Спикер СФ Валентина Матвиенко поручила Комитету СФ по науке, образованию и культуре оценить достоверность появившейся в СМИ информации об отчислении из российских вузов иностранных студентов, которые из-за пандемии не могут посещать занятия.

По ее словам, этот вопрос требует тщательного изучения и в случае подтверждения — оперативной реакции.

«Совет Федерации уделяет большое внимание повышению привлекательности российского образования для иностранцев. Это один из приоритетов..., в том числе внешней политики. Нельзя допускать ситуаций, которые могут подорвать имидж нашего образования, имидж нашего государства. К тому же это просто не справедливо в отношении студентов», — убеждена спикер СФ.

Председатель Комитета СФ по науке, образованию и культуре Лилия Гумерова сообщила, что соответствующий запрос уже направлен в Минобрнауки РФ.

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❗ SF Speaker Valentina Matvienko instructed the SF Committee on Science, Education and Culture to assess the reliability of the media information about the withdrawal of foreign students from Russian universities who cannot attend classes due to the pandemic. According to her, this issue requires careful examination and in case of confirmation - an operational reaction. ′′ The Federation Council pays great attention to increasing the appeal of Russian education for foreigners. This is one of the priorities, including foreign policy. We should not allow situations that can undermine the image of our education, the image of our state. Besides, it's just not fair for students ", the speaker of SF believes. Chairman of the SF Committee on Science, Education and Culture Lily Gumerova said that the corresponding request has already been sent to the Russian Federation Ministry of Education.
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Для того, чтобы дети не оказывались в приютах, нужно бороться с бедностью их родителей, дать взрослым шанс найти работу, вернуть «в общество тех, кто ведёт асоциальный, маргинальный образ жизни». Тогда их дети будут «здоровы, сыты, одеты и не покинут семью».

Такое мнение высказала спикер СФ Валентина Матвиенко в ходе заседания Совета при Президенте РФ по реализации госполитики в сфере защиты семьи и детей, которое сегодня было посвящено теме профилактики социального сиротства...

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In order for children not to be in shelters, you need to fight against their parent s' poverty, give adults a chance to find a job, return ′′ to the society of those who live an asocial, marginal lifestyle ". Then their children will be ′′ healthy, fed, dressed and will not leave the family ". This opinion was expressed by SF Speaker Valentina Matvienko during a meeting of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation on the implementation of state policy in the field of protection of family and children, which today was devoted to the topic of prevention of social orphans. A social contract, according to her, has a strong role to play in the fight against parent s' disadvantage - an agreement that Russians who are in difficult life situation can sign with social security authorities. The money that is charged as a result of such a contract can be used for re-training, job search, start your business, purchase tools, rural household development, kindergarten payment, purchase of clothes, school supplies, treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, etc. The mechanism is still available in 21 regions, but from next year it will be possible to use it nationwide. ′′ Serious funds are being allocated for the implementation of the program, and we will carefully monitor how this measure will affect the well-being of families with children ", the head of the upper ward said. In her opinion, it's time to improve, ′′ make the family support system and prevention of social orphanage, ′′ justice to children, parents To do this, it is necessary to ′′ create a solid legislative platform for modern and effective support of families ". Valentina Matvienko recalled that in recent years there have been a number of attempts to reform family legislation, but they were more like ′′ holes ′′ and rarely received Russian support. ′′ Our main orientation is the Constitution, which was supported by a majority of citizens in the all-Russian vote. And it is on the basis of her family protection articles that need to systematically improve the legislative framework ", the Chairman of the Upper House emphasized, suggesting that the Council could develop certain legislative proposals. The SF speaker herself spoke with the idea to identify one ′′ responsible, professional performer ′′ who will take on ′′ integrated administration of family policy issues ". Valentina Matvienko is sure that the ′′ single center of management ′′ in this field should be the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation. ′′ I propose to change the name of the Ministry by adding the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family Policy. And it will be clear to everyone who is responsible for family policy in the country, coordinates it, interacts with other ministries and departments ", the head of the upper house said. She also called for attention to the work of care and care providers. According to the Chairman of the SF, the reputation of ′′ almost repressive structure ′′ has been firmly enshrined in custody. Specialists of the service are paradoxically accused, on the one hand, of lightning seizures of children, and on the other hand, of slow response to problems in families. At the same time, expert analysis shows that the main causes of unprofessional work of custody are overloaded powers, weak vocational training system and low salaries that lead to a shortage of personnel. According to Valentina Matvienko, in order to improve the service efficiency, it is necessary to clearly determine what she is responsible for, clarify the standards of activity and develop higher education programs in this field.
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Внедрение механизма правового регулирования офсетных соглашений при заключении контрактов в различных отраслях экономики
Заседание Комитета Совета Федерации по федеративному устройству, региональной политике, местному самоуправлению и делам Севера
Заседание Совета при Президенте РФ по реализации государственной политики в сфере защиты семьи и детей