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Video Transcript
What? Oh I wish I can't wait. How do you feel when you say crazy things like that to me when I've been challenging you for years? Do you ever feel weird about that? Oh man I keep going bad day but don't you ever feel worried about challenge me when I've been calling you out for years a year now, you know I'm gonna have but don't you don't you think that's a little weird how you want now they have day-I. I'm just asking. okay. This is actually help me I have a day. Do you know when I know him? I don't I know I'm I know I know I know I know I hope you know her the hands to hurt your ass' man. Don't forget. I'm gonna do with you. We will take a lot you're gonna see. Would you tell me you're gonna see you're gonna see you're gonna do it. What can we talk now? you know I don't wanna talk I would like to say hello, I don't wanna say hello to what we're wanna be my friends but I feel like shaking hands with no. yeah. do I good morning? I'm one of you are gonna hurt you okay. I don't like you in the don't like you. I don't wanna like you and I want that to be your friend. But I don't know the date. Can you just tell me the date? no no come on. I can just talk. No you wanna know I'm just asking no no no no well, no well now well now you will not stop You are now please stop. I can't let you get close. You can hear my. I'm sorry. Hey. That's where you are. now they have. Let's go finish this man let's go. You're talking about and you don't have your gun, You know what you're. you're never come to talking this one. Job. I'm sorry. I hope this isn't a distraction I apologize. This is your moment. Did you just? put my I like to do to. no-I? I'm with you see how many inches on the 700000. Sabri. Isso faz parte e amanhã vai ser outro dia e vai ser guerra. Pô, isso é uma hora sacanagem, pena tá vendo, só porque o cara é americano Aqui ó, essa aqui vai dar pra minha casa ó, isso aqui vale ouro, batendo esse filha da. Tem preço Hey. You do that, like like a like you want to. like I had to pull my you did Yup one -A Crutcher really, which one when you're on top you like to punch in the back, which one which one would win up on the ground and I thought I had his arms. I remember thinking I think I have, but I couldn't see and he keeps hitting me. somehow, he keeps hitting me in the head and Vinny one of my coaches tells me hey that guy He tells me the guy's name I never I never would have crossed my mind that it was a coach. Santana mich A-b Issy Mays. It was a fun way. Provoca muitos o Vanderlei, vai nenê, ele não deixa passar as coisas, ele é um cara que vai de atitude, acaba tomando decisão e acaba tornando isso e aí. The Gaza oversee it's a badge Ibiza.
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