☄️ A meteor shower was seen over Lake Ladoga in Priozersk today. Cosmic Beauty! 📹astrophotoboloto
Ingushetia 💖
Motherland Calls or the Mamayev monument in Russia is a statue of a woman raising her sword to the sky commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. The statue also serves as a symbol of the Soviet victory during World War II, in which the Red Army defeated the German troops. The statue’s name more literally translates to ‘the Motherland that gave birth to me is calling,’ referring to the allegorical Mother Russia. At the time of construction, the monument was the tallest sculpture in the world, at 85 meters (279 feet) tall, weighing a hefty 8,000 tons. The sculptor, Yevgeny Vuchetich, used local model Valentina Izotova as the basis for the sculpture. Pre-stressed concrete with wire ropes was used in the construction of the monument. Where is the Motherland Calls? The Mother Motherland monument sits above Volgograd (Stalingrad) city, on a height called Mamayev Kurgan, marking the battleground of the fight that it commemorates. The city of Volgograd, formerly called Stalingrad, is situated along the Volga River in Southern Russia. From Volgograd International Airport you can take a taxi to the statue.