Hello Every1,
I have started a fundraiser for my school time tution teacher, Rubina Ahmed.
She suffered from stroke but couldn’t get timely medical help resulting in partial brain damage and left side of her body being paralysed.
I request you all to help her as much as you can 🙏🏻
God bless all of you ❤️

Rab Raakha 🙏🏻
#IStandWithFarmers #ZareenKhan

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Posted by Zareen Khan
There are so many WHYs in my head right now ... WHY does a person have to die for the world to understand his/her worth? WHY is a person not appreciated when he/she is alive , the way he/she is after being no more? WHY do all the people who have no idea about the person’s life , have so many opinions & things to say when tht person is dead? WHY is being a genius/having a high IQ identified as being mentally ill/unstable? WHY has social media become the validation for your happiness & identification of your grief? WHY has the world turned so cruel that a person’s death has become a money making / TRP garnering business? WHY , WHY , WHY ... Just WHY????? #VoicesInMyHead #Why #ZareenKhan
Eid Mubarak ✨✨✨ #EidMubarak #ZareenKhan
To all my fellow citizens , I appeal to you to stand up against the cruelty thats happening towards our health workers who are tirelessly working for us by risking their lives. Thank you #RaveenaTandon for making me a part of such an amazing initiative. #JeetegaIndiaJeetengeHum #ZareenKhan