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Business Help Center

Business Help Center

Verify Your Business

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Last updated: Feb 22, 2021

Verify Your Business

We have fewer people available to review IDs for business verification because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In certain cases, our review times to review ID documents has exceeded 48 hours. Our teams are actively working to review your documents in a timely manner. Please continue to visit Security Center (in Business Settings) to check your status. If it's been 30 days or more since you submitted your ID and you haven't received a notification that it's been rejected or approved, try submitting your ID again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You can start the business verification process in Business Manager by going to Security Center. In Security Center, you can see your business verification status. You may also be required to start business verification in the app dashboard if your app is required to go through App Review.

Remember: Not every business needs to go through business verification, and you may be ineligible to verify your business unless you need to access certain Facebook products and developer features. Learn more about business verification.

We will also require you to go through business verification and claim responsibility for your Page if it has a large US audience or runs ads about social issues, elections or politics in the US. Note that if you provide false or misleading information during your verification process, attempt to claim and verify a business you aren’t authorized to represent, or otherwise attempt to circumvent our verification review systems, Facebook will remove your business's verification status and may take additional action on the account.

If you use Monthly Invoicing to pay for ads on Facebook, you don't have to submit documentation for business verification. When you start the business verification process, you can fill out the form with your credit line information and submit it. If you don't see that option, make sure that the Business Manager you're trying to verify is linked to a credit line that you own (not one that is shared with another business).

Once you've completed business verification, you can return to the Security Center to edit your details at any time. However, any changes will require you to complete the business verification process again.

Before you begin:

Your business must need access to certain products and features in order to begin business verification. Note that you won’t be able to click the Start Verification button unless your business needs to be verified. You must be an admin of the Business Manager account to submit an ID for verification.

To start the business verification process:

Note: Step 1 of this process is only applicable if you’re appealing our initial decision to verify your business. Otherwise, begin at step 2.
  1. Confirm Your Identity

    Click on the Confirm Identity button.

    Select a type of government ID from the list, and upload a photo of your ID. If you don’t have a photo ID you can submit, you can upload two official documents. Learn more about the types of IDs Facebook accepts. After you’ve uploaded your ID or official documents, click Next. You’ll get a Facebook notification on your personal profile once our team has reviewed your ID and made a decision. Learn more about what happens to your ID after you send it Facebook.

    Note: We must be able to verify the identity of one admin of your Business Manager account in order for you to move forward with the business verification process.

  2. Enter Business Details
  3. Enter your business details and click Next. The business information you provide during the business verification process will become publicly visible if your Page has a large US audience or runs ads about social issues, elections or politics in the US.

  4. Select Your Business

    Select the correct business from the list, or select None of these match if you don’t see your business on the list.

    If you select None of these match, disregard steps 3-5, and learn how to upload official documents to complete the verification process.

  5. Confirm Your Business Details

    Select a phone number that you have access to from the dropdown menu and click Next.

  6. Get a Verification Code

    Choose to receive the verification code on your business phone number via a text message or phone call, or via email. The phone number option may not be available in all countries. If you don’t get the code, you can request to receive another code. If you're still having problems receiving your verification code, learn more about how to troubleshoot phone call issues.

    Or verify your domain

    If your domain is already verified, click Use Domain Verification. If not, complete the domain verification process, then return to the Security Center and select Continue. Learn when to use domain verification to verify your business.

  7. Enter Verification Code (not applicable if you use domain verification)

    Enter your verification code. Click Submit.

If you receive confirmation that your business is verified, there’s nothing more you need to do. You may not receive confirmation right away. If you don’t receive confirmation right away, you’ll receive a notification when the review is complete. You can also check your status in Security Center.

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