Принципы школы будущего Илона Маска

1. Система оценок неэффективна

«В моей школе нет оценок. Они формируют у детей искаженную систему ценностей», — утверждает Маск.

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Principles of the school of the future Ilon Mask 1. Assessment system is ineffective ′′ My school has no grades. They form a distorted system of values in children ", Musk says. But Ad Astra school has its own currency - ′′ asters ". They are not received for the right solution of the problem, but for the implementation of their ideas. Someone makes websites, someone bakes cakes. Everyone has the opportunity to do something and find out how valuable it is. This is how children learn market relations in advance in practice. 2. Higher education should not be the goal of a schoolboy Higher education and in-depth study of all subjects is more minus than plus, according to Elon. ′′ All this makes people think of themselves as special, after which they stop listening to someone and analyzing their mistakes ", he said. As an example of genius people without prestigious diplomas, he calls Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Mask students focus on fundamental knowledge. They comprehend the basics of discipline, their controversial questions and applicability in practice, and they don't even need their head with what they don't need in the future. Thus, they form a strong knowledge base in all spheres of science, and deep understanding comes as they develop the chosen profession. 3. Tests, abstract tasks and equations are useless without practice ′′ Tests have destroyed American education. Graduates do not know how to think, they can only emphasize the right answer ",-the entrepreneur says. Practice is the most effective way to strengthen the learned way. Instead of telling a child about what tools are and what they are for, at school, they are given an engine and asked to sort it out. ′′ Solving abstract tasks is not good, children do not understand why they need it, and do not remember. Their brains just sift off unnecessary information ", says Elon Musk. Schoolchildren just don't see the point in these difficult equations, where, besides numbers and variables, there is nothing. Alternatively, children are given real tasks: create something, fix, find out effective ways to solve life situation. 4. Children need an in-depth study of ethics and morals ′′ Imagine a small town on the lake. The majority of its population is working at a huge factory. This plant pollutes the lake and kills the animals in it. What will you do? Closing factories means loss of work for everyone, and if left, the city risks losing the lake ",-describes the situation seen in Ad Astra, American engineer and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, who personally attended school. Such tasks are regular practice for students of Ilon Mask school. It helps to look at the world critically, test the strength of your value system. Giving children a moral compass and empathy is more important than teaching them how to solve mathematical equations. 5. Strict division into classes is ineffective Obsolete principles of education that Elon Musk intends to destroy his school of the future. ′′ There are no classes in my school, students are trained all together ", says Elon. Regardless of age, they solve the tasks together, share their views. Everyone is interested in finding the truth: even when coming home, they discuss what has been passed with their parents, and then bring their opinion to the team. 6. Physics should be studied in practice, not in dry theory ′′ Even if you don't want to connect your profession to physics, it will be very useful for you to know it ",-the entrepreneur says. Musk recommends studying it as a foundation, and then taking several courses to decide on the most interesting direction for you. It is also important that children clearly see all of its laws and apply them, and not zubricate a dry theory. Other items do not lose importance. According to Ilon, even the economy is necessary for everyone, so that there is no confusion in its terminology. 7. Mandatory program makes children hate school ′′ Someone loves mathematics, someone is languages or music. It will be more correct to base the program, based on the interests of the child, rather than forcing him to pass the pre-written ",-Elon is sure. Ad Astra students are looking forward to the end of their holidays, school lessons are not a torment, but a way to learn better what they are interested in. The purpose of the Mask project is to develop the unique characteristics of each child, and not force them to adapt to the pre-established system. Many children hate traditional schools, skip lessons, get bad grades. Sometimes they drop out of school. Elon's approach helps to avoid this.
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Стихия Гордыни проявляется такими психоэнергетическими качествами, как
- самодовольство
- значимость...
- важность
- достоинство
- спесь.

При избытке этой энергии у человека возникает состояние самодовольства, уходит критическое оценивание своего поведения и видение себя со стороны. Проявляется невозможность творческого сотрудничества в любой сфере, так как все, что бы человек не делал и как бы не считал, это становится для него абсолютной, непреложной истиной. В данном случае происходит нарушение закона “Не западай”. Не западай на себя как на личность, не западай на свою значимость.

Помочь выйти из этого состояния может только рост осознанности, чему могут способствовать ментальные программы типа: “Все, что я думаю, делаю и говорю, может быть, верно, интересно, а может быть и нет”, “Сейчас такой этап в моей жизни, когда такое мое восприятие чего-либо мне наиболее близко и оно может измениться” и т. п.

При избытке этой энергии у человека может проявляться надменное выражение лица, осанки; горделивая, категоричная манера говорить.

На Земле эта стихия проявляется у всех сущностей со спинным и головным мозгом.

Примечание. У человека эта энергия работает до ментального тела.

Проявление стихии Гордыня в физическом теле человека

Энергия стихии Гордыня проявляется, функционирует и вырабатывается в спинном мозгу, той субстанции человеческого организма, которая является основой “Эго” и в части состава головного мозга (это один и тот же вид ткани), больше с правой стороны.

Энергия данной стихии отвечает за возможность осознания человеком себя как индивидуума, как личности, с какими-то, только ему свойственными качествами и свойствами, со своими устремлениями и желаниями. Отвечает за физиологическое функционирование спинного и головного мозга: кроветворная функция и др.

Отсутствия энергии Гордыня в нормальном состоянии ума не бывает. Если это состояние Просветления, то есть состояние отсутствия Эго, то спинной мозг и головной трансформируется и преобразуется как по составу химических элементов, так и по консистенции.

При недостатке данной энергии могут проявляться различные формы зависимости ума, различные формы добровольного рабства, то есть, когда человек не понимает и не проявляет свои истинные желания и потребности, а подавляет их ради “кого-то”, “чего-то”. Может привести к малокровию, бледности, слабости, так как одна из функций спинного мозга — кроветворная.

При избытке — человек, как “кровь с молоком”.

Из книги Антарио ар Мате. Ю.Твердохлебова. Эфирное тело и законы взаимодействия стихий. Аура и Сушумна. Природные стихии. Чакральная система.

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PRIDE The element of Gordyna is manifested by such psycho-energy qualities as - complacency - importance - the importance of - dignity - go to sleep. In excess of this energy, a person has a state of complacency, a critical assessment of his behavior and the vision of himself from the outside. There is an impossibility of creative cooperation in any field, as whatever the person does and whatever he thinks, it becomes an absolute, unstoppable truth for him. In this case, there is a violation of the law ′′ Do not fall for yourself as an individual, do not fall for your importance. Only raising awareness can help you get out of this state, which can contribute to mental programs like: ′′ Everything I think, do and say, maybe, is true, interesting, or maybe not ", ′′ Now this is a stage in my life when this is my perception of something I'm the closest and it can change ′′ etc. In excess of this energy, a person can have an arrogant expression of his face, posture; proud, categorical manner of speaking. On Earth, this element is manifested in all entities with a spinal and brain. Notes. A person has this energy running to a mental body. The manifestation of the element of Pride in the physical body of a person The energy of the element of Pride is manifested, functioning and developed in the spinal cord, the substance of the human body, which is the basis of ′′ Ego ′′ and in part of the brain composition (this is the same type of tissue), more on the right side. The energy of this element is responsible for the possibility of man's awareness of himself as an individual, as an individual, with some, only his own qualities and properties, with his aspirations and desires. Responsible for the physiological functioning of the spinal and brain: blood function, etc. There is no such thing as lack of energy Pride in a normal state of mind. If this is a state of Enlightenment, that is, the state of the absence of the Ego, the spinal cord and the head is transformed and transformed both according to the composition of chemical elements and consistency. In the lack of this energy, various forms of dependence of the mind, various forms of voluntary slavery, that is, when a person does not understand and does not show their true wants and needs, and suppresses them for the sake of ′′ someone ", ′′ something ". May lead to malocrovia, paleness, weakness, as one of the functions of the spinal cord is blood-blood. In excess - a person is like ′′ blood with milk ". From the book of Antario ar Mate. Y. Tverdohlebov. Essential body and laws of interaction of elements. Aura and Sushumna. Natural elements. Chakral system. The book can be purchased from the publisher: Valentin Ivanyuk Book publishing house ′′ ABV ′′
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Ментальные ловушки: Глупости, которые ПОРТЯТ ЖИЗНЬ даже УМНЫМ ЛЮДЯМ.
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