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Video Transcript
Comes out slowly. Once again, let's breathe in. and like ko This time let us relax the shoulder shoulders and arms. On fingers in your palm, relax your fingers as well. On your own body. Lett. It's the breath that these value to our body. Let us welcome the incoming breath like you do ten old friend and see of the going breath like you do ten honoured guess breathing with the smile welcome the incoming breath let us hold and see all that going respectfully now let's become a beautiful mind Our bodies like the big candle on mine is like the glue. Thanks the body relaxes mind expands And as the mind becomes a way of the space all around us, our bodies start relaxing. A bodies like the big graphic candle mind is like the glow all around let us become aware of the symptoms of our body let's keep our attention the one meter three feet of space in front of us we are breathing in from this area and we are breathing out into this page of three feet or a meter white in front of us now let us turn our attention to our right side let us become aware of a right here right shoulder attention. In this space up to three feet or one me to other right side. you may also pick up to your right side the whole space up to the wall to your right side Let's take a deep breath in and breath out and relax even more. what would touch coming in the mind just let them come we welcome all thoughts good or bad All feelings I don't care. They can come and they can go. I'm not the deep breath in. Hold the breath and let go our holding. to come out Attention to the back of the head. This become a way of the back of the head back of the neck, shoulder blades and the whole of the spine. It is become aware of three feet of space one meter space behind our body all your efforts A of space behind your body. also become aware of the walls behind you Let's take a deep breath in hold the breath. And let go and relax. Incoming bread and our giants the body by outgoing breath brings relaxation. Let's become familiar with this phenomena now let us take a attention to r left side the space next towel left shoulder and all the way to the wall Let's keep our attention there. No let's attention to the top of the head. And become aware of the space above a head let's keep your eyes closed and keep relaxing our body it's just become aware of the volume of the room we are in you are a fountain of love Just relax and in yourself. It's just let go all the effort now there is nothing to do and nothing to know it. And simply the pss in yourself. They pose with a big smile. And allow the smile to particulate to your whole body at every cell in your head the back of the head starts smiling and relaxing Let this genuine smile. To throat and back of the neck that it particulate through the whole body like a baby your smiling from every sell of your body hold your efforts show. Shawn So, So, Oh, So, Slowly and gradually. It's become a bit of a body and surroundings. Let's become a bit of a breath. And the thought in mind if there already. Let's take another deep breath And as you breathe out slowly and gradually. Open your eyes. The time My dear friends we're already live and I understand that almost a million viewers are with us. My name is Christopher. I'm the CEO of Tedx Institute and it's my great pleasure to meet you and to guide you to this life interaction which we should Ravi Lanka Atan, who will be with us just in a couple of minutes so how are you? Doing Thank you Christopher very well after this beautiful meditation, we're calm and relaxed Alexandra. I read that you are a meditation trainer yourself is that correct it is correct wonderful wonderful and I do believe that both Alexandra and the Louie you're dialing in from Costa Rica is that true Mm-hmm. We are both from Costa Rica. That's it Okay. Very nice to to see you and thank you for having us here. Yeah. it's a pleasure. from Mexico correct yes hello everyone a pleasure to be here it's great it's great to have you formally introduce you ah when she Sri Ravi chef Shankar arrives um so I look much forward to discuss with you And get good for you The meditation was great. It was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for giving us this time and to be present for his life interaction with you and today we have three eminent business leaders from Latin America with us ah we have miss Alexandra kissing criminals who has just found out is a trainer and meditate meditation herself and ah equally important is the founder and president of vital voices Costarica to local chapter of vital voices Partnership Alexandra Great to Have you Buenos Dias Go to bed, It's as well. sorry that's okay as well from Costa Rica. We have mister Luis Javier Castro. He's the founding partner and current President of me America investments and has been awarded as a businessman of the year in Costa Rica, both in 2019 and 2013. Louis's Great to have you with us Buenos Dias. Buenos Dias, Very nice to see you again and go such a beautiful country. Thank you very much. It was great to have you here. Yeah. And from medical from Mexico, we have mister Patricio posso, who is the chief operating officer of Coca-Cola Faso Good to have you currently we cannot see you on the screen aristo. Can you hear us? Yes, okay. Great Buenos Dias What is publico? How are you fine? Thank you. I'm honored to be here wonderful wonderful just to let you know all of our managers and directors as a part of their career development, they take the art of living courses the two of them The Happiness Program and the art of silence. Have taken in these courses in Argentina, Philippines, and now in Mexico. Okay. So this is good to see you again. We used to work together a long time ago, Yes, being a company and yes, very nice to see you again. Thank you me too. If it's so great that we can connect you virtually in the background you see the Swiss mountains. I thought I would like to remind you that it's beautiful here as well. Not just the Vga. we do hope you come back soon. I know that many people in Latin America hope the same and the purpose of this discussion is to ask you questions and we will start ladies first with you Alexandra I know you have also experienced tough months because of the lock down so would you like to ask your questions to go to the Fisher Abbi Lanka. Yeah thank you very much first of all it's wonderful to be here go to their and I cannot start without telling you that all A L family and Costarica sent you are lot of love and we will really love to have you back in our country so thank you my first question is regarding to the new other that will emerge in the world how is it going to be and what would be the role of women in that new other thank you Has always played a very important role whenever there has been a change in the society. Women have been a great inspiration and motivating factor when people have to adjust to new Normals new orders and new Normans to heal post Goodby 19 that in the world is going to make a big difference excuse me the people will take some time to get over the fear and the paranoia that they are experiencing now all over the world so mental health will be a very big issue in the coming year or two you see ah though we may find a vaccine to this virus but for people to get back to their normal self like meeting people people going into ah crowds are going into holiday resort s and all this will be ah will definitely so already stop now it will it will pick up very slowly I suppose to the fear of the disease has to go for that we need to strengthen our immune system education in ah you know social Singh and use more of the other in our technology to communicate and be connected with people all these will need to do more and more and women definitely I think then play a big role ah in in bringing this new normal s at least for sometime should I continue with my questions okay the second question would be what would be the role of the business sector and the corporate social responsibility in that new order as you know ah all business is surround the world are down now for it to come back you need to think I innovative fashion in a more ah what I would say rather we we need to have new strategies develop new strategies to make our business flourish again when we need to bear in our mind it is almost like a starting from zero as though you are starting a new fresh business that is the spirit we need to do we cannot sit and feel sorry for what happened in the in the past or the losses that all the business have incurred we need to this crisis into an opportunity so there is lot of opportunity here and the workers specially labour force we need to the assure them that all will be okay and we will start it all back again but by the way how is it in Costarica it's not much affected right well so yes ladies because although we are starting to open we had a very a lot of restrictions so businesses went down a lot actually my next question would be on that sense we have a in my family are restaurant business and unfortunately we have to close several stores and because of the buyers and my concern is about the people we layoff how come with their with this difficult decision to have the best our workers on the people who had forcely had to pay off Well, it is a tough decision, but you have no other option if you don't let them go no business can survive so we will we should see that if we can let go of the minimum and how much we can help them how you know and if they also can take a car and and a humanitarian grounds provide them some basics. I think governments. Also the stepping here to help all those people you know ah these things I am definitely we need to really look into it how those people who are laid off can still be helped by then that social corporate social responsibility a collective responsibility of many companies together can manage we are doing that here in India we have daily wage workers so we have been food material for ten days one month two months ration for a family all that they need in a family we have made package where we have right from soap to ah cooking oil to all that they need you know spices rice and दाल and pulses everything we made a whole package that is that sufficient for ten days or one family like that we are distributing it now we have done it to a eight crore people that is about ah eighty million meals they have supplied in this country already in the last couple of months so ah and many such a NGOs are doing ah such work also so we can ah many NGOs joining hands and helping out the basic sustenance for all those who are really need absolutely actually we are doing a lot of that this kind of work that you are expressing in in our own organisations will have and the government but you know this crisis is where for seen coming like for a year or so and and there is another it topic very important that is happening with this crisis and how can we help women and their families to less and domestic violence during this social distancing because this has increased a lot absolutely that is the reason I would say meditation is so important and ah giving this meditation twice a day and people all over the global joining this helps people to calm down their temper I think this is the time we can encourage more and more people to do online happiness workshops that can help them to manage their own emotions so that it doesn't go out of their control and they start later on thank you so much Gurudev it's wonderful you are teaching so grateful thank you now these meditation truly a blessing are you just said these times are opportunity or in these times it is needed to turn ah the crisis into an opportunity ah and I think you have a track record of being able to do so as a business man of Costarica both in two thousand nineteen and two thousand thirteen ah how was it for you to stuff times now and what are your questions to Gurudev Thank you and it's hard to real pleasure to see you again and thank you for having me here and also for everybody that is listening and following your teachings and the art of living is actually doing amazing things and I am especially blessed to be part of the work with Chris and I just I can say that how much breathing on this meditations are helping people at the at the present here in Costa Rica. So thank you. thank you. That is involved with that this crisis has been has been both difficult and a blessing for me. at the beginning, I had a lot of fear a lot of fear because being this systemic problem everywhere everybody at the same time. if you are trained that you have to plan and control, then you have a lot of fear but then. The same time I realise that I do not control anything and I mean it I realise that I did not control anything about of peace came to me so my first question is quite is understanding that you don't control anything so powerful Yeah, I mean this Corona has made people realize that the virus, which is less than one gram in weight, can shut down the entire world. It's amazing. Then we realize the nature is much more powerful than that you know so definitely. When we are more relaxed our ideas are much better when we are trying to control somewhere deep inside we feel we are not in control and this anxiousness of not being in control makes us very uncomfortable unsettling but once you accepted then you move into a different plan altogether from where you are very relaxed and you know what you need to do you get ideas which are brilliant ideas and you become more spot in a spontaneity in action is something that that really brings us the best of the result more than what you plan and think but when you take a despite of the moment some spontaneous decision and act on it you would find that is always the best that you have done in your life so in this sense it's good I think it's bringing up spontaneity in you and makes you more relaxed and yeah that that I experience yes thank you and the same time I was understanding that that I don't control anything I started to focus more on and and trying to work with will governments with the rest of the private sector to to make sure that everybody has food that we can do this thing and things of that sort and services gave me ah a lot of focus and and also lot of perspective and can can you tell us teaches a lot about about service I mean why why serve this so important and quite giving us so much peace see there is one tendency in every human being that we want to be useful to others with everyone wants to be useful to others ah and services where that our existence makes a lot of meaning for someone else around us to when we do service it's the it's saw sort of sharing joy you know there is a joy that we get by getting something for us controlling and getting we get some sort of joy there is another that comes when we give when we share when we participate in others lives and service is one such opportunity for us to participate in others life contribute to others life and that will give you immense ah satisfaction actually gives more job satisfaction then any other ah way to find satisfaction for once yeah and the last the last thing that I would like to share with you and also ask you is while doing this it's been very interesting to realise how everybody comes to wear it a different the big day business sector the civil society but also governments and we start basically destroying a lot of removing a lot of barriers that that we thought that we had between sectors between the private sector and the government and all that and I US working together trying to solve this issue. Do you see this as part of the order? I mean breaking those barriers between sectors and trying to to work together. Yeah, it's it's strangely every. as this whenever there is a calamity it breaks the barriers between people and people come together but I feel that we don't need a calamity we need a pandemic we don't need a pandemic to break the barriers but unfortunately ah unfortunately it has already showing the signs of people coming together as happening when there was in South East Asia when people of different religions and communities language they all came together help each other which otherwise they would not be doing they would remain in their own groups now the rich poor middle class or ah you know nationality everybody come together each other and that's great I think this is very good that the barriers have come down these are some positive things for out of the most disturbing negative situation we are in thank you thank you Guru chef and I also would like to to thank you for everything you did for Columbia its my second country I living Columbia swell and I know that you were heavily involved in helping us achieve peace of trying to reach peace thank you Thanks Louie and and I think that the the most invisible between people and Nations are breaking down in something you feel even Switzerland, but typically the distances between the people are quite large. I know both in India and Latin America. We we approach life more from the heart Patricio you just mentioned that your staff, your leaders are doing the art of living a breeding techniques even the silence course and as good of a Sanka said, it's so important to navigate to. Crisis that ah one can meditate so how was that helped you to to to go through this crisis with your team and would you ask your questions to Gurgaon you know ah in America continue continuously rising crisis so having a leaders that are more violence not cut no trapping their in the past for the future ah have help them to really a focus Helping others developing people their teams and working together so really for us. Those techniques has been very helpful because you know me doing business is sometimes it's very stressful if I may I would like to make some more personal questions that I think that from where we can learn so my first question my first question is during the course of your life. What have been your great? I have seen that every culprit has a victim crying inside of him inside the rials. There is victim I've seen people who have been in gang wars. I've been in the worst in the worst criminals militants, but when I talk to them and I see them and I meet them, I see there is a soft Conner deep inside of them. And I feel that they are in pain they are suffering if we can heal them treat them as as though they are patience they are a unwell people then you know they become normal people I feel that not a single child was born on this planet is born as a bad child every baby is born as a bundle of joy beautiful very human happy child but if the course of life to to circumstances situation lack of understanding and stress they turn to be the bad guys and then they indulge in violence which they themselves don't know so I am very much interested in equal to respect socially I know there are lot of violence that happening in young people the gangsters are very much love to work with the gang members in equity in salvadora in many of the central American countries they are already working with the prisons तो I would say the human values we need to bring into their education system if our education emphasises on non violence being cooperative and competitive both ah I think we can bring a big transformation in our society thank you the other question would be I feel that this time so lot of people is the speed in this so I think for your answer will be great is what to do when suddenly one experiences I state of emptiness yeah state of emptiness people experience in the beginning and then it's slowly leads into depression and here I would say breathing exercise is the best ah medicine the if you do breathing क्रिया meditation you will easily come out of that loneliness wanting attention wanting love rather than you switch from wanting to giving you know when you start giving love when you realise that love or compassion is inside of you joys within you and you start bringing happiness to others you will see that it comes to you multifold it's like investing you invest in a good company whatever you invest grows similarly I would say when you feel lonely this is the time don't sit and think only about yourself look at who are really need and go and you give helping hand to them help them out then you see you feel so much of contentment fulfilment and sense of purposefullness in your own life thank you and then my last question will be I feel that listening from you know whether your commitments in life I think it will be great leaders to to revive it our commitments so my final question will be whether your commitment life my only commitment in life is to see a stress free and violence free society I want to that we are able to give better world for the coming generation with we have very inherited the world which was better than which is better than what our young people are having today so our dream is to see society which is free from violence society free from violence a body free from disease mind free from stress intellect free from prejudices bias and memory free from trauma and sorrow free soul our art of living mean aim is to make life is celebration on the planet and care for environment everything comes into the one thing and the whole world I for me the whole world is one family a consider people of all different languages religion nationality this all part of one global family wonderful nice having you all and sometime we will meet in person being like you doing your wonderful work you are all doing and please count on art of living foundation is with you and any time anywhere you want we are there and let us all together work to make the society better I would also I like to say that I am very much interested to reduce violence and work with ah young boys and girls who are totally stress there are two situation there are people who are depressed and there are people who are aggressive the aggression and depression these are the two major problem in our society and a foundation and teachers will work both these extreme mindsets from depression we can bring them to happy human being from aggression will make the more compassionate human beings who can serve the society beta with these few words I sign off here and thank you all very much and we will meet sometime thank you thanks thanks thank you thank you thank you जय गुरुदेव