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Video Transcript
Hello. Let's get to learn how does he do that? What's gonna? be coming in coming? Hey, Jeff. How are you my space Bar tempo? Thank you. Alright, small drop point for your team you got gas closing in fast. Get to the safe zone. Yes, I have a real class for multi player, which is throwing names and yields and it grows. Austria we've we've only done one game where to go you wanna go storage garage for that. Yeah. we're at the airport Garrard. Can you space bar or not? Thanks? Yeah dude. Hello mugs loves all the places I do I do I do I do I gotta like yeah, you got a Super Super store TV station. I don't like TV station. We went there a couple of times they would you pick that one. I like all the westbeth. Circle up a lot here you don't see a lot of southern circles Central circles. They need to work on their ranch. What's the splat somebody hit the ground hard? after do that? I'm never. It's never good for it. Yeah Right then. tell me here. Oh that's cool. If you have a throwing night use the pistol from Mali animals and I don't know if it does more than what. Yeah, under either. It makes a cool sound. rotate into College or we gonna stay here. They're people they're in the car. I just saw I did got that down below me. you just got out of the car. I got one down. huh he's back in the car. Zoomed Yeah, he is a human he's going to the bargain. You good mugs. Yeah, I got. I finished this guy down there. Oh burning he's gone. Okay. Oh. yeah. I hit the ball of fire. This is fire. Oh no, but it stays on the vehicle so just get cooked them alive. Oh yes. yes. that's cheeky. yes. Burn fail They all dude. Personal radar in the yeah, someone on my truck once and it can be inside the truck. That's cool interesting. Yeah. It was a very just experience. This has been looted by by that slows guys. Keep your Lisa, which contract you guys like doing best I bounty seemed to be the best records right for sure, like knowing who's around me. It's kinda like a free UAV. Yeah, Yup connecting people yes saying We have money. We do have money. We do have a dollar reduce guess moving in this one right there go get our loans. I have do you have to turn on something special for the day. This boy. I don't think so boy avoid turned on. I haven't heard anybody. unblocking there just at the top of this roof right above you just feel. yeah. he's great. I did did you. So I'm sorry what I'm sending it, He said he he crashed his car. There was another guy up here, though, Oh, no dude, I think that might have been. I think he just grabbed the heel and then died. He gave him the Helo was it was from the East. Oh, did it car everyone's here? Good? What's on? let's fire load up? Huh. Yeah. Out of his car and my cash cash. Still on the roof, I played there, one just jumped down there, but he's not pushing towards. the up there in the one thing they're driving off. Alright obviously personal writer in the air. we don't have enough. Oh shit. broken armor. Around that guy over there. One blue one more No, I think he made me jump down. Maybe I wrong. Bye bye. Bye. Nice one more. So one more time good there you go. I just saw Harvey out the door precision experience as well. Yeah. Oh, this guy head over heels. to playing on it. I would have done nothing Cashman. We got our enemies on Green over there. We can go you guys need armor good thing. I'm doing. I got three. I'm doing okay. I'm trying to go for the assassination. Targeting Superstore, Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. like if you played this a while you had that turned off, there isn't that actually screwed it up. delete one of the multiplayer file. Oh, that's why to come back. David. Yeah. if it's not work. If you talk a lot, Yeah, I did yeah much. She's not saying anything you can game now playing game death cuz like on team if you killed. You can hear like a set of their calm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just curious if you'd hear like you can hear a team now If they talking game, I would assume it's just completely note. I heard I heard talking game there. I don't hear anything so yeah must also killed yeah. Alright. I'm coming over to you grabbing the roof. checking for Claymore. Oh, hell Tim I'm going. I don't think I'm looking through the roof on this map or on this one and he's running to the right towards the package. Nothing on heartbeat, though you want radar, what they're supposed to be a decoy. It must be deep. Right here in front of us West, you must be like right here. Yeah. Here. I want one. Got em a shit job that's hot, Let me get better before dude. I'm so bad at it. It's great. We got 20. oh yeah. they had a lot of cash here. Boys man fall in. You're so nice, Oh Imma. go. give me a pop. Yeah. He treats me nice and then you got gas. That's where it's like both of them, but I only get confirm guys getting rockets there you go. Yeah. I might grab one of those absolutely can't you just get it right in here back inside again Store. Pull it just gives you half okay. Oh. did I give me full? It's actually you wanna drop your a round chair and I can if you can find another out here it's for you only give me two well I'm holding. What is that? why does it? It's next to me? Did you hear that giant LMG? just no top it off? I heard a couple of the Southeast. Maybe it sounded like it was on top of me. I don't know what's in that one sounds like it's far away. I'm gonna go to this by station up here to vendor. Got your ride. Oh, we got a sniper bonus. Go Go go Super store if you have a sign for the main entrance, I saw Glenn Frey getting selfish heading UAB. We got a car coming I like it's gone. Oh they take forever, though this guy is moving right, he's moving towards the goal ahead of us again up and now sitting still, I wanna rock rock on Green. We're getting on the bus. We're here coffee. Oh my God took forever Awesome stones in deep Green ones on a rock ahead here on the roof we get shots for resupply. It's nice. That's the one right here buddy. hit you got shot. Broken armor shit knocked one out on a tree there gonna push up. Oh, he's there at the pillar from the kill I cannot far. Come on talk right carefully down down down. Friendly He's cracked going inside. The other night okay. You got them. but he's. I got it. One of those that was Southwest Okay. Good good good We'll try to get over the phone. Yup, she advised Amy's location is moving here on my position. Okay. We're good on the right. Yeah, it's a good spot to hang out there for a bit. Trying to go to contract just in case we get some some extra money have an idea when it's close to us again. advise you wait this bingo fuel before replay. It's a missile over here moving here. I got a player in here. Yeah. Yeah. It's a couple, okay I get on another another roof just keep pushing forward. I think that's a fact there's three ones. Is Stinky is down easy money. Airstrike up there. Oh, yeah, if we get a knot hundred percent. My air strike let's go to the group building next are the yellow or Green or yellow yellow. Does anyone else have a negative? Jump to the Green things. They're gonna be in this building Holy shit. Seven hurts good, you wanna drop I might need help coming up. I'm holding right stairs right now, guess who's moving in the shadows, but we're okay. One below me, I got an RPG. Killer other side Yeah. Oh shit. No there you go good fall weather to pop in and save time. There's more. Hey good call I think by Tim Yeah sounds like it. I'm flanking him. Mommy, I can't get that will actually something. It's dirty. Tim, That was dirty there's someone else, so we still have one more. I think he said, well, then who threw the snapshot Grenada and we got we got sided. right behind me. Yeah dude. maybe here someone's to pick it up. I'll take it. I had no idea the guy behind me. Tim what I was. What what what? Grab this value. This way trucks out of places like you literally just go to the door. You just replace those people here inside this building steps cigarette. one. I wanted to one bedroom. Check your fire Your in-game cares dropped the WTF advice. Oh yeah. Oh this yes live. Closing the new safe zone friendly UAB over here. So that entire thing like yeah Bud dad. Yeah. I think we did this Hillsdale train station train station suckers. You guys got extra pockets dropping six right now. Dude yeah pushing and pushing it sprinting over you gotta load out down them down in a nice suit. 90 - eight seats sweet headshots vehicle Middle Road left coming our way. Maybe off. we're fine. We're fine. If you guys get a run down now I could drop and that bad boy. I thought they patch that I thought they passed it. I don't know. okay. I understood when you In our back as well, this is a good circle for us. This is a really good too. As long as nobody comes behind. We're good. There is a full team right there. Pretty stupid after wrong Come on close, come close come on over come on over there. Nicely done Apparently, that's it They did patch it. Yeah. Yes, I thought my badly looking at us on the roof. Yes sir. Oh, I just got tagged coming back behind the pings on the they will look at you good. They're really tied with the it might be pick. Down one down one on the roof roof he's going for the rest for inside. Can you put a rocket right there hit them right in that door? Close. I can't eat, there's so many things out there. I get to that sniper there you're pulling down them down them down. Nice another one looking as well. Top higher. No. Oh, he's gonna die in zone. Down here T team on to the right, They're gonna be cutting. See that car car car. That's my dude til two more the Wall of the head down down down down down. Where did this guy go here? he is. But you might wanna get there down closing. We might I'm getting nothing. I don't know he's after they're Green pink. high ground on the she can buy around four head of this way I got a precision strikes I don't know. I doubt it I got coming in. I'm armory impact. Downstairs it's right in the door down dead I'll finish. he's inside. Damn I'm self. Get down you can cover so yeah, I got you got you got you gotta smile now. Do you wanna go here? There's already one on the roof. You could push that we're gonna have to be a seam it be advised you open the door. Oh boy hit both us. Come on you guys are gonna have to get up. you might wanna say on the bottom bottom of the yeah. No. that's fair. That's right. We're gonna have to jump off so you have to kill him enemy UAV. Armor plates on my body right now. he's fucking outside broke his arm. The Wall here Tim Watching well, I think on the other side of the Wall. Keep it down, Let's go. Hell. Yeah. Oh my gosh. What did you do what a terrible circle crap? My butt is called. Damn Oh, we're gaming that one inch your butt was clinched the whole time. You guys so high. It was a very good game. It was 211. Yeah. Yeah. The last guy has open the door dude that was not on two walls like there's something alive at the end. Thank you. Thank you bud very very much what I was EBR Dude just does so much video gamers. That rocket is ridiculous. Yeah, I believe he was nailed those cars. You need it. Yeah no, And when you run for that play, I was like dude, I knew they would hate that I need it so badly I needed it so hard nailed that guy. Oh, I got some attached. No, it was fun. Check. I thank you for the 1200 stars. Thank you for the hundred and 50 Stars Diesel Winter Stars Eric up in another 1200 long time. No see how to pop in and see what Eric Thank you so much man. I bet you stop by thank you for the stars. You were generous man. Thank you for that. should hundred 67 stars so I was killed by your squad. Just I tried to assess what have you all got up? Oh God they give a hundred and 60 years John with A hundred and 40 - five. My girl. Did you have a cute baby? I think it's pretty myself. John Thank you for the cars. you guys are very nice. I hope you guys are wonderful time today in the stream if you are new to the if you haven't already Hit that follow my name is Deborah Tonight. Also Tim here on Facebook I like playing video shooting gun fifth can having you thank you for hundred shares almost 30 - five reactions chat here 50 away from 30 - 500, but very, very much guys. I appreciate all the Stream's Pass I don't practice time the real thing. He can't be fun. I just got the best of me at me, Oh man. Chad I just tweeted this thing. Oh God here. it is thank you for the spin off the bag. Oh how did their label how you doing? Oh what is this circle? Pretty far South. Wonder TV station I don't know why. Hey lady. Did you have a good day? Yeah. I don't see you buddy. The target close to killing me, I tried 20 face smiling smiley face. Your Rockets wait did art. No our brownies okay. He's just running away. Mark here. Yeah, you got a little problem. Yeah. dude bad really five names. I need a reset. I can't believe other people don't see me sometimes after if I've been playing for a long time, then sometimes I do feel stuttering. I just always talked that up to crab. Yeah. I think he's sometimes too like I'm really bad games where everyone's just zipping around the map, But my space will also have that problem too. So that's why I rock it up to really RBG here soon always package. I don't know I just. I need a better primary where's the buy buy and fight those guys in our bounty is just out. I'm lost in here done. Get out here we go. I'm money. I just keep doing circles. I literally just used circles. I found all your money. Come on Kim Holy crap dude forever. Get out terrified. That's right all these right here, down instance, Well done. I never doubted you. I think he was fighting something I don't. Took my off Timmy Yeah, but I'm out a bag be control. Oh, they got to the left. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't worry. I got you daddy's gonna take nice until yeah. I've been waiting here. What do you mean give him his allowance armor too be advised we got a team here just a solo one solo dude. you guys could go ahead and murder. he's sitting there. he's. He's a great move. Oh, no I cannot believe I missed why EMDR and Where's the topics I don't know he showed my ground. I got was that there's. Shit I don't have armor. But there was another one in this House. He's still in the House down Nice, got it. I got it. You got this. Kinda the reason why oh my I like it mommy. Yo the ground that's nasty nasty stuff mugs much just keeping you guys go back. Wow. Oh, I think you got you we got enough. We can bring it back no short redeploy. I think I mean he killed everybody in there. Yes, No. no. there was two guys that were in here Holy armored get to the safe zone muggs we can get I'm trying to figure him on Google or not. Oh another one going to the roof here, but we need a farmer. There's no way this year. Right now, Alright, so I'll try to get on the roof. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I gotta tell you man he's rolling standby so right into the roof. Right there, Oh, he's got a buddy. There is there are two of them here. Sniper I can't assist trying to see if I can assist you down to the Super. His buddy is here a movie, but he's coming going to the House. He's not down. I'm getting. Mike Cuz I'm insane dude that you're proud of your mind brother, so I picked up muzzy his gun out build. no no means the barrel. It's almost it's a semi Timmy. It's a long one long boy. This one 's gotten stock on it too. Yeah crazy irons on that. Oh. Accurate his hard yes is if you want your guns back, I'm gonna switch look. there's a lot of drugs than just calling another one okay. Oh, no, I don't think you guys need more armor plates and buying buying some there you go extras were so high now do that again. I thought I figured. I'm good cashier cash. I bought some other plates in the air. Yes, what the hell did you? I just looked and looked up and hope and dreams. Slow down in my yard shots and Bank. That moved much Oh, I'm happy. I like that. This has been hit gosh the sniping shutter. Do you have a bounty anywhere? Got this one here in the downtown terrify downtown downtown Roof. I like Roof right here. Eight wait it won't he still can't even tag em. I hit him twice. He just crashed through the Hill resting. The load out drop the way down to be pushing this this guy. Oh, yeah. dude my brother right here. he's running. okay. Other one too that one to the right, there's another right further right down the track him go go. There's one left. He's gonna he's gonna be weak. It's going further right just back up tree there. Warmer on the tree back down Nice it's gonna get back on the name. This way nice job boys. Lots of armor lots of ammo up the. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. no. yeah. Why are we aren't there was some on the Hill? Yeah, That was alright. I've got four play. Yeah. two is good. I'm good. Are you come on come to papa. I'm coming come come come. as a team wife. It's not freezing. Oh, there's the team at UAB UAB you. here's your armor. There's your armor so nicer than food delivery system there. Oh, it's so considerate you get such a bad rap. Hey, you know that they knew stuff we gotta get to the state so now well. So are you running amped on that? is that why you're able to quickly? Yeah, I brought him even if I'm not running again, I love the quick swap. I've been eating. I've been using the the trackers really good footsteps. Yeah really helps the first tried and then I switched off it. I gave it another Trump. I really like disappears too quick. I think it's helped me a couple of times in camping corners. I like you finish them with an RPG like you did. Yeah, how do we want this? I was on my kill count. I was like why doesn't it? It's only one what happened is a sniper and they're all laying on the ground. It's the Earth around me boy snipe. I need a recount on my position. wait three to play. That's just running through running through the air. It's not my station right here. UAV is out of fuel return. Let it cool slap it clapping cheeks the sound of it. That's that's it. You have the variable zoom up just running a little three X zoom guy on it. People in this House in complex. Oh shit I just got knocked out was from self on the hilltop. Yeah, you're safe here. Hilltopper. I think it was. I'm not sure about pretty sure it was this building. Yeah. Okay. I'm trying to cover. It's gonna hurt you got you got it. I have too far to go so it's a good. Yeah. yeah. Yeah you see on that angle. He's on the roof. he shooting the other people. You get on planes you I I'm good. I played it up. Let me get here. Hey train Okay. I'm gonna grab the bounty movie. Have a lot on top. You wanna get keep on the roof or got precision air strike. Nervous. His life. Let's back up on the top above the Green there. watch your back so you can make it up to right here. Easy peasy tag them. Down this building, I don't like being said everyone's stop. People crossing the Street right now, Hello playing with people think everybody is always trying thing. Honestly, they're paying system is pretty well. It's got such a weird on it. Things are wrong stuff a lot too like you're looking at instead of the player. Yeah. Next next room over this one right here. Oh there he is. Team Okay. Five bro. Bro. Bro Damn. At least two. They jumped into this moving here. They're worth coming to the next building, bitch dude. Train train train train train train Northwest I'm putting a strike on it because there's been this charge. Phoenix striking. Bonnie Got em Hey, CBR just had like a truck closing get to the take car rotate try to get him tried it maybe you're heading on Green. That was the guys in the House. I got in the roof right now. Buh bye. Yes. yeah, I think it just you just killed him. He's getting his body from there. Okay. Do you wanna take car? I think we just into the buildings up ahead. I was thinking we do. Oh I guess we really can it's gonna be RPG City here. Yeah, we can take control of the city or it could go up towards something out of the town. Oh shit that you see that you just want a foot and bring attention to ourselves. okay. Yeah, let's do it but I like attention. I feel that that's why I was asking like you think Harry told him take the car don't give a quiet. I think that works. Friendly UAV overhead. Nice UAV. Yeah. I got scared. I got a couple of made one on rotating outside of the House outside of the House is here up the Hill to him. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna let him go. Let him go just get a little bit less than we can we can even get a pick to target the shot down. I got mugs, there's high, you guys are incredible Oh my God never finishes. They never finished that you are puff of that 90 - eight dude I love Even though his head was dead, but I'm gonna go get pizza. Oh, we need self-rising guys. Company he was stationed in the House. I'm saying. Got it got it got it all finished up? She chilling by yes he's moving in the rest of my owner. I'm dropping the rest there. you go people like that. Dude. Oh, maybe grab that and get you some extra money. I'll buy him a box. I got a UAB Okay. UV yeah UAB Nice so nice. Alright. I was such a jerk. He was dude. He's there. There's no weird corner easy sniping just pass Green under the trees all done. there was another to the right of that right over here somewhere. we're on. We're on the run fast run fast side push alright copy that we should get going. Requesting retail, this is fucking enemy. over here I have no eyes on where these guys are at. I gotta get my gear Boogie. Oh, I got players moving right to left to right. Oh, there's a lot of them out there Well I got on 24 still keep going one on the roof, the body one.
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