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Video Transcript
What do you think of it? This is my guy? It is your car Happy birthday. Mom's Mom's mom's Mom's gonna gonna gonna gonna see see see see. my my my new new new car car car let's let's. let's go. go. Going to it, they got a service it. Yeah, I know I got a better deal here though you're kidding me. Oh you wanna sit in it. I want it. Alright go sit in it. I'm sitting in it. Alright, don't don't start it up. I I don't don't know know if if you you remember remember how how to to drive drive stick stick are are you you kidding kidding me me your your father father taught taught you you on on a a 50 50 -eight? -eight? what what was was it it that that you you like like it? it? Yeah Yeah you you like like the the Outside Even know what to say to that so I have to actually have to Karen wants to see the other one cuz I might need a winter car cuz this this isn't isn't really really built built for for the the the winter. winter. winter so so so so this this this this one one one one next next next next to to to to it. it. it. it. come come come check check check this this this one one one out. out. out. Sitting this 10, I want this one doesn't everyone well. This is gonna be my winter car. I think but hop in. Selling this to you, they're gonna try to what do you think of it? This is my car. It is your car happy birthday. You like it. Gonna have a heart attack on me. یہ Good You like your face. Come give me a hug I love. Alright, I'm gonna let you go cuz you look really funny right now that that's yours. What? What what's yours? Are you kidding me? What did you do that your teeth? What what did you do? What did you do? Did you trade something? Oh, I gotta take care of exhale up. Let's see if I tried to do do I I need need to to go go get get get the the the keys. keys. keys. Yeah Yeah Yeah well well well when when when. I I leave. leave. You can't be serious. I'm serious. Wait a minute you're gonna get a truck. get your cheap instead. No why what else how to get a new car? you are so you like it. You are so bad.