An honest and throb-hearted journalist. Lydia Grafova passed away
Condolences from Nikolai Rybakov, 23.11.2020

On 23 November, the famous journalist and human rights activist Lidia Ivanovna Grafova passed away at the age of 83. Lidia Ivanovna collaborated with Yabloko in the protection of migrants' rights. In 2016, she became the party's accredited agent in the elections to the State Duma, and in 2018 she was the accredited agent of presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky. Y...abloko Chairman Nikolai Rybakov exressed his condolences:

Lydia Grafova was a real journalist, honest, throb-hearted, who fearlessly and selflessly helped people. If there was an article by Lydia Grafova in a newspaper, the readers began reading the paper from her article.

We will never forget how she, together with human rights defender Natalya Estemirova (read…/…/the-murder-of-natalya-estemirova/), helped refugees in Chechnya, how Grafova helped them in Moscow.

We were honored that Lidia Ivanovna supported us in politics.

This is a heavy loss for us.

May the grateful memory of Lidia Grafova live forever!

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Candidates from Yabloko came second and third in the by-elections to the City Duma of Yekaterinburg
The elections were accompanied by massive early voting, vote-buying and low turnout
Press Release, 23.11.2020

Vladislav Postnikov, Yabloko's candidate in the by-election to the City Duma of Yekaterinburg in single-mandate constituency No. 3, came second (20.8% versus 28% for the United Russia candidate). Potnikov won among voters who voted on the election day. Dmitry Trynov, c...andidate for constituency No.9 came third, receiving 14.5% of the votes.

Activists of the Sverdlovsk branch of Yabloko note that the elections were held in the conditions of massive early voting, buying up of votes for candidates from the parties in power, with a record low turnout of just over 10%.

“My congratulations to the Sverdlovsk branch of Yabloko and the whole party with good results in the by-elections to the Yekaterinburg City Duma.

This is another blow to the persistent myth that Russian regions do not vote for Yabloko and that we supposedly do not know how to conduct election campaigns,” Yabloko Chairman Nikolai Rybakov said.

The party leader also thanked the Chairman of the regional branch of the party Sergei Khorenzhenko, members of the Yabloko Federal Bureau Maxim Petlin, Alexander Yefimov, Olga Kolokolova for their active participation in the election campaign, as well as all volunteers and members of the candidates' headquarters.

Member of the Yabloko Bureau Maxim Petlin noted that another important result of the campaign was that law enforcement agencies, with the help of volunteers and observers, managed to detain and register several teams of buyers of votes.

“They have been buying votes almost always, but very quietly and discreetly, during this campaign it was done impudently and cynically, and they we rebuying votes both for the United Russia Party and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, however, on election day two teams [of buyers] were detained, we will follow the investigation and demand that not only those who performed this, but also the organisers are brought to criminal liability,” said Maxim Petlin said.

It should be noted that Dmitry Trynov, Chairman of the University Solidarity trade union in the Urals Federal University, and Vladislav Postnikov, head of the Sverdlovsk branch of the public organisation Open Russia, won the general democratic primaries, after which the conference of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of Yabloko supported their candidacies. The candidates share the values of Yabloko, spelled out in the Memorandum of Political Alternative (read…/memorandum-of-political-alternati…/).

By-elections to the Yekaterinburg City Duma in district No. 9 and district No. 3 were held on 22 November.

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