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Video Transcript
It's. Say I highly encourage that we will start walking now. Yeah. alright this way. Alright. matter right. Matters. Matters. Peace. No peace. No Peace, No Justice, No peace, No right. Peace No Justice, No peace now right now. No No peace, No right now police. Justice No peace. no racist Police No Justice, No peace. No peace, No Justice, No peace. no racist police. Boy. George Floyd. Holy Thebes No peace. No peace. No peace. police. Taylor We are at Taylor, we don't tailor. The trailer. we're on the tail. We on the tail. Brian Onna Taylor We are Taylor. Brian Onna Taylor. be a tailor. We are a tailor. Win X- Boyle Is. no peace. police. Peace. No peace. police Police The Beast Peace. Police Our fight. Police No peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Police Your shoot. Don't shoot. don't shoot. Shoot hands up Don't shoot back up. Hands up Don't shoot. Don't shoot. don't shoot. don't shoot. don't shoot. Sophie police Peace. peace Police peace police Save his day. No peace. police No Justice, No peace, no racist Police No Justice. Peace. police Police no Justice, No peace, No police. We are. Behan Taylors For Beast No right there. No nothing. peace, no racist. Police, No nothing. Peace. No go get up. I can. Free I can. Ready I can't breathe. No no no. Peace. police Peace. police let's. 11 sir. Black Lives matter Police police No peace. police Peace. police No peace. police No peace. police Judge Pauly No Beast. police no police. Peace. police No peace. police Passes It was a. USA No Trump KKK, No Fascist USA. No no. A No Trump USA No. No. Leash Peace. No. Mees police Peace no racist Police No Justice, No peace, no racist Police No Justice, No peace. No. George Ford. One Can't breathe. Dreed 123 Come with that another time I hope. you can understand right now. Police The To rise of a Dream. And I wanna get everybody. Matter Don't shoot. Don't you. Don't shoot. Shoot. We. Peace. Peace. Three Three Three Three Police Peace. Peace. police No peace. Peace. Three Don't shoot. Right Now Black Lives Matter White lives One Peace. peace Peace Excuse me primarily students. All of these people's right-I. Yeah, I guess it's a lot of walks of beautiful man. Yeah. No peace. Yeah, I see. It's been a long time coming. Black lives Matter That matter. Police no Justice, no peace, no racist. No peace, No police No. No rights, No Justice, No peace, no racist police Justice No peace now right. Right there. the police and Justice. Goss police don't Justine now right. Alright. now. Police no Justice. No peace. police Peace. No peace. No peace. No peace. No peace, I don't like. On me, We're in. the space. A C, A C. on all night. To enjoy this, we have we have a shut down this part. We made our home run. Four. We are. On Your Side, On Your No. No no. Alright. Here. Police No Justice, no peace, no racist Police No Justice, No peace, No police, We can't breathe, We breathe, We can't. We get free we. We can't breathe. Peace. Police right now. hold on. one zero I can't beat. There are not enough so I can't breathe. There's no we're we're here today to do something we're gonna make it so I can't breathe. There's no longer We can't be and we're here at 44. to three. No peace Justice. The history. Street. all day all night on the ACA. Water say hydrated y'all thank you. Thank you. Yes, you guys. Water Everybody is aware of we are going to be occupying. Able future They're out there now to get us out of here. We are ready on it. It's going a lot more greenery and stuff so you know feel free to stop by at any point during the weekend or whatever this is the new this is. we are officially protested. We're not. Look at this and we're not. And let's get it. Oh yeah and also everybody be careful because I haven't noticed that a large masses I was like neo-nazi and people around the city and you know. They're not nice to me. alright before on my Now, Seven don' I can't breathe. Say that. Come on Come down here he's gonna set you back. Quick H Street. For the children, I'm about to stop. That's right. I I feel like since I've been a father used to say to declare independence from oppression. I don't. On the other, I'm here to pick up. some No. Racist No Justice, No peace, No racist, No peace, No Justice, no peace, No racist, No peace, No Justice. no peace, no racist Police, No Justice, no peace, no racist. Right there no Justice no right now. Black Lives matter
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