R.Politik proudly presents its latest analytical bulletin. In this edition:

▫️ As the presidential election looms in the US, we look at Russia’s inconsistent position regarding the START treaty talks: what’s behind Moscow’s flipflopping and can it be explained by internal conflicts. Is the Kremlin really ready to concede to help Trump win?

▫️There’s been a lot of talk recently over Mikhail Mishustin’s political future. The very fact that he attended - and spoke at - the annua...l Valdai Discussion Club meeting points to his unique position, confirmed, in fact, by some fairly bold political moves, like his reforming of the development institutions. But does it make him favourite to be Putin’s successor?

▫️ Meanwhile, Mishustin’s predecessor Dmitry Medvedev has been struggling to shore up his political position. We look at where Medvedev has sought to make his mark.

▫️ We explain major recent reshuffles in the FSB, where the first deputy, and long time Putin’s confidant Sergei Smirnov, left his position. The Guardian earlier reported that Smirnov’s subordinate, Aleksei Sedov, might be involved in Navalny’s poisoning. We share our view on the real reasons for Smirnov’s dismissal.

▫️ Finally, we consider a set of bills adopted as a result of the constitutional amendments approved earlier this year. The most intriguing legislation concerns the State Council. We reveal how it compares to the Security Council, review its functions and explain the internal mechanisms that will secure its work, as well as link it to the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet. We also discuss changes to the Constitutional Court.

And, as always, you’ll also find recommended articles that offer an insight into the real Russia and the reality of its politics.…/bulletin-no-20-60-2020/

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