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Video Transcript
Hello hello. Hello. Good morning. Good afternoon Good evening and welcome back to the channel. How are you guys? see you this Saturday? July Fourth. Happy Independence Day to all those traders, including myself. fought the war against against the King. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of all of you. all of you who live across the pond who don't celebrate the fourth, Let us in scoff. Spss Colonials They ran off broke free from Hi guys. How are you good to see you good to see you. I did not stay up late last night watching Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton, such a oh guys chat if Disney Plus you need to see Hamilton, it's very good. It's very good and Amy and I stay up very late watching and we don't even finish it. We got we got we got we got to the intermission. We're we got to bed. Oh, but it's so good that we're gonna finish. Of today, hi so that the the plan for today, we're gonna do a little bit of hyper scape the the new solo mode drop called Dark Haze a limited amount it's solos but they have limited visibility and Arsenal is limited and there's no crown. so this is solos and hyper. We're gonna see how it plays out and then and then we'll do a little bit of cuz I need to keep grinding this quest but. That is plan for today. hope you guys are doing well good to see you. I have that on the to watch. Yeah I I really I'm really bummed that I didn't get to see it on Broadway. I'm sure like the production is just fantastic. Who won the Gravis card when P N Y tells me then I will let you know but I don't know. Yesterday for the first time, I love the I think it's great. It's really good. I'm very impressed so Shy Where's my mouse? I don't see my mouse. It's really interesting. Hey Josh. Hey Bobby. Hey Julian. How are you It is the A Joey you we're playing Harrys Jimmy the streets are packed with fog stay on your guard. Oh this looks wild. Oh, I like the aesthetic very Blade Runner as very Blade Runner as I like it. Mandy you're hungover from hurting your if you're hung over on the phone. Oh no, I just need to drink and get over your hangover. Happy birthday. Marie How are you Logan? Thank you for the seven months of support. Welcome back Preston with the third suede with A- Four Kevin with the 20 - six. Thank you Are you gonna try to bring the Cox squad to this game well, so it's only three minutes. Sbs right now so that one would have this Of the 95 stars, so this is a chat we're at 92 people currently 90 - 490 - 590 - 690 - 790. Max players hundred for solos. We're all set. yeah here we go to deploy. Andy. How are you doing? Oh, you're stuck and that's I'm sorry to hear that dude. That's not good. Hopefully they bring squads of four. I know Rexx would say that he doesn't like the look of this game because it's like it's not like he's more of the realistic shooters and I get that this is definitely more sci-fi. Hi, Jack Hey, Dan. Hey Allan Good morning. How are you what's up? Joey Did you do you use a post workout? and if so what do you use I used three workouts that don't really use any post workout stuff. I'll do a protein shakes and stuff like a really heavy lift day, but. Alex Welcome back. It's so hard to watch got or Timmy could watch both the independent States and you can watch both just use the multi the multi link for the multi dot rarer dot Co. You can literally watch both of us at the same time. What's Corey Corey Homan Berlins Today isn't he of Adam? Happy fourth. hey, first off to deploy. Now, it's called hyper Piper. two words. all shit dude favors the bulls. My hands are cold, I'm gonna eat some warming up here. First strike Say something with this. DC. This is oh, this is rare a trippy. Very tricky. Oh my God it's so pretty this game is so pretty man warning Stas will soon be collapsing. your voice for the people. Get a spicier. That's. A voice for the people so it said weapons are limited in this never mind. I was like weapons are so limited, but kind oh and a sailboat. Yes, please I'm to send a message. 80 - four quads remaining, Oh. my God You did that to hey. Thank you buddy someone's in here. be a contender a sector has cursed 75 contenders left 75 left in Bye now. I don't think he really knew what he was doing. Sectors are about to collapse. Rely on nope, Oh no. I was dope. Are A- one. I love the look of this man. It's so hard to see shit. Watch out for collapsed sectors Oh yes. The viewers have chosen the You know the location contenders sectors are low gravity. Fuck me. God-damn it dude sucks. Event is ending. Yeah. Like I was just in bullets, I think he was sitting on a he oh my God dude Third party is sucks that was four think Oh, it's insane. You gotta be and there's no reason why mechanic I wish that they had some type of like comeback. I feel like my grenades weren't doing shit. In Arcadia flew off in his face, I hit the jump pad and went off the space in the blue. I wonder if I would have just engaged and left completely if I would have been fine, I got hungry. dude, you did it. Are you playing with any buds? I'd I don't know not very many bugs are playing this game right now like not very many streaming buds are playing this game right now, but we'll see and ie's print-out solos. maybe he'll get over solos and wanna play in a group. we'll see now not a lot of Facebook people are playing If you look tired this morning, I literally just woke up. I apologize. I don't mean to look tired. I just ila this morning and I was running late. I apologize for my look. I don't mean. Tired. I'm I'm I'm waking up I stayed up too late watching Hamilton and then I slept in so I apologize. I just didn't wanna run I I could have put up the stream of longer to up, but I just decided just to get dressed, get ready and start playing video games so I apologize. Why does it take so long to kill someone? It's just the way the game is. Contenders get ready costs are about to launch. Only 10 went up today for tired. Well, that person seemed that I don't want. I don't want to offend anybody. We live we live in the day and age where I could literally do anything and someone be offended so I don't I don't want putting off a bad vibe or you know putting you know, make my my tiredness offend someone's. I'm making sure I cover all my bases and apologies. The Internet is a fucking weird place dude. A voice for the people. Strike one. I'll take that. Sectors are about to collapse. 92 spots remaining. Where's this guy? What? Holy shit. but I step outside my healing pool. Just screwing him to die. It's game free, It will be free to play. It's not free to play at. up and down audio any good in this game or a crap like every other game. Oh, so you have to remember a vertical audio is really hard to make a thing when you're dealing with around so it's yearly left and right and there's no vertical in your audio. Then it's really really hard to make it work. I think I think they're doing a pretty good job with trying to sime audio within a stereo audio within a stereo audio environment. it's not perfect but it's better than call of duty. That's for damn sure. Yes, it's rough. Yeah. solo is rough and it's really unforgiving solos slows You cannot be as hyper aggressive as you are in a normal trios. Let's try being slower and stop trying to push everybody. You need to take a spoonful of sugar, I mean it does help the medicine go. Yes, this game is in the correct. What's the name of this game? Steves We're all about Steven give the five months but who takes A- two stars the stars and the hundred stars' very nice to the 500. Nathan and I thank you. Alex the 1030 stars. Thank you very much. I say to you and Shawn next to 26 months. Welcome back Hello Ryan. How are you? glad if you're still doing good? Yeah man. His trio The Max, or can you do squats suddenly there's only trios and it just rolled out this limited time Solos mode will this be PC only know PC Xbox and PlayStation Cross-platform game looks great. Yeah. visually this game is phenomenal. The mechanics of this game are they are great. They need to do some weapon balancing, but this is the first time that get out in the wild like this. so I'm sure they're collecting a crap in a data and I would love to see a weapons pass. I would love to see the two weeks. I think the time to kill his way too high like when you're sitting there and you're just like one guy I'm fighting. Just drilling them with the with the the Mini gun, it's just like. Matthew think the stars I just came only PC or will be no so it's gonna be tonsils. Edmonton PlayStation and they will be with PC. I love this blade runner Look man, it's looks really cool. Alright. Matthew Thank you for this 200 stars. It's very nice. You buddy. Thank you for that. On the board. No-I a-game crashed You gotta be kidding me dude god-damn it. Epson Shannon after that happened yesterday. Hello little brother want to try this game of xxx and I hate to fit your type movement. Oh well, then you're gonna hate this game, then yeah, if you don't like if you if you don't like Unreal Tournament movement, then you're gonna hate this game. I mean, I really wish this game would just picked up by the algorithm. It's crazy that even like normal viewership from call, he doesn't even like. doesn't even get picked at all by Facebook man. I can flip on it, I can flip on a Call of Duty stream. 3000 people show up right away if you turn on a hyper scape stream. Keenan even get a thousand you don't I don't understand it. Nice Martin. Hey, Nick Good morning. Alright. the algorithm is, but yeah, it's me like it won't even like delivered notifications to people like if the algorithm doesn't think that you won't like the content, then it won't even give the person the notification they we're playing Darker. There's there's probably a bunch of people that don't even know that I'm live right now. Stay on your guard because the Facebook algorithm doesn't think that they're gonna like the content they won't give it to them. I don't get it. But that's like that's the big reason why New games always have such a hard time on Facebook, which is crazy like that's why a. A lot of people are streaming it the exact same time. it's like new games are never do well. So I'm always talking about paying your tax. The thing that I'm scared about is to be like the thing with with Facebook right now and where it's at with Co. Oh she bought me up is that it's gonna be a forehead again. It's like everyone's gonna be streaming cudd and they're not gonna wanna break away from it because it does well on the algorithm and so they don't wanna branch away other games. Hey, Michael Good morning. Hey Osborn. It's just got a tweet from Doctor Are you on? The systems that you're gonna play hard and play game, No dude. I hate people who do that people who put Call of duty modern warfare as their as their game and they're playing like fucking. zombies or you know, GTA Five is their game and they're playing solitaire like I I don't I I do condemn those actions and I think that's a terrible way to manipulate the algorithm to get more eyes on your content like I'm just gonna bite down on the Bell and hope for the best you know. I as much as it sucks, I'm gonna like not gonna cheat the system cuz that's not fair the people who are actually playing call of duty for me to walk in and say war zones the game that I'm playing and then play again isn't a war zone. would that get more eyes on the content and more people wanting to watch it sure, but I don't wanna cheat you know I don't wanna be that guy. You know. now is where you're landing. You go to the pit the pit. Struggle from the Something with this. Yee Alright, alright. Set about to collapse. Get a spicier. voice for the people. The chest over here, yes, tell them. Oh yes. Yes, Max Shield. Hell Yeah. I'm gonna be a tanky boy. Out Yup all over the aliens got me, I'm back it has the spinning wheel. Oh God Timm Are you spinning wheel my stream? No. I'm good. Grandma's can still see you yeah. Chadd. Are we good? I was just worried cuz you were mid-sentence and went. Oh, no I see. Oh no, I see that they're apparently there was a hiccup. Yeah, you had a which is which is weird. Yeah. but it's weird though, because I don't have any drop frames on No BS. I said. Do you discard PCI do? Freak What do you mean? nothing worry about it? you would, but you worry about you. Why you worried about you. You let me worry about me. You were No. I wanna hear what you you know What do you? How do you? how do you mute discord you like your voice and discord. Then like this, you just hit the button on the go. I hit my no-I hit it on my stream Deck. Oh you read a bear no-I. just like weird. I'm just oh my stream deck. I have a little mini stream deck right in front of me so far away. What do you mean it's. You're like reaching light years to get the mute yourself I push the button on my mouse or pushed to mute. Yeah, but my my gaming PC look at that one minute did my servers are pug whatever. Whatever It's ridiculous. Yeah, but so the reason why I stopped running the go, XLR and like the discord on my gaming PCs because every time I alt tab or something you just messed up. everything streaming wise to the streaming PC I just hit mouse 12 on my on my mouse that the 12 button I use I use one of those that that's the MMORPG mice fucking right but logic thumbs up. I could I wouldn't be able to figure out I would take me forever to learn all of those buttons on my. That's just that's a lot like it's just to remember like positioning to remember which where you wanna hit. It's a lot forward and back is all I need. I just need to click the button. give me one give me let me point the quickies that I'm getting two of those Apple mice that has a ball on the bottom and what it's a square. Oh my God that was such a bitch. Yeah, it's terrible. you have to like open it and rotate you rotate the thing you won't pull the ball out. huh. Are you back in early when it's still moist in anyway, but? have you ever did you wear to track balls? okay so track balls are pretty dope but they always weirded me out cuz like I I just didn't like not being able to move it like having a stationary and having to use your thumb like it's just I was never precise it. I always miss stuff. everybody know they look cool. It's all about ergonomic mice that look like a joystick that you hold straight up and down and then move like. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's the reason you have you seen the game pad that it looks like a glove that goes over your hand. It's like all plastic and stuff and you have to like you lift your knuckles to hit keys. Wait. what yeah I'll have to show you a picture of it. It's wild so are we doing? We're doing a test right? Yes Gaby Gaby. Alright. let's go Radar Tower The first tank is passes. gotta go towards the our station. the right side. We might have dudes in our hard right here in a minute I would know for sure. That's that one yeah, this it'll be on the back side and probably other two. It's behind us real quick. I was empty. Is the upstairs I was like, Oh I get upstairs again. Gas analyzer I got a book. That's a nice 40 kg. There's a hard drive. It's full. It's full of Timm. he keeps his pouring on the hard drive. That's the eight terabyte Western Digital Red Okay Nice Nice. Yeah. there's a lot of in the porn. Timm no-I feel that dude let me have redundant Poe Okay. Let me have it. It isn't porn really redundant. You know what do you think about it? I don't like to think about. I use the potty. I actually going on right now now the one down here in the in the basement the first floor There's a potty right here. Oh. okay. alright Fres. No one 's pushed up Hey, you say that so I'm probably gonna shot in the head in a second. This tent. With the Shedd, No. You should be able to see Scs from here. Just hugging the ridge, I'm on the walks in front of him. he's on the walk on the White. I'm not gonna talk about this all the time because otherwise chat will unser for me. Are you running No back where we came from? There is left side. Z inside the fence no-I look he was outside to be in front of you. One Austin I'm gonna go on the rocks over here. Definitely there. but if you still over there, I think so. I hear you move it up on me. I see my first tank Mark. How's you yup? A source of power. Let's run right by it, I feel like we would have. Yeah, you might have. Face Shield Made me check mine it look like you're up Sorry. That's why I feel good. You just you by. I'm gonna write the left and he was he ran past the right side. No no. I just don't go like I saw the silhouette and then that was it. Well, I'm not seeing. I think we would still here-I'm clapping around and so hey, let's go down and get the thing. Oh shoreline no fucking either. Usually there's there too. Yeah. We have this problem the other day. build Toca every raid. I mean there's we can hit up the town and the Coast and stuff there's gonna be at least decent spots down there. power in theory should have a lot. I don't like this angle that we're approaching them. To get more high ground here we got tunnels so I get it the next day to hit the back side of the spot. Up here in case I think that's wise. How many fingers do you usually use two. Good Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's a party three. There's this bridge back there think I forgot about this mapping so long. Oh Yaeger Sach Yeah. So I just moved up Green as a million times brighter. What the hell? What's the lumens on my eyeballs? Out to the right. I didn't hear anything, there's there's like a Ricochet shot. I didn't hear that I killed I hate this so much Ben I didn't hear anything. I didn't even hear you die. you're right next to me. That's where the shot came from. It's up. I think you're right somewhere. That sucks. I got a head to head by. a seven in one arch somebody's got an SP DS. I'm I'm so confused because you are right next to me and I didn't hear anything The only good thing in my body is the Mfour. you can leave everything else. I want to make sure I don't get killed by this guy. he's watching. I'm not doing the desk. So, You are right the power of. I'm so I'm terrified to step out. Yeah. I'm trying to get back in. That dude's might be working on board in heaven. I don't know the angle. but you said the shot came from somewhere North to right-I. I think your side of of the River but I didn't even see him I did I heard a that hit the ground somewhere like near in front of me over there stop for a second I got hit right in the head. I'm out. I grabbed her and I'm just not okay. all you gotta do is get the tunnel when the not and then I wait. do you wanna change your status in the mouse but I'll try to go through them. Shoreline might be the worst map in labs. I said. Oh, I said it. Yeah, you were you were all about 10 feet from me and I never heard a guy go. Yeah. I didn't hear a gunshot. I didn't hear anything. Wow like yeah, you were literally 10 feet from me. Okay. Yeah. That's why I was just so perplexed because none of that made sense to me. I'm fucking. Just ordered me some No cans. Thank you. Tim. Good luck today and happy fourth. I found Aap oh, that's nice. Oh fuck. I get so nervous holding a year. I don't worry about it. Man no matter what. it's. Get your Minecraft figured out no, I don't have time to try and. Everything is breaking Timothy, I know I do so I felt we get old. time on my body to my body is a gaming machine of myself. Oh my. cut off love your show tomorrow. God-damn it dude. I got a spa here. That's all Yep. make sure he's up with Prime. Apparently, the guy that killed me as a chat, somebody said earlier, I don't know that or not, I don't know I don't really care. He shot a blueberry in the head. You feel bad. Hi guys. Did you kill him killed a guy? this is not the guy who's camping. This is somebody who's walking up on extract or trying to get to it. So you just came that guy No-I. I'm about wait. I'm like a hundred yards away from extract. Okay. love you maybe even more sir-I fucking guy. No. he's dead. He's dead. No that's extra camping guy. Oh the Xs cambering you have to find him. I got the hammer on there if you don't want no, I got, I got to validate on KW. Oh a Flash's went off. Guys get me the flash bang. I wish you fucking bang him. Pss Happy fourth. Thank you Mark. Fuck This guy walked right up to me what the fuck. Watching my stream are you. I found the extra camper. What that Moses shotgun Guy Yeah. fucking killed me. Oh I killed him. Yeah. Yeah. I got a power cord LCD and the stuff is not worth anything. No no it's. It's like the cheap. so I just take this hexagon off to make the Shank Note We'll take the bra off the most and I think yeah. Yeah, so I had to run up on me like I was. we're watching. We're all there. You are watching Okay. I was like I said I do it's how long the shock hasn't even worth it. I just I took the most and got the eight hours as well. The guy there's a guy who ruled on me with an AR. I watch you. We all laughed. Oh. yeah I K W. Yeah. I filmed up on you and that destroyed. a.m. It's pretty. yeah, I found somebody I don't we're taking the mags or should I just dump em send em just check the first one and look. Moti I'm 80 - five A- one. We got okay. good. Are you are you open to some constructive criticism? No please? I'm I always this is always the part backed up on is always the so if you're trying to drain Somebodys shit quit controls' clicker's their stuff and it's just flies into your inventory. That's what I I I did do that. I watch you drag the magazines off my bad. I don't know what I that's I think I think it's cuz I was I was trying to play around with it all went if you just do that and it just ran. Goes to whatever it is you usually if I'm trying to go fast worried about somebody rolling up, I just control through all the stuff and get up in the way 100 percent Sorry, I don't know you're fine. No. I appreciate it. It's good. This is always the part that I always have the hardest time and it's just those are figuring out what to say is the ammo of the hammer is the damn right those magazines with the MA five They want the Meggs my body. Oh, is that he had a moises in a shotgun. Those are my magine. Yeah, I would assume this is all I think you're painkillers, orlin your morphine and that's my markers my Ms 2000 Well, I got your hey, then he brought me your fucking. in my. I didn't even have to oh he had a fucking. oh hold on. I've got your glasses in me. Oh, no, I have no room for them, but it's fine. That's fine. That's Super funny that he literally just brought all my shit wait. So is this the guy? Yeah the guy in the fucking Hatar project was the guy. It came posing yeah, I'm wondering if the guy with the fucking eight hours is the one that was camping me on the tunnel and they were together. That's the vibe. I'm getting. that's funny. I'm he as fuck. No-I you're beacons too. It's funny. That's that's actually very funny. guy. I'll have I'll have your entire kit in me and I can bring it. I love you. I love you. I appreciate that but I just I I didn't do shit. I didn't have to go look for him. He came to me. I we were when the guy ran up on you apparently they run with Exx Camper's two of his four man squad that makes a lot of sense. Well, let me just I'm just gonna say this. I'm not making any accusations of just putting it into the world. Okay. It's like a fucking for me what I'm gonna put on the world. Here's what I would do. If I just try to roll up on some. gentleman like myself and who got shit on, I would not say that again out of respect. Do we understand I'm not saying anything I'm making any accusations. I'm not no idea. I'm just trying. I'm just saying. That's what happened. and you've you're tempt, I would I'd I would tip the hat and say day and move on. You're so classy cuz you got a crush on. We all understand what I'm saying, I'm not making an accusation. I'm not saying they were or not I'm just saying if they were. and that happened. what's up baby let's go. maybe we'll get them next time. You know what I mean. Yeah, but you lost. I'll look at his muscles. Oh God he's still watching. Can I just boil you on some content that would be hot? I've never been oiled up first before making it happen. I've been 2020. - one are you gonna each other one million dollars in four -hours in my block and I will oil him. Conde. I condon that I can send to this. Yep, Yep. Yep. Yep. Whoops. Are you okay being a piece of it for hilarity Sir-I'll in a kiddie pool and I'll I'll get a spray bottle. I'll There you go. He clipped this and remind me that I said it in a year wait so these are okay. So these are your mags The Jenn Andy's those mugs because they have So where did the fucking AR come from his radar? but okay, I just make sure these are okay so he has a six A- one in his mags. You're on the good ammo. He's running the budget. Yeah day Five A- one okay so that one your mug This is it's yours. This is That's good. Okay, at all, I mean how many eggs you bring for I had the one in the gun, plus four. Additional yeah. so this guy only brought one magazine in his AR. so. that's funny, funny guy. I brought every one of my shoreline keys by the way. I have a lot. do you want me to bring you pain? Killers? Ipa. Oh, that's yeah, so I had 220 - five. I think that was mine that we're out of four pillars and then The four magazines and then I will have everything else minus the gun so you've been Gunn mags meds that was acceptable. Yep. It works for me. Thank you very good. sir. It's great. but do you want this? You want this? oh yeah you do before we go back if you want to we don't have to somewhere I would like to try it. I would like to try to get this this. this I gotta get the stupid test on. Yeah. we'll go back one more time I had to plant those seeds markers. There's I'll bring markers as well cuz I'm gonna get the ambulances. Okay, I think there's three that I need again and then I guess I do I need my mask and yeah, I was I had no more. I'll accept that because you killed them. get on on get on very good. I'm gonna have to put your so when we get in right-I, you drop your rig or something so I can just put that in there. Yeah you followed up. I'm wearing the beard chat not yet. I got my Red boy back by the way the Red boy have you seen my Red yet? No. What is that did you have my stream up? No? I can't just check real quick. Making sure all your okay. Okay, This is Red Bull. Oh. it looks. Oh that's dope looking. yeah. It's really cool. I suck the Big Seed giant Red site on there, too the vortex I like yeah. I like that one for this film that looks like this fuck the Red boy. It's it's dope is that like Max, a s' is that what you is that the vet no it does the attachments are good like that that furniture is good, but it's not the best but like it's like the the stock is insane no 89 percent plus 17 x-rated. 50 and three percent recoil and then the the grip is Tanner like there's better. There's a better grip, but it's Red. I'm like. yeah, no it's on there. and it looks Super light There's only four point one kilos I think compared to other a pretty damn life. Alright so these four mags my three beacons your chickens your Ipa Soleil. the way it's my Ipa where I think pills. There's only two cases in the flea market right now for three point Four million a piece. gurr vomit. I just need a splint. Okay. I guess I had one charge left Tomlin. Cool. I've got my meds and your meds. you got that got that did you shoot? You didn't okay? You're you're good. You didn't shoot a bullet. I test I got shot You got got it on I got shot on I'm insane water on. Do you? Alright those guys got pooped on there. but the dick. Here's she's insured. Alright, I'm in there by the way A- one let's start no more ammo. Yeah hiding hiding this DM where we where we gonna go. I just I need to refill the Nemo's does that beacon that I planted now or something? Why are you screaming at me? It shouldn't it should count counts it counts. I need to if you already placed it. Yeah, I know you're I'll chat right now. No, I mean I'm good friend but once I see you when are you playing coffee probably on Monday Andres like not today I've been playing a lot of man you thank you, Cory and Patrick appreciate you guys. let's get caught up on on alerts real quick David thanks to the 21. Come back Shaun with 250 stars Timm if I could name her, but I enjoy your content. I just want to love ones for the 762 AK. Let you all know that I love everything you do and especially thank you. Sean. I appreciate that Man Jeff the stars play with the stars. I would love to have like. Ability to like put not like not like skin on your guns, but to be able to like spray, paint it or do something to that extent. I love all customization. you've seen the bananas right so, of course it literally have a sticker on the side. Yeah. it's it's great. Thank you buddy. the very tactical. That's awesome man. that sounds great. Thank you for the 200 stars. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you so much. Brandon thanks for the five months Mark with A hundred stars Anthony three months, Lara and thanks to the 17 months that you're the 444 stars. It's just ordered me some nitric. Thank you best of luck today. Thank you buddy. Happy happy fourth to you as well. my of five stars look Mott my second favorite streamer behind myself. One -A ving with this crazy doctor Love Showtime. I love you too buddy. Thank you for the stars. Thank you for your support Act of God's Super Nice man. Thank you for the 700 stars today You're Super nice Matthew the three months welcome back so thanks to a hundred and 50 fourth to you buddy. I'll be great week on the family Mark coming in with 1000 star bomb. Happy Fourth You man by the 20 - six Welcome back Jake with the two happy fourth to you Margaret the 1000 stars as I'm proud of you and thanks dude Matt the stars that before dude Bruce with the three months Ben with the three months Jason daystar you. Alright, here is your gun. if you drop your rig. I can quickly load your stuff into it and throw my back. you got it. And go. That's a weird pattern of this place in here I like it, It's threw it in there as quickly as I'll throw it to you as quickly as I can. What? my heart out? Alright I guess we're between two of them. We gotta go customs for the gonna go down first and then back to the spa. Yeah, it's my ambulance are at two at so I think one it's. No we go to A- as well, then I hit one. Plus Gass in town. Some movement out there my 12 on the Hill. That's a spawn. that's a spot over there. Then now he's behind the Raider, he's going left to right. Let me check real quick. I think I have the one to go to the stupid buildings. Yeah Chairman Fisherman Ints. I've never heard that one I'm able to check the locations. What is? It could have been that there was an unfollow and a refill can you make my wage and the 500 stars? It's Super nice. Dude. Thank you for enjoying the content. Thanks a lot man. Thank you for the right ones. Alright. so. this might be the first one right here. Come on down. Shek Oh, you got a key. Do you need one? Yeah one 'll the back of the Hang on there, Thank you. As soon as I pick up here out of battery in your mind, alright, so this is the first House which is this I want that's I'm not sure what that is next one is. Oh, no. that's okay. So that's the furthest. Southwest one and then I gotta go back to the town the other ones. Is it? It's compensation. I don't think this is one no. Pretty sure I like the the Holy one there's one across on the Green and the ridge over there. maybe it's the one you're in. how you get in this House. This is the door side. Okay. Notable Well, it's one I hate this fucking quess Remember, which one of these oh that sounds yummy There's the church Here's the steeple. You open it up, You'll see all the people I'm so mad at you.