review your case and make a final decision within 1-3 business days. If further investigation is required, additional time will be needed to determine the conclusion of your case.
  • Individuals can share their badge(s) digitally to promote their certified status. Each badge image or URL links to an explanation of what the badge represents and what the candidate did to earn it. When you share your badge, you must include your full name and clearly indicate that you are the badge owner.
  • A static image of a Facebook Blueprint certification badge on a website is not a valid indication of certification. Under no circumstance, should an organization claim certification, as we only certify individuals, not companies.
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