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Video Transcript
Excited today's interaction with गुरुदेव title requirements leadership a guest mister Motilal Oswal the managing director and CEO of Motilal Oswal financial services he started the company in nineteen eighty seven and has grown it from a small brokerage unit with zero capital to India's leading financial financial services company with the market cap of about a billion dollars over the last thirty years his company has created to about two point five million customers and advising on fourteen billion dollars both of assets mister Oswal has been awarded the राष्ट्रीय सम्मान पत्र and the Samaj Ratna but the government of India and the excellent business cheers in financial services award by the institute of chartered accountants of India among many other awards our second guest is mister Puneet Tamia the managing director of the Dalmia Bharat group has been the driving force behind the exponential growth witnessed by the group since he took over the rains in two thousand seven mister Dalmia is very passionate about his country and strives to create a better India he firmly believes that a good business must be a force for good in society is enthusiastic about investing in young businesses and entrepreneurs and it's motivated by human values amongst various other athletes he's been recognised as the earth in young entrepreneur of the year in two thousand seventeen he has a keen interest in education and serves as a founder and trusty of the Ashoka University welcome to interaction with गुरुदेव is pleasure to have you both over to you mister Dalmia What's the title of today's session is called economist leadership. so I was thinking that everybody is a leader in some way or other. some people are leading small teams. Some people are leaving victims somebody's a leader at home Somebodys, a leader at school and definitely every. Is a leader for their own self to lead their life to the area where they want to be successful but many times our emotions and specially negative emotions make our you know ah inside very turbulent and it is difficult to remain focused and equipments so I wanted to ask you how do we deal with these emotions which are negative specially fear anxiety which are so prevalent today in today's atmosphere and how have you didn't didn't with it in your own life then you have faced such emotions yeah is Puneet this is a very burning question today now how do we come back a pure anxiety depression whenever society space with side aggression on the other side depression how to be inquiry mess you know not fall into this extreme emotions this is a big big challenging and burning question today no if you look at leadership leadership is what would takes responsibility leader is one who takes responsible for one self and for once environment once company and once country situation everything around no if you are left to yourself there is no anxiety for you alone a person single man does not need much our mind doesn't need much but when you have big responsibility on you every decision of yours will impact many many people like whatever Pune decides one step of Puneet impacts hundreds and thousands of people down the line right workers so it is natural whether corridor not go with certain amount of anxiety will come in the ah in a mind how to deal with his neither at home not in school anyone teaches us how to keep our mind ah in any query miss manner घर में भी क्या बोलते हैं कि कभी सिखाते नहीं गुस्सा आता है तो बोलते कोने में जा के दस दिनों दस गिनने से तो गुस्सा कम नहीं होता क्योंकि बढ़ती here you know meditation helps a lot थोड़ी देर ah प्राण अपना प्राणायाम करे if you attend to your breath do some breathing exercise Pranayama do meditation it brings enormous energy from Nitin and it also kindles your intuitive abilities to right thought comes at the right time to do the right thing which leads you into success and not ah then it doesn't lead you to sit you know to sort of regret we don't need to regret on our actions that is why it is necessary to do breathing exercise and pranayama because that immediately widens mind the scope of world much clear ये होता है सहज ही होता है thank you ah the art of living the organisation which you have founded is the global unique organisation one of the larger organization ah and very very kind of driven ah and motivating millions of people so I would like to ah learn from your experience how do you keep engage this millions of volunteers and the people who are working here so that we can learn those leadership nation which we can apply in the corporate world also hmm in a technology has helped quite a lot before I used to keep travelling last forty years I have been travelling but these days you know we technology social media I am very good volunteers what I did is I usually people put their energy and attention in building ashrams are retreats I did not do that I only wanted to build strong individuals very good well trained teachers so I invested all my time in training good teachers and when the teachers went out and they became pillars of inspiration then the organisation kept growing yeah and later on infrastructures and those things started developing usually people think the other way around because they think let us have infrastructure then we will have training and then we will have programs I did the reverse first I did the course courses and train the teachers and when the teachers became strong then we started having our own infrastructures everywhere there is a fantastic inside गुरुदेव the power of training the power of knowledge ah and that's what I think the country like India need when a quality of education can actually move up drastically yeah Puneet जी गुरूजी you spoke about technology and I am seeing I have been at home for the last two months I am seeing all people at home including children they are having classes on Zoom they are playing video games they are chatting with their friends on WhatsApp sometimes even when we are talking to each other we have phones in our hands so technology is really invaded our house also and I was thinking that the purpose of advancement in science and technologies to free up times of time of people so that they can do things more efficiently and more productively but technology instead of making us free as mirror made us more busy how should we cope up with this and more specially how do we keep children engaged you know at home in this times yes ah technology has its plus points and some negative points though it's plus points are more there are certain negative point we can get totally buried in the technology and completely leave in a virtual world rather than being in the real world so be this is where we need to bring your balance we need to keep reminding our people switch off the phone after nine or ten and the night don't put it on before breakfast ये सब थोड़ा सा इनको इस तरह से हमें training लाना पड़ेगा वो आवश्यक है ah या and young people this is the time for them to learn more skills we can encourage them to learn more languages music got you know this is the time to equip yourself with many of others मैं यही कहूँगा कि lock down time अच्छे से use कर लीजिएगा जैसे exam के बच्चे अपने घर पे बंद जाते है पूरा किताब में डूबे रहते हैं तो ये जो time है इस time में अपना skills बढ़ाते जाइए भोजन बनाना सीख ो music सीखो guitar सितारा Sikh को तलाशी के सीखने के लिए तो बहुत कुछ है भारत में इतनी सारी ये है एक एक भाषा में दस दस बीस बीस लाए sentence भी सिख ले business के लिए बहुत उपयोगी होगी जब बाहर जाते हैं तभी connect करो बातें करने के लिए communication ah skills improve कर सकते हैं आप न क्या सोचते हो आप हैं ना नहीं बहुत बहुत बढ़िया I think ये आप बोल रहे हैं क्यों नई skill सीखो बच्चों के साथ भोजन बनाना music dance भाषाएँ ये तो बहुत easy है और मतलब बहुत मज़ा भी आएगा करने में सब साथ मिलके घर पे कहते हैं तो और मजा भी guys right नहीं बहुत अच्छा thank you Motilal जी आपके पीछे बहुत अच्छा अगर दिख रहा है ये जो power of technology Guru जी and digital screen दिन भर हम लोग अभी आजकल zoom और इसमें computer के सामने रहते है so I think that's a good thing गुरूजी आपने जैसे बताया कि बहुत अच्छा समय है ah actually इसे officially I think ah force opportunity for all of us but what I see a this too much calcium too much fear of people converting using this as a opportunity to reinvent themselves as you said rightly to learn something to spend quality time with family which we all love to do that in our own business word to build to take care of your health ah to convert pursue on hobbies but people are not proceeding in that sense I think whenever we talk to people they always say its a very difficult time is a very kind of thing time so how do we create that kind of positivity ah which we all kind of having you are the biggest radiator of the positivity ah I think in the word so how we all ah ah can bring that kind of positivity and get a opportunity out of this adversity हाँ हर crisis when every crisis ah there is a big opportunity it you know we we simply have to remember when you have to build a very tall building you go that much deep in the ground this is like the foundation time where you are digging deep your idea is to go tall but you are going in the opposite direction so we must simply make them aware with more before any bright day they will be darkest hour no doubt is waqt समय ऐसा है सबके मन में थोड़ा उदासी है मगर आप जैसे थोड़े से भी leader even a few leaders like you keep giving them post message say all will be well we will be able to come back bounce back very strongly that will keep help helping the population you cannot expect everyone to be totally wise though people have wisdom is somewhere hidden inside of them this is the time to we are to invoke the wisdom and keep reminding them that let us work hard let us work put a hundred percent differently and make sure you know that ah we will be back on track so that type of positivity we should keep saying and part of that is what I am doing now everyday twice a day meditation and I have people around the world saying this has given them lot of inner strength you know so the बुद्धि में तो समझ में आता है ठीक है ये मगर भावना के तौर पर ah ये कल चल होता है तो उसको शांत करने के लिए थोड़ा गाना ज्ञान ध्यान ये सब काम में आएगा तो English engaging in some music meditation some wisdom definitely bring that transformation but गुरूजी when you see the light at the end of the tunnel you see that the time will change immediately where we can all kind of a thing o back to the ah better part of the life of we have gone through lot of learning but when do we see that life will become normal with your four side your powers no I think it will take a few months within by by one year or so we will be able to do make a very big difference though the though we may have ah control over the disease it will take little longer for the fear to subside ये जो भाई जो बैठ गया लोगों के मन में इसको मिटाने में थोड़ा time लगेगा मुझे लगता है एक साल तो लग ही जाएगा एक डेढ़ साल लग जाएगा मगर अवश्य भारत के लिए बहुत बड़ा opportunity है अब lot of the business will come back here and you know एक स्वावलंबी भारत बनाने के लिए बहुत ही ah एक अच्छा मौका है आपको क्या लगता है मुझे बहुत ah ah I think India के लिए मुझे लगता है golden opportunity है ah because in global trade kind of war what we call it for I think the the China and US both are showing huge opportunity for the country because now people want to delete their manufacturing from China and may be technology intellectual power to India so India has a opportunity for us to grab both the manufacturing side as well as service side because we got huge come out of competence I think and the political leadership also is seem to be very very strong and visionary and I hope ah they take drafting changes and they bring I would say huge amount of reforms which India's destination actually India success journey start from ninety to onwards when we see huge amount of economic reforms so I would not like to say that this can be a version two of the big reforms for the country we must watch here what is needed is see many times bureaucrats may not know the ground reality they go by books they go by some statistics but business people like you who have the experience on the ground if you can put together ah the real challenges for business in this country what are the challenges how we can reform what are the reforms that are absolutely essential in order to ah bring back you know things on track like for example I tell you when we see when the prime minister announced make in India project I had invited many people from Canada from USA to come and start their business here you know many of them started and many of them could not which stand the red type in the country some of them had to win back and go back win the business and go back so by the time the reforms here happen it was already too late they had lost lot of money so they left the country so we need to safeguard are business environment in this country and see what are the reforms that we need to bring it timely you know Chanakya जी का एक सूत्र है अर्थशास्त्र में उसमे कहते है काल विलंब जो समय से नहीं करते ना if the things are not done in time time itself will follow the fruit of the action so we need timely action this is a very very brilliant and important sutra to remember anything which is not done in the right time will not give result so there is a time with gap is given the time itself will follow the fruit of the tax you may have done good action हमने अच्छा फसल बोया मगर time pe harvest नहीं किया तो harvest सब आए जाएगा तो with our system what are the things that we need to improve in our system is something ah that all of you business tycoons of this country should put together keeping in mind all the MSB is all different sections of society to see how we can infuse positivity absolutely so Gurudev ah use spoke about energy and I think ah in our ancient tradition you know what we what is a daily routine actually helps us manager energy whether it is higher low what we when we wake up what we eat what we read what we think what kind of company we live in so I want to understand I have met you sometimes even very late at night in Delhi you are always so fresh always smiling I know you early so you have such long hours you meet so many people you keep so many people across hundreds of countries motivated how do you manage your personal energy and what can be quickly learned from your daily routine हाँ I don't do anything मैं तो energy का स्रोत हुई तो I don't do anything හෙලෝ හොඳයි so that is it very simple very simple and easy answer एक चीज और पूछना था main kabhi आजकल ये vaccine का चल रहा है कि vaccine निकलने में समय लगेगा तो जो अपना immunity है वो हम लोग spirituality से कैसे बढ़ा सकते हैं देखिए प्राणायाम से ध्यान से अपना immunity पाँच गुना बढ़ता है Sudarshan क्रिया करने से काफी research papers निकले इस पर बोलते क्रिया करने से पाँच गुना अपना immunity बढ़ जाते है हमारे system में हाँ और खाने से एक चम्मच चीनी दो घंटे तक हमारा immunity आदि हो जाती है half two hours तक अपना immune system आधा हो जाता है इसलिए मैं सबको ये कहता हूँ कि white sugar मत use करो good use करिए चाय भी पीते है तो उसमें शहद डालो तीन ी बिल्कुल मत छूना ये मैं कहता आया हूँ ये important बात है फिर प्राणायाम और ध्यान करे दो बार तीन बार करने से काफी immune system मजबूत हो जाता है देखिए हमारे यहाँ तो अपने यहाँ तो बिना हल्दी महिला भोजन नहीं भाई नहीं बनाते दाल में चाहे सब्जी में हल्दी तो लगती है तो हल्दी और काली मिर्ची थोड़ा सा ले ले कहते है इसमें रोग निरोधक शक्ति और anti viral है turmeric scientific hazar antiviral properties ऐसे अश्वगंधा हैं और अमृत है आयुर्वेद में कई चीजें हैं जिसको लेने से लोगों को ये सब राहत मिलती है और रोग आने से भी वो रोक सकते हैं मगर हम unfortunately आयुर्वेद इतना prominence नहीं दे रहे हैं हमारे देश में और देना चाहिए अब देखिए Chinese medicine को तो पूरा accept अब हमारे ah जो खुद की medical fraternity के लोग आयुर्वेद को ज्यादा मान्यता देते है तो बाहर कैसे देंगे अभी यहाँ देना आवश्यक है उसको अभी आयुर्वेद पर research हो documentation हो हाँ हमारे यहाँ ये भी है समस्या है कोई भी किसी भी जोड़ी forty निकाल के कोई भी doctor नहीं चाहता है वो नहीं होना चाहिए systematic scientific research भी आवश्यक है आयुर्वेद करें तो ah आयुर्वेद का भी बहुत बड़ा role हो सकता है इस पर रोक thank you Guru जी what is your favourite hobby or sports or ah reading or would you like to recommend any of the apart from your books of course of course but any of the author which you really admire मेरा hobby तो लोगों से बात करने का है वही मैं सुबह रात सब चलता job भी वही है अभी भी वही है वैसे मेरे तो अपने आराम बैठे ध्यान में बैठना मैं सब पसंद करता हूँ everyday थोड़ी देर संगीत सुनते हैं हम बैठ के आधा घंटा सत्संग करते हैं संगीत सुनते हैं और सब तरह के music वहाँ बच्चे सब लोग आके जाते हैं बजाते हैं सब भाई आपकी wish your favourite author or any good book आपको refer करना चाहते कोई अच्छी book आपकी books तो मैंने पढ़ी है but they are lot of books but who is your favourite author or any book कोई कितना मैं तो ये कहूँगा योग वशिष्ट पढ़ना चाहिए if you have no system okay if you naye कितने movies आए हैं ना ये matric और इन inception ye sab योग Vashisht से प्रेरित होके निकली है तो योग किताब में कहूँगा लोगों की वो पढ़िए वो बहुत ही scientific ढंग से ढंग से जो ये निकला है उसका बहुत अच्छा है गुरु जी ने एक और ah direction mein jana chahta tha bahut logon ne ye videos dekhe ki because of this lock down ah the impact on nature and the environment has been very positive we have seen Ganga जी एकदम clean हो गयी है we have seen air quality index in every city has improved substantially we are able to see Himalayas from city is because there is no नहीं है seeing animals coming out in the open which we have not seen earlier so do you think we as human beings have really caused a lot of damage to the environment and this is nature's way of you know keeping women being s locked up and let me should be our role and responsibility post the lock down towards the nature and the environment now it looks like the nature wanted to show us how she can rejuvenate yourself and this in this way nature has made very obvious that how we can cleanse the nature by locking ourself down मुझे लगता है यदि पूरी दुनिया में साल में एक हफ्ते ऐसे lock down होना जरूरी है well planned ऐसा नहीं मजदूर के पास खाना नहीं है वो नहीं है नहीं सबको पहले से ही बता दिया जाए एक हफ्ते का सबके पास भोजन हो सारी चीजें हो व्यवस्थाएँ हो except medical facilities and emergency we should practice this lock down once every year one week every what do you say this will give an opportunity for people to be together families to be together nature to rejuvenate they'll be knows flying on the guys no no aeroplanes no pollution no buses on the road ऐसे तो करना जरूरी है मुझे लगता है यदि United Nation से W H O से and then with G twenty all the nations agree and do something like this lock down for one week every year it can make a very big difference गुरूजी what is your dream for art of living and for the country where you absolutely must be think raised thinking big that in next ten twenty years thirty years what we as humanity and what has auto living can really accomplish to bring peace happiness ah across the world Motilal जी मैं हूँ मुझे मैंने तो लोगों को dream करने के लिए प्रेरित कर दिया बोले की सब dream बना जो जो करना हो करो सब लोग aur ek sundar समाज का निर्माण और हर generation को ये सोचना चाहिए how I can give a better world for the coming generation हमारी generation में जो एक शांतिपूर्ण वातावरण था एक violence three society थी क्या हम ऐसे ही society आने वाली generation को दे रहे क्या या अभी ज्यादा मची हुई है violence agreed है negativity है क्या है है तो उसको दूर करें every generation should pass on to the next generation a better more harmonious peaceful happy society तो हमारा एक ही है कि हर एक के चेहरे में Muskaan aaye aur sabka Maheshwar के तरफ लग जाए तो जीवन का यही पूर्ण होगा लक्ष्य जबतक ईश्वर में मन नहीं लगेगा और छोटी छोटी बातों में लोग उलझे रहेंगे जीवन में तृप्ति नहीं आने वाली मेरा यही है कि मैं कोई organisation का मेरा कोई लगाव नहीं है auto f living और दूसरा होती से वो सभी मेरे लिए बराबर है मगर मैं ये चाहूँगा लोग किसी भी तरह से सबके जीवन में प्रसन्नता चाय और धन्यभागी हो कीजिए यहाँ से जाना तो है ही सबको जाते जाते धन्यभागी हो कैसे निकले साथियों ये इसकी कमी वो कमी trying about the lacks and till the last minute living life with worry and tension and feeling a sense of lack and greed life is not worth that life is much more इसलिए ये art of living के नाम इस यही इसीलिए बना है वो जीवन ek sundar banaaye उत्सव बना तो ये भ्रम जान यही विद्या है हमारे पूर्वजों ने भी यही बात कही पर आज की भाषा में लोगों को हमें उसको समझाना आवश्यक गुरूजी कोई आपका specific message for young generation which is the future of country in generation I would tell them wake up on the nation on the world be dynamic and honour your roots if you don't honour your roots you will be rooted out very good if you honour your roots then you can spread your branches foreign wide absolutely जैसे branches फूल लगे मगर पुरानी जड़ को नहीं भूलना चाहिए पुरानी हो और फल फूल पत्ते नहीं हो तो ये mind always want something new latest technology latest fashion everything later that you are heart don't forget hot always wants something old ancient your heart long for you always take pride in old friend not a new friend new technology and all friends make good living हैं ना absolutely अभी हम लोग ध्यान करें ध्यान दे and will do meditation now today's meditation let us keep both our palms open to sky now raise your right palm up to the level of your face your palm is raised right palm and let's close your eyes and just be in this position just imagine you are going to be like this as a statue for one whole over एक घंटे तक आपको ऐसे बैठे रहना हो मान लो क्या करोगे स्वीकार करके रहे इसी स्थिति में जिस accept effect you going to be like this or sometime now you may feel some sensation in your arms थोड़ा दर्द होगा या कुछ हो सकता है होने दीजिए please your attention on your right palm dining हथेली पर अपना ध्यान रखे आपका ध्यान जाते ही वहाँ कुछ जन जन आह कसना शुरू हो सकता है as you focus your attention on your right palm you may feel some sensations let's take a deep breath in with the smile and breathe out with the smile गहरी साँस लीजिए और छोड़िए Of Dali slowly bring down your right palm page. Rather centimetre by centimetre very slowly धीरे धीरे हथेली को नीचे ले के आ रहे हैं हम ध्यान पूर्वक हथेली को नीचे ले के आ रहे हैं चाची के पास आ गया है तेल और धीरे धीरे धीरे धीरे नीचे आ रही है जितना धीरे लेके आएँगे उतना अच्छा है बहुत धीरे धीरे पूर्व ज्ञान पूर्वक हथेली को आप अपने घुटनों पर रख रहे है नीचे लेके आ रहे है अब धीरे से बाएं हथेली को ऊपर ले जाए ना slowly let's take our left palm up up and up and up very slowly the right palm is almost touching your knee or thigh and left palm is up ऊपर है हथेली पर अपना ध्यान रखे हाथ ऊपर है और दाहिने हथेली पर अपना ध्यान रखिए हाथ ऊपर है बाएं हथेली पर अपना ध्यान रखिए keep your attention on your left palm और धीरे धीरे वो बाएँ हथेली को भी नीचे ले के आए अपने गोद पे रख लीजिए please both your palms on your lap your spine erect body relax your eyes closed and be here with the smile become aware of your whole body a play शरीर पर पूरा ध्यान ले जाए your body is the precious gift you from nature honour your own body अपने ही शरीर को मन ही मन सम्मान करें ईश्वर से मिला हुआ अद्भुत दें हमारा अपना शरीर our body is a precious gift to us from nature let us on our own body breathing and another deep breath in a bodies like the big traffic can do mind is like the glow all around जो भी विचार आ रहे हो मन में आने दे इस वक़्त शरीर स्थिर है Pss Tmi Orman Biff Ecg let go of all your efforts somebody some sort of thing with Islam. ना कुछ करना है ना ही कुछ जानना है is nothing to do now and nothing to know either just relax june give charot at shivering charot little thoughts come Good or bad thoughts they come and they go on their own. Relax and let go let go all of your efforts. The day, but some children Islam. Become aware of the space outside your building become aware of the entire city are state relax and सभी प्रयत्न छोड़ दें विश्राम में Ram हूँ Let go and relax. You are energy you are love So when. So, Wisconsin Shari, or, धीरे धीरे आँखे खोलें गहरी साँस लीजिए take couple of the prayers and slowly in gradually you may open your eyes अच्छा है अच्छा था ना ध्यान good no very nice चौबीस चौबीस minute का ध्यान twenty-three minutes अच्छा thank you गुरुजी प्रणाम wonderful wonderful
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