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Video Transcript
Sit back shoulders relax body relax now let's breathe in and lift was shoulders up to touch our ears if we can so that are spine is along gated is stretch and then bring your shoulders back and we breathe out and relax now let's close your eyes and become aware of our whole body The body, but it is. Sixty kilos or hundred twenty pounds hundred fifty pounds whatever is our weight let us just recollect we take a deep breath in and as we breathe out let's place the weight on the chair on the so far and the flow we are sitting rather let us realise the chair we are sitting is carrying the weight of our body We came into this planet. We just five kilos, A- four kilos, eight pounds and today we have 60 7080. Let us owner our own body a body the precious gift to us from nature a body has billions and trillions of cells let's feel our own body body is the first dimension of our existence now let's become aware of the second dimension the breath let's take a deep breath in and let go Let us become a way of the aid all around us and inside of us. Let's become aware of the air all around us and inside of us Holistic a deep breath in. And breathe incoming breathe energises the body and outgoing breath brings relaxation and this phenomenon is happening all the time let us welcome the incoming breath with the smile and let us see off the outgoing breath like we would do any honoured guess let us breathing with reverence storon breath and breathe out as you would see of the dear friend let us become aware of our mind a body is like a big of a candle and mind is like the glow all around it in fact our life is radiating from every cell of our body What thoughts are coming in the buying just let them come good. thoughts. Bad thoughts. Let's give a big hug to them all and all the thoughts and let us take a deep breath in and let go. As the body relaxes, the mind seem to be expanding, let us become a way of the walls of the room. We are in or the space around us. Deep breathe in and relax That is become a way of the empty spaces of all of our head. And let go all of the efforts. this moment. there's nothing to do and nothing to know it just a few minutes. Let us just relax. Let go all the other efforts. Nothing to do nothing to know and yellow the sound to fill the entire space relax into this more and more तीस We are peace, We are love. We are the source supply you are reposes in yourself Go efforts. The attention to the top of the head. Simultaneously let us take our attention to our bread, No the freedom of the breath. Breathing has become very subtle let us keep your big smile on a face as we smile all the muscle in your face gets deep relaxation repose with the spa let us repose in ourselves with the smile it is observed this temperature of a breath The world of the breath. And let's keep relaxing more and more Smile to the back of her head, just imagine the back of your head is also so smiling. The effect of smile getting into our years arrears a smiling let the smile perculate a throat and neck let every cell of your body start relaxing now let them smile blossom relax like this moment as though whole body is blossoming relaxing smiling let go hold your efforts Any intention anyway, just let it be. If you find some discomfort let it be for a little while it's big with all the discomfort Let's take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. Brother with this while You are peace, You are peace, You are allee son son. Let's take notice of the temperature of a breath down it's noticed that the entrepreneur is down it is become aware of the space around our body the space in the room we are in another deep breath in with the smile and breathe out with a smile this time let's become aware of the vast style and millions of stars out they and breathe the let us become aware of our body and surroundings and slowly and gradually we may open your eyes