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Facebook Instant Experience: Recommended Specs

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About Instant Experience

Instant Experience (IX) is a full-screen, post-click experience that lets you bring your brand or products and services to life on mobile. In an Instant Experience, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, complete a form, quickly view your products, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products. It can be used with almost all Facebook ad formats–Carousel, Single Image, Video, Slideshow and Collection.

You can create a custom Instant Experience in Ads Manager or on your Page.

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Requirements & Recommendations

Requirements & Recommendations


Images use the full width of the screen by default.

  • Multiple Images: Up to 20 images are supported.
  • Width: Full width is 1080px @3x.1
  • Height: Full height is 1920px @3x.
  • Sizing: Images have two sizing options
    1. 'Fit-to-width' ensures the image is full width and allows for variable height.
    2. 'Fit-to-height' forces the image to fill the screen top to bottom. If the image has horizontal overflow, 'tilt-to-pan' behavior will occur.
  • File Type: png and jpg supported. Videos should be used to emulate an animated gif.
  • When Using Collection: If you do not designate a cover image for your Instant Experience, the Collection hero image will be shown at the top of your Instant Experience. In the aforementioned case, the image must adhere to these requirements.
Requirements & Recommendations


All videos will be set to autoplay on loop with sound off. Like images, videos can be set to appear full width and fit the viewer's screen.

  • Resolution: Videos should be a minimum 720p. Higher resolutions will improve quality.
  • File Type: Videos should be in mp4 or mov format. Additional encoding tips.
  • Duration: There is no limit to the number of videos each Instant Experience can support, but their combined duration cannot exceed two minutes.
  • Ratio: Build for portrait. If necessary, videos will resize for landscape view with pillar box.
  • Multiple Videos: Avoid placing two auto play videos on screen at once to prevent competing playback.
  • Thumbnail: The first frame of each video serves as the thumbnail or poster frame.
  • Captions: Captions are not recommended within Instant Experience videos.
  • When Using Collection: The Collection hero video is shown at the top of the Instant Experience, therefore this video must also adhere to these requirements.
Requirements & Recommendations


The Tilt-to-pan feature allows a user to tilt the phone to the left or right to reveal more of the image or video. To enable this functionality select the 'fit-to-height' option in the photo/image component of the Create Tool.

  • Width: An image or video can have up to 5x the width of the screen (5400px), however, we recommend 3x (3240px) for performance and usability.
  • Position: The element starts centered and is always 100% of the screen height, 1920px.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA): A "Tilt to see more" CTA is NOT automatically added. If you want a CTA you will need to include the text in the image or video.
  • Compression: Images used in tilt-to-pan are compressed for performance and usability. Be aware compression artifacts can make text appear blurry.
Requirements & Recommendations


Text is displayed against a background color set by the theme (White, Dark Gray).

  • Length: Each Instant Experience can have multiple blocks of text up to 500 words each.
  • Font Face: Serif, San Serif
  • Font Size: 6-72pt Font Color: #rrggbb
  • Font Style: Bold, Italic, Underline - apply to whole block not individual words
  • Alignment: Left, Center, Right
Requirements & Recommendations


Each Instant Experience must have 1 or more buttons. Buttons may appear filled with color or outlined with the background color showing through. We recommend using a filled button for your primary call-to-action (CTA) and outlined buttons for secondary CTAs.

  • Button Height: 48px
  • Button Text: 30 characters max. Text must fit on one line and may be truncated on low resolution screens.
  • Button Padding: 48px top and bottom padding
  • Font Face: Serif, San Serif
  • Font Color: Optional
  • Button Fill Color: Optional
  • Button Outline Color: Optional

All Instant Experiences also include a back button and a downward swipe arrow which are overlaid:

  • BACK BUTTON (REQUIRED) The back button is a required element that enables a user to close the Instant Experience and return to News Feed. This button appears as a small white arrow in the top left corner of the screen. It has a slight dark outline to make it visible against white backgrounds.
  • SWIPE/SCROLL ARROW (REQUIRED) A swipe arrow is included on the first screen. This arrow appears with a slight dark outline to stand out against a white background.